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General Rating. Download Submission. File type : Text File. Jasmine was a bit of an inventor. She was always coming up with these crazy contraptions, and they usually worked too. As the trio questioned what new invention Jasmine had in store for them, she came in the end the conversation.

Who wants to try first? She pressed the button as a surge of energy surrounded him, his body distorting as it transformed. Dylan's body became covered in white fur as it shrunk quite a lot. His ears became longer and moved to the top of his head as his nose became small, pink and bunnylike, his face pushing out a bit. Dylan's eyes moved to either side of his face as his hands and feet became paws. His legs and arms became much shorter, a small puffy tail came out from his back.

Dylan had shrunken into his former clothes, and an adorable white bunny pawed its way out of it. I wouldn't have transformed him if I couldn't. When it landed the button activated and it zapped Jasmine. Her ears became round and fluffy, along with the rest of her Animal tf tg story, growing greyish fur. Jasmine's nose became larger as her eyes became smaller. Her legs shrunk as did her arms, shrinking into her clothes. Jasmine's neck became much shorter, as her fingers and toes turned into black claws.

Steve pulled the clothing to find Jasmine had turned into a koala. Steve put down Jasmine as Jessica aimed the remote at her. Jasmine's grey fur turned light brown on her back, yellowish on her front. Her ears lost the fur as her head grew dirty brown fur, almost white at the bottom of her head. Jasmine's face pushed out into a more distinct muzzle as her nose became small and pink. Jasmine's hands and feet turned into paws and a large brown tail grew out from her. Jasmine went from a koala to a weasel. However, Jasmine charged at Steve, climbing up him. He screamed and waved his hands in panic, dropping the remote, zapping Jessica.

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Jessica's ears became larger as grey fur grew over them. Her face pushed out into a small muzzle as whiskers grew next to it. She fell onto all furs as her legs and feet became nearly identical. Jessica's feet and hands turned into a set of paws as a tail ripped from her backside. Grey fur and black stripe of fur grew all over her.

Her eyes became more feminine and her teeth became sharper. Jessica, not quite shrinking into her clothes, had to shake it off as she walked around as an ordinary house cat. However, the weasel Jasmine walked on top of the button, pressing it and zapping Steve. Steve's body turned blue as it shrunk greatly. All of his body parts became fused together as his legs merged into a fish tail, his arms and hands becoming a set of fins. His lips became pouty as his eyes became rounder, moving to each side of his body. Steve's lungs turned into gills, causing him to lose the power of breathing air, only water.

Steve flopped around in Animal tf tg story clothes pile that he once wore before escaping, only able to flop around until someone was able to put him in water. Unfortunately, Jessica the Cat had caught a glimpse of the new fish Steve. With Jessica's mind gone, not knowing it was once her friend Steve, she was hungry, and went to make a snack out of Steve.

Jessica grabbed Steve, and put him inside her mouth. Before she could swallow, Dylan the bunny hopped on the remote, zapping Jessica with Steve still in her mouth. Jessica slowly stood up on her hind legs as they became human again, her tail retreating into her.

Her paws became human again along with her arms and legs. Jessica's head became human once again, her cats ears and muzzle gone. All of the fur on Jessica's body was gone, only smooth skin left behind. Jessica had become human again!

Jessica felt something moving around in her mouth. She spit it out to see a fish fly out onto the ground, to flop around, only able to hope that it would be put in water. Jessica looked around and noticed that she was the only one human! She returned, to Steve, his flailing much weaker. She grabbed him and put him in the cup, and Steve began breathing again, Animal tf tg story around as much as he could inside. However, she didn't keep track of the others, Jasmine the weasel pressing the button and zapped Jessica, turning back into an animal after a few moments of freedom. Jessica's skin turned slimy and green as her mouth became much larger, her tongue longer.

Jessica's eyes became rounder and turned into slts, becoming reptilian. Her hind legs gained more power and contorted, her hands and feet became sticky and long. She shrunk down until she had become a frog. Jessica croaked, a large bubble pushing out under her mouth as the animals went around the room. Jasmine went on the button again, this time zapping Dylan the rabbit.

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Dylan's body became even small, the fur becoming smaller, turning gray. An extra set of hairy legs formed as his original limbs became the same size. Two clear wings formed on his back, Dylan's eyes became rounder and red, as his ears left his. Dylan took off, now a fly.

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Jessica noticed this, her animal instincts wanting to eat it. She began to hop a bit closer to it, after her first attempt to catch it failed. While this was going on, she jumped on the button, zapping Jasmine the weasel. Jasmine's fur was replaced by blue and white feathers, engulfing her body. Her tails became longer but thinner as her chest puffed out a bit.

Jasmine's hands turned into two large wings as her legs became thinner, turning into grey talons. Her muzzle hardened as became a black beak, her body shrinking to officially become a blue jay. Jessica continued to chase after Dylan, as Jasmine pecked away at the remote.

Jessica caught Dylan on her tongue as Jessica's pecks finally pressed the button. This time, transforming both Dylan and Jessica at the same time. Jessica's slimy skin returning to being rough as brown fur covered it. Her nose became black and pushed out into a muzzle, her Animal tf tg story become a mammal's again.

Jessica's grew much taller, her hands became small and legs becoming big, perfect for jumping. A long tail grew out and dragged behind her. Her hands turned into claws as her feet became large, claws at the end of her toes.

Lastly, a pouch formed where a newly transformed Dylan emerged, the baby of Kangaroo Jessica.

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Jessica and her baby Dylan hopped around, Jasmine taking off to avoid being trampled on. She bumped into the stand Steve's temporary fish tank was on, falling to the ground. All of the water drained out of the cup, along with Steve the fish. Steve helplessly frailed around, one of which he hit the button, zapping the bird Jasmine. Jasmine's feathers became white and black fur, stripped all over her body. Her wings became her arms again as her legs became larger, back to a mammals.

Animal tf tg story

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