Belly button poke stories

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Is it just there to collect lint and fluff or is there a greater purpose for that button on my belly?

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And why does mine poke in while my friends' pokes out? An innie belly button and an outie belly button. You might notice that your belly button pokes out and makes a little bump on your tummy an outie. Or it's a dark hole that seems to go on forever into your belly an innie. But is it just there for decoration?

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Why am I stuck with this hole in my stomach? Good question! Your belly button is actually there for a very important reason. It goes all the way back to before you were even born! When the baby is born, they can drink milk, breathe air and get rid of their waste in a diaper. A doctor cuts the cord, so the baby is no longer connected to their mom. Since there are no nutrients going to the cord anymore, after a few weeks it dries up and falls off, leaving a belly button in its place! Innies are much more common.

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Only about 10 per cent of people have an outie! But per cent of people have a belly button! Does it help me do more sit-ups? Can I breathe more with it? Can you untie it and see inside my tummy? All great guesses, but no. But a popular hangout spot for them is in your belly button. Toggle Menu. Explore Videos Games. Explore All. Why do some people have outies and some have innies? More cool posts!

Belly button poke stories

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