Crossdressers erotic stories

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All of these stories share a central theme of Crossdressing. Rather than add yet another story for one of my ideas, new ones will now go here. I'm making the call, out loud, for additional authors to add their own thre and work with me. I would love anyone interested in any of these stories or my ones to add their own thre.

If writing isn't yo Preface: Welcome to my next sissy story. This one is based around the exciting ideal of a married sissy, crossdresser. It will have many ideas based on my thoughts about how life could be for me as a married, crossdressing sissy maid.

I hope you all enjoy it. My name is Phil and I've alwa She knew I was struggling with my husband, but didn't know the problem was in the bedroom. My pleasure. Author's note: I prefer to write in the third person as it gives the writer so much more flexibility. However, I've written this story in the first person for one reason—it is my own personal story with love, marriage, crossdressing, and the ups and downs it invariably brings to a relationship. My name is David Calvin Peterson. My friends call me Cal.

A smal I awoke the next morning Crossdressers erotic stories dressed in Carla's purple panties, stockings and matching bra. The rampant rabbit and the dildo were beside me on the bed.

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There were traces of the lip-gloss on the duvet and the heady, pungent smell of cum. Carla's panties were stained with the stuff. I figured I had a lot of cleaning and clearing up to do. I felt a sense of All names have been changed to protect the guilty. Having a micro penis was the nail in my coffin.

Throughout my youth, I was ignored or Crossdressers erotic stories by girls. I had my first girlfriend in college, Caroline Fletcher. She was smart, beautiful, Introduction: This is the first part of a two-part, true story as told to me by David, a bisexual man who sometimes enjoys dressing as a woman. When dressed as a woman, he goes by the name of Kelly. This story has become a little different in how I planned to write it as compared to my stories. It has been fully written up already, as of this first ed chapter.

Doing it this way allows me to better proof read and adjust for future chapters before ing each.

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I will submit uplo on a regular basis for my rea Introduction It was the summer I Alex and my twin sister Gina graduated from Business school, ironically Gina and I ed our family real estate business. This was a way of our parents keeping us busy and stop our procrastination about searching for jobs elsewhere.

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It was also the time my crossdressing persona met our neighbour Mr Parker. Greetings and thank you so much for choosing to read my story. This is intended to be a multi part series so bare with me as I try to develop the characters and lay down the backstories. As always, Your feedback is always essential in the development of the story going forward.

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Crossdressers erotic stories

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Crossdressing Stories