Cream pie eating stories

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Without hesitation, without any questions, and without making a disgusted face. He loves anal, fucking with many people at once, and who knows what else. But, I am pleasantly surprised when he came over and tried creampie eating on me! I had no idea he was into that. He shows up after a show with his bags and some chicken nuggets. We chow down and watch some YouTube videos and then he starts to kiss on my neck and picks me up and takes me to my bedroom. There he throws me onto the bed and pulls off my panties and dress.

I lie back and watch him undress… him revealing those sexy arms and tummy and ALL of those tattoo gets me going. I start inching my way back towards the pillows and he catches my legs and pulls me towards him. Giggling, I expose my neck for him to wrap his hand around. He takes the hint and grips it tight and makes me gasp a little. I love the feeling of his hand around my throat. I feel his finger moving gently inside of me against my G-spot.

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Good girl, Bailey. He grips his cock with his right hand and slaps it onto my pussy. I gasp and spread my legs further for him and he smiles and leans down.

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He bites my right nipple and sucks on it and then moves to the other. He knows exactly what I like and has since the beginning.

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I feel him start to push his cock up against my little wet slit. And then he pushes it inside of me and I let out a loud moan as his head pops into my pussy. He slowly starts thrusting in and out of my little wet pussy. And I feel every inch of him fill me. I love the feeling of your cock inside of me. Please fill me with your hot cum! I open my eyes and nod at him as he starts to thrust even harder. His cock starts to pulse inside of me and I know he is about to explode.

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Then he shoots a fat load inside of me and pulls out. I try to move but he pushes me back down. I lie back and watch as he spre my legs and puts his mouth to my cunt. Creampie eating! He is literally eating every Cream pie eating stories of cum from my pussy. He sticks his tongue inside of me and I feel it squirm around for more cum. He keeps licking my pussy and flicks my clit. I love the way it feels with his cum all over my pussy and his tongue cleaning it all up. And of course, he makes me cum by creampie eating. Mmm, super tasty. Pussy and cum are so yummy!

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Cream pie eating stories

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Creampie Eating Stories