Best sex i ever had stories

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Every woman has one or two tricks up her sleeve that get her and her partner going every time. Add them to your arsenal, and get ready for an amazing between the sheets session.

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The way he pulled the fabric aside caused it to rub against my clitoris, which felt really great. He went down on me for an hour, even after I had an orgasm. We had little breaks in between, but what was incredible was the permission to have so much time to focus on my pleasure.

I had four orgasms total! How to Have More Oral Sex. I love lingerie, so it seems silly for it to come off so quickly. She has paper-thin walls, so we had nearly silent sex. It made everything feel so much more urgent and hot. The vibrations, combined with the feelings of fullness, were incredible. The deep angle feels great to me, and he loves it, as well.

What was so hot was seeing our faces—I could see how much we both wanted it. It was awesome. I left them on when I went to work the next day, making me feel like I had a sexy secret and leaving me so excited for round two the next night.

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The view gets my husband going, and I also love how sexy I feel. It puts me in an awesome mood all day. It feels primal, like he needs me right now. An hour of breast play gets me super in the mood, and I love the combination of cozy and naughty.

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He likes how excited I get, and the more excited I act, the more into it I am. Pleasure is really fun when you just let go.

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The tight entry feels great, and I almost always orgasm from this position. The cold of the ice followed by the warmth of his tongue is an incredible sensation. We have sex, then fall asleep for a morning nap.

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Best sex i ever had stories

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The Best Sex I Ever Had Was with a Sex Addict