Accidental cuckold stories

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Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. Go to Accidental Cuckold and Then Bull. It was and we had travelled to Cancun for our annual winter vacation. Pam wanted to party. It was our first night there and I was pretty tired but she said if I didn't go she was going herself.

The hotel was in easy walking distance of Senor Frogs. She had seen it on the cab ride from the AP that morning and she had been wanting to go there since then. I hemmed and hawed about being tired, trying to talk her out of it. She got pissed and walked out the door insisting she was going without me then.

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I had been lying on the bed in my underwear and when she left, I thought she would come back in a few minutes. After 10 minutes I figured she wasn't coming back and put on some shorts and a shirt and slipped my sandals on and went after her. I knew she was going to Senor Frogs and walked over there.

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On the way I was accosted by two guys selling time shares and a couple of ladies of the evening. I also noted several groups of guys just hanging around. I watched as one group of guys swooped down on an unaccompanied woman walking away from Senor Frogs. The woman was drunk and they were not too subtle, blocking her way and groping her ass and tits.

She broke away from them and started running. They didn't run after her but laughed raucously at her panic. I got to Senor Frogs and looked for Pam. It was a mob scene in there. The band was playing loud and the beat of the early 70s vintage rock and roll was almost primitive. Pam and I had been married for almost six years and she never gave the slightest indication that she liked this kind of music so I figured that she would be out of there after one drink, so I waited at the door for her. After another 10 minutes waiting next to the door, it was obvious that, if she was in there, my wife was not coming out.

I pushed my way through the crowd, looking almost frantically for Pam. I milled around in there, first at the bar and she wasn't there. Then I looked at the tables near the bar. She wasn't at any of those. As I moved around, the band was starting up again and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Pam getting out of a booth in the back of the bar with another woman who looked to be about 10 years younger than Pam and heading for the dance floor.

Trailing behind them were two young guys probably in their mid-twenties. The Accidental cuckold stories one was a black guy, a little shorter and built more like a football player. I figured that they were giggling about how young their table mates were. Maybe feeling a little Accidental cuckold stories that two young guys would choose them in a bar that was full of twenty-something girls.

I was going to intercept Pam and take her to the dance floor but at the last moment decided to lurk and see what my wife was up to. I sidled closer to the booth they had left to check it out. Sure enough Pam's purse was sitting there unguarded. A wicked thought went through my mind that I should "steal" it and teach her a lesson. I was about to but thought it out and decided that was too mean. Instead I watched to make sure no one else stole it.

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My attention shifted between her purse and her on the dance floor where she was bumping and grinding facing the other woman while the two young studs took turns rubbing their crotches on the two cougars. Pam and her new found friend looked like they were having the time of their lives. They were really eating up the attention they were getting from their young studs.

Pam was wearing her short yellow halter-top sundress and every time she raised her arms above her head while she danced her still firm C-cup breasts almost escaped the containment of the halter top and spilled out the sides.

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One time she spun around to face the blond guy and I swore I saw a glimpse of her pink nipple. If I could see it from 30 feet away, I am sure the blond stud saw it too. I expected that Accidental cuckold stories would immediately turn around and smack the guy because she absolutely hates her sensitive breasts and nipples treated roughly. I was totally numb when instead she leaned back, craned her neck around and kissed him. When the police heard what happened they roughly threw the guy into the police car. I found out later that he pled guilty to being drunk and disorderly to avoid being charged with sexual assault.

I was hell bent for a split second on a repeat performance but I was frozen in place. For Accidental cuckold stories reason my feet did not move. The rage subsided and a sense of acceptance overwhelmed me. I was getting what I deserved. I was too slow in getting ready to go out that night and this was my punishment. I wondered if she had seen me watching and was purposely rubbing my nose in it.

Then something happened on the dance floor that stunned me even more. It was almost too surreal to believe this was all happening on the dance floor of a nightclub. The other thing that amazed me was that it seemed like I was the only one watching the scene. Everyone else was so self-absorbed in the wild party that they paid no attention to that particular foursome. I glanced around and saw that almost everyone else on that dance floor was doing something similar.

Hell two of the couples were almost naked and one of couples was openly masturbating each other as they danced. Compared to that, what Pam and her new found friends were doing was not even foreplay. I was totally unprepared for what I had just seen and when the set ended and they were all on their way back to the booth I went up to the bar and ordered a double Dewars on the rocks and downed it in two minutes. I tried to stay in the background and not be seen. I found a good place to watch what was going on in the booth.

I saw three empty Margarita glasses in front of Pam and knew that if she had a fourth she would probably puke her guts out. I waited for that fourth one to be delivered to the table but it never seemed to come. When more drinks were delivered Pam and Sue seemed to have switched to Coke but the two guys had beer.

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Then I saw Pam open her purse and charge the drinks to our credit card. It became clear that the two guys were probably playing Pam and Sue for free beer. At least I hoped that was what was happening. She was paying for a good time. The four of them were in the horseshoe shaped booth that was supposed to have six people in it and sure enough with the place being so crowded they were soon ed by another couple that the two guys seemed to know.

The couple sat next to Sue and the black guy and Pam and the blonde guy moved around Accidental cuckold stories the end closest to me. Pam was on the end I could see her legs under the table and most of her left tit flopping out the side of her halter-top.

As soon as everyone was settled the blond guy put his left arm around Pam and started to slide his hand into the side of the halter top and proceeded to play with her tit. The new woman smirked and whispered something to her boyfriend. I realized I was rock hard watching my wife have her tit fondled and was not surprised that she was even letting him pinch her nipples. The only time Pam ever let me pinch her nipples was when she had too much to drink and I knew from the three empty Margarita glasses that she had much too much to drink.

I was almost able to predict what she did next. Before Pam and Sue got out of the booth, their guys looked at each other nodded and whispered something to Pam and Sue. The Ladies giggled and nodded their approval to their respective guys.

Accidental cuckold stories

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