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Kinks are kinks regardless of your romantic feelings, and sometimes you just want to discuss them with your ificant other in hopes of them helping you bring those kinks to life. A promise of an orgasm that will likely shatter you in all the best ways.

So, here is my story about how my husband and I embarked on a partner-sharing journey. Perhaps my experiences will inspire you to bring this topic up with your partner and see whether or not this is something both of you could enjoy. We met, we fell in love, and eventually got married.

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However, at some point, I started realizing that I never truly lived out any of my sexual fantasies. I am Best wife sharing stories kinky person at heart, but in real life, I can get awkward and shy. I only ever slept with two guys, one of which is my husband. Partner-sharing was high on my list of unrealized kinks.

It was another lazy evening at our house, us with a bottle of wine and some show on TV. We talked about everything and nothing, as we usually did, and once again, we arrived at the topic of sex. And then he said it; calmly, cooly, he said how he thought about it and how he would actually like to watch me have sex with someone else. We almost spilled the wine. We went online in search of wife sharing guides and instructions on how to do this properly, and we started preparing. I was so incredibly happy. These included using toys like this suction cup Best wife sharing storiesthis butt plugand even this amazing sex machines while I pretended it was another man fucking me.

My husband watched from the sidelines and touched himself and those experimentation moments were so amazing for us both. We were both out of our minds from how horny we were, and my fantasy grew more and more with each passing each day. It got to the point where I was thinking about other men and potential threesomes almost every night. But there was also a different side to all this. While my husband was incredibly supportive and encouraging and our sex life only improved throughout all of this, I still had my doubts and my insecurities.

Namely, no one other than my husband had seen my body in 10 years. I was thirty and a lot has changed since I was all young and tight. I was far from sagging or unattractive in any way, but I still worried. Would another man want to have sex with me?

Would he find me ugly? Too awkward? I was never a social butterfly; I never went out to clubs, I was never good at flirting… How was I supposed to entice another guy to have sex with me while my husband was in the same room with us? This is where I once again reiterate how grateful I am that I had my man by my side every step of the way.

He was not only supportive and kind, but he was also the one to take the initiative in this whole thing. While we were having fun with our own bedroom experiments and role-plays with toys, my husband ed up for some swinger and dating sites.

I was apprehensive about this at first, but he nudged me into speaking to the men who would message us. But my husband was there, and with his help, I took this massive step, actually communicating my fantasies to a person who was interested in making them happen for me. The men I talked to were real people, go figure, and they were nothing but polite.

There was no judgment, no rude behavior, just normal men who wanted to learn more about me, about my husband, about what exactly we were looking for. Men who wanted to please me. I was giddy at the thought. In our humble experience, meeting potential partners online is probably the easiest way to go about fulfilling your partner-sharing fantasies.

The site we used — and are still using — is Adult Friend Finder. Much of it is free, but we also ed up for a premium because we were just enjoying it so damn much. Very open and welcoming and full of people who are just as kinky in bed as you are. The guys I politely rejected were totally cool with it, as this saved a lot of time on both sides.

We could all move on to other people without feeling led on in any way. Online chatting had loosened me up a lot. He was older, early 40s, and he was the one to message us first.

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I still remember how instantly calmed I was by his way of talking. At first, those were just selfies that made me realize he was so very handsome. Then he also sent some nudes so we could see his body. He had a massive cock. I got wet just by looking at it. He had no problems with my husband being a part of it and watching. His understanding tone and impressive physique ultimately convinced us that he was the right guy to try this with for the first time. His voice was heavenly, and I felt weak at his smile.

Once we arranged the details of everything, the guy offered to book a hotel. He said he would bring a couple of bottles of wine and make a small celebration of it. We agreed without hesitation.

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Before we were set to meet our guy, my husband and I went out for drinks. We were both a little nervous — me more than him — and the alcohol helped calm me down and get me even a little turned on. That helped a lot, knowing that my life partner was there for me during this whole process.

When we finally arrived at the hotel room, I was blown away by the guy. He was everything he seemed he was on Skype, and more. Tall, lean, charming, he already poured three glasses of wine for us.

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We talked, toasted to a great evening, and I was grateful there was definite chemistry between him and me. It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. The wine on top of the drinks made me mellow, and I was getting giggly and touchy-feely with the guy. However, I will say this: I have never in my life came so fast or so hard or even kept coming so many times in a row. In our multiple chats, we discussed the general likes and dislikes, but this was the real deal. This was me looking into his eyes as I swallowed his dick. Him nibbling on my neck as he slipped his fingers inside me.

It was hot and intense and every time I looked to the side, my husband was there, watching, already hard in his jeans. I was so wet for all of it. I was happy to have it in my mouth and more than happy to have it in my pussy. I was mad with want. We kept going for a long time. My husband took his dick out, masturbated beside us. He recorded some parts, encouraged me to moan louder, took pictures… God, it was a scene from a porn movie. But it was real and it was my life and I was absolutely drunk on it. I probably had three or four orgasms in that one hookup, and it all finished when the guy shot his load all over my tits.

Best wife sharing stories have pictures of that, too. It was an unforgettable ride. We were so elated, high on the sex and the drinks we had earlier.

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Each one of us came multiple times, in my caseand we were just so happy. We said goodbye to our guy and headed home, laughing and a little unsteady on our feet. I was spent and fucked out, but I wanted him, too. He was the one who made all of this happen, who was more than willing to take part in my fantasies, and I wanted to show him just how much I appreciated that. How much I loved him and wanted to have sex with him, too. Over the next few days, we waited for that high to fade. And it did. It took a while, but eventually, we floated down from cloud nine.

Then we waited for the bad feelings to kick in. The guilt, the shame, anger, jealousy maybe… Tension or awkwardness. We talked about it before, and we were prepared to deal with the negative if it came to that. We knew it was a possibility. Only that never happened. After I had sex with another man in front of my husband, we were both just… happy. Not only that, but we were also really horny for each other. I was kinkier than ever before, and my husband reveled in it.

We kept in touch with our guy, and he was more than willing to repeat the Best wife sharing stories. He said he had a great time with both of us and that we should definitely contact him if we wanted more of that. We also wanted to see if we could find some other guys. Branch out a little, try new things, new people.

Over the course of the next few months, we met two more potential candidates. We saw our first one again, and we quickly moved on to see these two new ones, as well. Thankfully, each time everything was more than satisfactory for everyone involved.

Sometimes he s in, gets to fuck me in whatever hole is available. Sometimes he watches a little and then s in.

Best wife sharing stories

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