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Was it your idea or your husbands for you to get a boyfriend? Funny you should ask. Since he was around 14 he says. But it was my idea for me to start dating another guy. When we were dating I told him we could talk about it and pretend all he wanted, but it would never happen in real life. Hubby had told me a story of a girl he had dated that he had reverse-cuckolded went on a date with another girl and reported all the details to his girlfriend … 20 years earlier. He told me about how it drove his ex-girlfriend crazy and she really loved it. So in late I agreed to try that, for about a month, Hubby pretended to be seeing another woman.

He told me about her and … he made it seem very real. In fact, I forgot that it was just role play and … it was actually pretty exciting. So one night I walked into our bedroom and told him that I was staging a coup. I told him I had really enjoyed it and now understood how exciting it was. But that was over.

Now I was going to start dating someone and he was going to be the cuckold. I told him straight out that I was going to start dating a guy … that I was going to start getting busy with a guy we both knew that we had met 2 years earlier. He was a little shocked because it was someone we both knew and the guy was a US Marine … and I think Hubby knew the guy would jump at the chance to get busy with me.

Chastity stories tumblr was a bit crest-fallen. Unfortunately, the guy had moved away by then. So Hubby was relieved. Until I told him I would find someone else to get busy with. But when Hubby saw the guy that wanted to date me, he got cold feet. But not to worry because I would make it fun for him. Almost all of the ground rules we had talked about quickly went out the window and even though I LOVE my Hubby … I have forced him to accept so many thing things that he said he said he would never accept.

For example, before starting, Hubby was terrified that I might do things or wear things for my BF that I have never done or worn for him … without telling him. But I DO tell him. So … problem solved. I let him decide what he wants to hear and how often. He just decided he should cum on my face. So he does. Most wives generally wants their husband to be loving and caring with a lot of his attention spent on her. She craves the feeling of him wanting her, kissing all over her, and her being the center of his world.

But how do you get him to act or feel this way? Normal traditional thinking would say that all you need to do is show him love and attention and he will reciprocate. He wants you to be his bad girl!! He wants your inner slut to come out! Be his classy lady but also his naughty girl. The overall goal is to be a little unpredictable. Show off your cleavage or your ass Having the wife everyone is looking at is a huge turn on. Be a fun flirty tease Flirt and tease with other men and make sure he knows about it. All of the sudden, he feels the need to chase you or pursue you.

Make dirty comments when he least expects it. The goal here is to fuck his mind constantly. Once you mention something dirty, his mind is going to take that and run with it. Text him some dirty shit!! Men are visual so they need some naughty stimulation to get them fired up sometimes. And If you feel a little slutty doing it, Good!!! Buy a toy or two Surprise him with a toy Toys are great for adding some creative spice. One of our first toys what a lifelike cumming dildo.

Find something you like or suggest he picks one out. Trust is HUGE!! And it goes both ways. He needs to trust you enough to reveal his hidden dark secrets. The good news is revealing things to each other builds trust and makes a stronger bond. Quit overthinking it! He just wants kinky and naughty fantasies He loves you Chastity stories tumblr wants to share his hidden side with you. Let him share it and enjoy the ride!! He wants excitement and fantasy and everything else that makes for amazing mind blowing orgasms. He wants you to be the center of all of his lusty dreams I want this so bad.

I would be jumping up and down with glee before I put it on Chastity stories tumblr the very first time. I would be so eager to try it out that I might even allow locked up Betas out of their cages while I pegged them so that they could have sissygasms! It can actually build a deeper more meaningful and lasting impact between a husband and wife in many circumstances, I've read recently. The sheer level of commitment to one another, the way it plays inside our minds, the pent-up lustful desires and the overwhelming need to connect on a physical level, can produce Chastity stories tumblr stunning for both parties.

It does make one really think more rationally about this intriguing fetish or taboo. Maybe, this is the better way to go, for many open minded couples today. Anonymous asked: Was it your idea or your husbands for you to get a boyfriend? And so I started dating T … and getting real busy with him. I think this was our most popular post ever. It seems we struck a chord with this one. I need to be Pussy-Free….

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