Breast tickling stories

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The Hypnotist - Part 2. I wake up, hoping last night was a dream. It wasn't. I'm still in the great Roxanne's house, lying topless on the floor. Oh, why did my friends and I decide to go to a hypnotist last night?! How was I supposed to know that I'd be so easy to hypnotize, or that the Great Roxanne would use her powers to kidnap me?

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What does this woman want with me. Doesn't she realize I'm straight? That I never Maybe she doesn't care. But there's hope! Trying to brush my now tangled, golden blond hair from my eyes, I notice the door to the room I'm in is open! Roxanne's hypnotic order had only forced me not to Breast tickling stories the door, it said nothing about not leaving! It's time to make a quick get away! As I prepare to leave the room, I shoot a longing glance to my blouse and bra that are lying in a corner. How I'd love to put them on and regain some of my dignity.

But Roxanne did order me not to put them on, and I find I still can't break her control of my actions. Sadly, I abandon them and leave my prison topless. The house is huge and luxurious! The Great Roxanne has obviously used her powers to become very rich!

No wonder. If she can control others half as well as she controls me, she could easily force them to give her everything they own. That is not my concern, however.

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I just have to get out of this house before she returns! I wander aimlessly threw a few rooms before I find the kitchen. There is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. An open door leading outside! Again, for a second, I regret leaving wearing nothing above the waist, but it can't be helped.

I've always been shy, but now's not the time to worry about that. Maybe my current state of undress will get me noticed by the police quicker!

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Then we can come back and bust Roxanne's ass! I try to pass through the open doorway, but as soon as I do, a strange feeling passes over me. Without willing it, I find my body beginning to sit down.

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What's going on! I've got to get out of here! My body pays my screaming brain no mind. I calmly sit on the wooden floor and cross my legs, Indian style. My hands casually untie my right tennis shoe and pull off my sock. Oh no! Not that! Please Gawd!! When my fingers touch my sole, the tickling sensation slams into me like a freight train! My own fingernails are raking up and down, from the balls of my feet, through my high, soft arch and down to my heel.

It's torture! Your not supposed to Breast tickling stories able to tickle yourself, but it does! It tickles so much! My fingers are wiggling all over my sole, caressing my arches and any other bad spot they can find. They are relentless, easily finding my worst spots, and tickling there until tears are coming out of my eyes!

There's a spot right beneath the balls of my feet driving me insane! But I just won't stop! It's wiggling them, slipping my fingernails between and underneath them!

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I can't move my toes or even clench them! It's like I'm paralyzed but can still feel everything! My index finger has found a spot right beneath my big toe worse then anything I've felt before!! It's too much to bear! I scream with laughter again and again! Deep, deep inside, some part of my knows that it is me torturing me! But I just can't stop, I just can't stop! My face is beat red, and tears are streaming down my face. It is the Great Roxanne.

My hand finally listens, and ends its horrible assault. I collapse onto the ground, choking and gasping in air. Roxanne waits until I raise my drawn, Breast tickling stories face from the floor before she speaks again. Next time I'll let it go longer. I wouldn't try the phone either, by the way. Tall at 6 foot, right now she looks like a giant. All I can do is nod my head. But I am hungry.

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I nod yes and somehow drag my body up to the kitchen table. Roxanne puts a bowl of corn flakes in front of me. I stare at it for a moment, not trusting anything she gives me. But tickle torture creates a hefty appetite, so eventually I charge right in. The part of your brain controlling that hand was so far removed from your conscious that it was no different than if I were tickling you. She reaches over and brushes my long blonde hair from my cheek. But you'll have to eat a little neater than that! I reach up to wipe it of, but Roxanne leans in instead. She licks the milk off my booby, starting from near the nipple and running her long tongue all the way up.

Breast tickling stories

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