Captain america love story fanfiction

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Readers can read all Captain america love story fanfiction for free, without any and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. Her worst enemy Thomas Hill a alien from the same plant plans to destroy earth so she goes after him. When Bailey is on earth tr Through the reflections of truth, hope remains alive as both Steve and Bucky gather shattered fragments of their lost friendship when freedom no longer exists without a price.

Captain Marvel is dying, and it's up to Spider-Man to find a cure. But when Doctor Doom steals his research, Spider-Man teams up with Captain America to get it back before her time runs out. Natalia Romanova is called into the Winter Soldier's private quarters for her next lesson in the Red Room. She's heard the stories. She knows what will happen if she doesn't heed the call. With grim r. When research into the case starts drawing the attention of the Avengers, Matt Murdock realises he may be pulling on a thread he doesn't want to unravel.

When Agent Clint Barton stumbles into an international conspiracy the last thing he expected was to make a call that left him with a certain red head, and more questions than he started with. Natasha's been running on a directionless road.

She's wounded by choice, love isn't a game anymore. Steve is lost in his regrets, he wants to escape out of the ice, and confess his deepest secret. A blind girl named Stacy soon discovers a relation to one of the Avengers. It changed her life forever. Stacy wakes up one morning unable to see. She tries every trick she knows and is still is una Follow Steve Rogers as he confides in his deepest secrets: his fears, his joys, his pains. His memories. Lexi and Steve have been friends and colleagues for a while. Things turn into a heated passion during movie night.

Black Widow is a spy. But we can't forget the woman inside her. What if she has a crush? Just like any of us? They didn't count on their weapon suddenly becoming human.

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This is his story. And best friends with Steve Rogers. Ally Barnes who became an Army nurse du Search Search. Fanfiction More Fanfiction. Write or Story. Fantasy and Werewolves the Pack! How it works. Genres: AdventureAction. Reviewed by Harry Lee Hakyeon. Its a different story line from the books i have read, but this is special and different, its ever been done before and original About the main OC I like how the OC is human that comes not front Earth but a different planet!

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Keep up the awesome work! Defrost Genres: DramaAction. Doomed Rating: 5. Genres: AdventureRomance. Reviewed by Superhero-Stories. I mean, this has got to be the best fanfiction I have ever read. Its incredible! The plot is in depth, the charecters are how they should be Thanks for not changing charecters personality!

I hate it when people do that. So, to summerize, Wow. Lesson Learned Genres: Drama. Half in the Shadows Rating: 5. Genres: DramaMystery. Reviewed by Sakshi Gupta. It's a good book but bit confusing in the starting. The protagonist character wasn't discribed properly in the starting.

I'm not Afraid Rating: 5. Genres: RomanceDrama. Reviewed by Amber Munro-Fellowes. Honestly, I'm not a Stony fan, but I just had to keep reading. Your plot was really interesting it had me right from the beginningand your style of writing was enthralling. The length was perfect, and I enjoyed it very much! Rebirth Rating: 4. Genres: ActionDrama. Reviewed by Diana Remy. Spinning Arrows Genres: DramaRomance. Avengers; Newbie Genres: ActionRomance. Author: Fan-Bot 2. Netflix Night Genres: RomanceErotica. Genres: HumorOther.

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Chris Crush, book 1 Rating: 5. Genres: RomanceAdventure. Reviewed by Aeshika. I like or u could say love everything related to MCU. I have read a lot of avengers fan fiction but never came across such kind of story so I think u have a very original plot. Captain Genres: ActionRomance.

Captain america love story fanfiction

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