Abdl poop stories

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When I was twelve years old I loved being around toddlers so much that I volunteered at a local nursery school in the summer. I babysat those kids and countless others through high school, college, and grad school. For a couple months I worked as a teaching assistant in a preschool summer camp.

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Recently, LST listener Heather wrote to ask me for some reading recommendations on potty training. Before I get to those, I want to tell an anecdote about Sasha and the potty—my only anecdote to date of Sasha and the potty, actually. Back when she was in her castwe went to a science museum with a couple moms and their kids—a boy and a girl, both several months older than Sasha.

The girl had just turned two and over lunch her mom was telling us about how the girl had started suggesting that she poop in the potty. Uh, okay. On a total leap of faith I carried her to the potty. I unsnapped her overalls, pulled them down over her bulky cast, ripped off her diaper, and waited.

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Lots of them. Like, way more than I could possibly imagine fitting in baby intestines. With some tricky maneuvering I figured it out and congratulated her but not TOO much. And in the three months since it has never happened again. Here they are:. Sasha and I have gone through it a few times and she seems to get the concepts of having to go, waiting for it to happen, and having something happen. We also like to point out our favorite pairs of underpants on the last. Mine are the ones with the rainbow; hers are the yellow ones with white polka-dots. There is a nice intro directed at parents but I feel like the entire book, though written in language easily understood by children, gives us a realistic idea of what our expectations can be.

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For those of you experiencing anxiety over potty training, this book may calm your nerves a bit. Then we came home. She looked me dead in the eye. Thanks for the tips, Kate! There is plenty of, uh, potty reading material out there. Got a favorite potty book or potty story to share with us? Comments, please.

Abdl poop stories

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‘No big deal, what’s a poopy diaper? I start to change her, and realize it’s a poop-trophe. I’m not panicked, grab the wipes.’: Mom’s hilarious play-by-play of cleaning up daughter’s disastrous diaper blowout on playground slide