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Teenagers Blackmail Coercion Not exactly blackmail, but applying different kinds of pressure to force into the act. Consensual One party at least is Drunk or drugged and participates while under the influence without really knowing. Hypnosis Mind Control NonConsensual Rape Reluctant Romantic Slavery Teen Siren Gay Lesbian BiSexual Heterosexual CrossDressing Hermaphrodite Shemale TransGender Fiction True Story Crime Fairy Tale A story involving fantastic forces and beings as fairies, wizards, and goblins in which improbable events lead to a happy ending. Farming GameLit Stories with gaming elements essential to the plot.

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High Fantasy Historical Horror Humor Military Mystery Rags To Riches Restart Restarting personal life from scratch after an involuntary event like bankruptcy, dislocation due to war, emigration, coma etc School Sports Steampunk Science fiction with 19th century aesthetics Adult story tags steam power as power delivery medium. Superhero Tear Jerker Vignettes War Western Workplace Zoophilia Different from bestiality, it's about relationships between humans and animals, not just sex.

Science Fiction Aliens Alternate History DoOver Extra Sensory Perception Perceiving things by means other than the known senses, e. Far Past Far Past Time Travel or Far past setting earlier than industrial revolution or before Post Apocalypse Robot Humans having relations, sexual or otherwise, with non-biological entities mechanical robots or full blown androids. Space Time Travel Body Swap Paranormal Furry Anthropomorphic animals or 'taurs' animal bodies with anthropomorphic torsos it also includes other forms such as dragons.

Genie Ghost Magic Vampires Were animal Zombies Demons Cheating Cuckold Sharing Slut Wife Wife Watching Wimp Husband RAAC BTB Incest Mother Son Brother Sister Father Daughter Cousins Uncle Niece Aunt Nephew Grand Parent InLaws BDSM DomSub MaleDom FemaleDom Humiliation Light Bond Light Bondage, usually consentual and for experimentation at the request of the one of the parties.

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