Crossdresser humiliation stories

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I quickly shower and do myself up as expected in, make up, wig and my black maids dress, black sheer pantyhose and blac I'd spent what seemed like forever locked away in my cock cage, looking at and downloading porn for Mistress while she slept. I felt like the slightest touch to my cock would cause me to explode.

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I had tried and tried to touch myself the whole time but the cage more than served it and Mistresses purposes. I was only able to get so hard and my balls ached. Hi, my name is Isaac.

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I'm 21 years old, Asian and of divorce. My father decided he wanted nothing to do with me the moment I was born, and my mother held 2 jobs to raise me. When I was 18, she decided she had enough of the hard life and remarried. She remarried Jack. Jack was a white, bordering on obese man, who was 12 years older than my year-o My Mistress was entertaining her sister Lady Brandi and her friend Lady Alexis in the living room and watching a Mistress dominate and humiliate a couple of her sissy slut males on DVD.

The ladies were drinking wine as I was attending to the dishes after serving them dinner.

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I was wearing a French maid's uniform with black patent leather pumps and fishnet st It had taken a good half an hour via taxi to get to this postbox, across the city from Sissy Susie's home. All so Sissy Susie could post five keys to herself, containing the keys that keep her and Sissy Tinkerbell locked in their ridiculous sissy dresses, locked in handcuffs to each other, and locked in the clitty cages that have kept them chaste for the las Several days ago, there was an e-mail in my inbox. It was of course from my Domina, Katarina, because the e-mail is for her exclusive use, when she wishes to communicate with me.

Because I am her sissy slut, and from time to time she finds ways for me to prove my usefulness to her. The e-mail read: "Hello, sissy slut, I have Crossdresser humiliation stories I wish to go To me, part of the process in my case of stripping me of my masculinity involves documenting my transformation and the humiliation that it would involve. It just took the right dominant man to make it happen for real.

I've spen One of our favorites was her as Mommy and me as her obedient little sissy boy. What a delightful combination of humiliation and safety it created in me. However, as frequently was the case, she had deci I arrive at the door of the hotel room, at the stated time. My feelings were mixed. Nervous, meeting you for the first time and excitement knowing that I would be in control of the situation, well at least for the moment. Just before the door opens I realise I will not recognise you! The only pictures I have seen of Crossdresser humiliation stories, you are wearing a hood!

The door open Warning: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between women.

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Crossdresser humiliation stories

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