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Navel love story. So, I haven't been keeping you guys updated on life. I got a new girlfriend and she also has a navel fetish thanks to me. Anyways, I went over to my my friend Skyler house on Halloween day. Me and her were gonna go to a party later, but she asked if I could come over early.

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Recently I've been bummed out me and my girlfriend had broken up, I'm over it now but at the time I felt bad. I knocked on her door and she invites me in. Me and her head up to her bedroom and start watching tv together. Skyler is a really cute girl and my best friend. She's about 5'7", slightly tan skin, deep blue eyes and long black hair. She had on a pair of black skinny jeans that really complemented her nice round, plump ass. She has sexy long legs and a cute, tight tummy and a tiny belly button.

It's a shallow innie that's pierced, she usually wears a silver stud piercing which is totally sexy. She wore a black hoodie with Belly button fetish stories stomach cut out she does that to a lot of her shirts. I laid down on her bed and closed my eyes, trying to take a nap.

I opened my eyes to Alyssa hovering over me and smiling. I was in a bad mood so I just turned around and tried to falls asleep. She played down on top of me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and asked what was wrong. I told her about the break up, and she was shocked. I thought you guys were in love?? I told her that my girlfriend had trust issues and that it would've never worked. Skyler looked at me with a sad face, beading her eyes at me and quivering her lip.

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I'm a sucker for her cute faces, so I smiled and gave her a warm hug. She blushed and cuddled with me on her bed. She put her arms around my neck and had her cheek up against mine. I started feeling a bit flustered, she was really warm and soft, and she smelled good too. While we were watching tv, she kept looking at me and smiling, her cheeks were all rosey pink and her smile was adorable. Me and her were just joking around and telling old stories, trying to brighten up the mood. Her laugh was soothing and her ocean blue eyes were hypnotic. Every time she smiled at me, I got this fuzzy feeling in my chest.

After a couple of good laughs, she laid down with me again, this time she put her head on the right side of my chest, and her hand on the left side.

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I started feeling a little embarrassed, what should I say? Should I just admit my feelings to Skyler? She looked right into my eyes and smiled. I smiled and said I love you back. She looked down at her waist, and so my hand behind her. She grabbed my hand and put it on her lovely hip. She put her hand on top of mine and grinder it up and down, leading me to feel her curves and soft belly skin. She then said "do you really love me? Like the way I love you? She then got on her hands and knees, face to face with me.

She learned in slowly, pouting her plump, juicy lips while shutting her eyes and kissed me. It was the most passionate kiss I have ever experienced. Her lips were so soft, and tasted like pineapples for some weird reason Idk, lip gloss I guess? One thing led to another, and we switched positions, I was now on top. I began to kiss her neck and nibble on her ear.

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She began to whimper and moan slightly. She has this cute habit when she gets turned on, she starts biting her finger. She grabbed hands and put them on her breasts. After feeling her chest which felt awesome! I moved down to her belly. I brushed my finger tips on her ribs as I watched her squirm and grind her thighs together. I had a cup of soda on the dresser next to the bed. I grabbed an ice cube from the drink and placed it on her smooth belly. She let out an immediate and delicious moan. It was music to my ears, cute but sexy at the same time.

She jerked her body and concave her stomach, leading to the ice cube slipping in her tight navel, it barely fit. The ice left a trail of water on her belly, I went for her ribs and began to lick and suck on them. Skyler had her eyes half way open and arched her back, stretching her sexy belly out more. She began to breathe heavily "haaaaaaa I removed the remainder of the ice cube and a small pool of ice water filled her navel.

She still didn't know about my navel fetish at the time, but I used this as an opportunity to lick her navel. First I sucked the water out, she had quivered her belly when I did so. I then drank the water then stuck my tongue in her navel and dug into her navel folds.

A-Aaron, Aaron She gasped and let out a cute stutter moan "uhhnn I took a couple more licks than stopped. Her navel was silky and creamy, and the face she made while I was Belly button fetish stories it was so hot. Her belly button turns into an oval shape when she stretches her body.

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I noticed while I was licking her belly button, she had been moaning loudly and swiveling her hips. I looked at her and she had one hand above her chest and the other gripping the bed sheets. My hands were rubbing her warm tummy. She then looked at me and seemed embarrassed. We started to kiss again and I went back to touching her.

I put my in her pants and on her inner and she jumped in surprise. I caressed her private area and began to moan again. Just when I began to pull her pants down she said "Aaron, stop! I got all confused again, I thought she wanted to have sex. Skyler began to studded nervously. I said it Belly button fetish stories ok, that she shouldn't do something she doesn't want to. She asked if we could just cuddle and kiss, and I said "of course" I'm a huge cuddle bug We laid together again, then she looked at me and said "I'll admit, when you were licking my belly, it felt really good.

She played down on her back on top of me, her belly up. I stared at her belly ring and began to play with it. I laughed and said "pokin yer BellyButton! I started to finger her small navel and noticed that her belly button was really tight.

But then she said "hold on a sec. She played down the same way and said "ok, keep playing with it. My jaw dropped, she likes her belly button played with??? What the actual f ck? To think I could've been playing with her navel this whole time. She took my hand and was licking my index finger. I then circled my finger around her navel, teasing her and she loved it. She was breathing heavily again, making her belly quiver. She then lowered her jeans, showing her lower belly and her hips and hip piercings so sexy. I slid my finger in her navel and began rubbing her the inside.

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My belly button! This instantly turned her and me on. She arched her back, pushing my finger deeper in her belly button. I love it!! I began to finger her harder, as the drool from my finger filled her creamy navel, making lewd squishing sounds. My finger could barely fit in the tight hole, so I swapped positions with her.

I use my thumbs to separate the lips to her navel and spread it out. Her belly button is so smooth and tight from the inside. I didn't hesitate, my big wet tongue slid straight through the walls and ravaged her navel knot. My tongue pushing on her inner belly button, the saliva making hot, wet sounds, adding to Skylers cute voice. She let out a little whimperas pleasure shot up her spine. She grabbed on to the back of my head, and arched her back further, stuffing my face in her slim and toned belly.

I felt her stomach muscles tense up as my tongue got deeper in her navel. I started to pump my tongue in and out of her belly button. N-no, don't stop!! Every time I pumped Inwards she arched her back and stuck her belly out, making Belly button fetish stories tongue penetrate her juicy and silky belly button, drool pooling and swishing in her navel, spilling on the bed sheets and her side's.

I ran my hand up her back, sending a shock through her body. It was so hot because now I could see her face as her navel gets penetrated by my tongue. Her moans and squealing were getting to me as she lifted her shirt over her chest with her mouth, biting her lifted hoodie, pleading for more tongue to fill her tight navel. My lips wrapped back around Skylers belly button and roughly rammed her juicy navel. Her eyes were shut as her mouth was open, gasping for air and biting her lip.

Belly button fetish stories

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