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I came in the party in a simple sort of semi-formal dress. And after I wished the bday girl a happy birthday, I got out of the center stage and finally met the young man who would mentally scar me with his weeab-ish ways. He lives really far away from me and he only attended the debut cause the bday girl was his favorite cousin, and yes, the two of us are actually related, second cousins to be exact.

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He complimented me and said I was a really great singer and for the rest of the party he hanged around me. After the party, C asked me if he could add me on Facebook, I said yes and gave him my e-mail. And when I finally confirmed his friend request, things started to get borderline creepy.

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Of course, being the nice girl that I am, I told him that he was good-looking as well. He asked me if I was serious and asked me if I found him, his Onii-san, attractive.

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E is a really pretty young girl, far too cute and bubbly like most seven year-olds are. And when I ed the pictures, C asked me who the young girl with me was… Our convo are as follows… Note that we originally spoke to each other in our native language. I just translated the stuff from my Facebook chat thing.

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Kinda reminds me of a Yuri couple. Sweet merciful fuck, are we really related? And I ignored him for the rest of the day. Then what did he do? He asked my childhood friend, if I actually had one. Then the worst possible thing happened… He asked me if he could be my boyfriend!

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Of course I instantly typed a big NO. Then he asked me why. Then he started giving me links of videos and photos of hentai animes that have incest themes written all over it… and then he told me that we could be just like that. And leave me alone you perverted psychopath! The New Weeaboo Stories. Please read the rules before submitting your stories, thank you!

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Cousin stories tumblr

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