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This happened just after the holidays before we knew about the viruswhen we were on our way back to Los Angeles from visiting my folks in Chicago. Me and my girlfriend have a fairly normal sex life nowadays, although she does have this incredible wild side that comes out occasionally…. I put what came down next to the fact that alcohol makes her incredibly frisky.

It seemed very real, and I was getting really hard. It was an enjoyable dream, when suddenly I heard a very real giggle in my ear and woke up.

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It turned out my girlfriend was really jerking me off through my basketball shorts. Not super-quick, but she had her hand over my cock, cupping it, and was kind of just subtly but roughly squeezing the shaft through my basketball shorts and boxers.

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I wondered what got into her? What if someone sees it? Just sit back and enjoy it. It really was an empty cabin, just the five of us. I kinda shifted in my seat, and figured she was just a bit drunk and horny and would want to fuck when we were off the plane. I figured maybe she wanted to go the mile high club, so I went to kiss her and she reciprocated, but it was very business-like and I was quickly spat out again. I went to stick my hand up her shorts, but she slapped it away.

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She gave the base of my cock a few more squeezes, and she then pushed in between my cock and my thigh and started kneading and wrapping the baggy material of my boxers and shorts and kind of made it go tight around my cock, creating an outline of it through my shorts. As soon as she was happy with it she began slowly raking her nails down the outline of my cock. She knew this would get me well on the way to cumming.

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I look at her. She was wearing one of the old 2XL Chipotle crew shirts she had stolen from the shitty fast food job we worked together at college, and a baggy pair of Chicago Bulls basketball shorts. She was obviously enjoying this…. The spell was broken momentarily by a flight attendant, late 30s. I looked up at her, and she had a slightly puzzled expression on her face. I did wonder if she was going to tell us to calm down, but then my girlfriend looked up at her and smiled sweetly. How the hell did my girlfriend manage to non-verbally get her permission to basically let us have sex on the plane?

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I decided that as it was the holidays, the flight attendant must have decided to just roll with it. Good evening, ladies! This had gone from a subtle over the pants hand job to a rather humiliating public show, and yet… it was exciting. Were they getting off on this, or something? My girlfriend stopped raking her nails now, as she clearly wanted the ordeal to last at least a bit longer and went back to a slower stroke. I was rock hard by this point, and gripping the seat rests intently.

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Well, because we had to go to the party quickly, I had to pull on my panties and my evening dress very, very quickly. Her fingers were now swirling around the head of my cock, as she was going in for the kill. They all knew I was about to cum. Any concerns about being embarrassed about cumming in my pants in public just went out the window!

My Cum in pants stories knew very I was nearing the end, as handjobs were pretty much her wheelhouse. The worst thing was that these were yellow Lakers shorts, and so the wet patch was immediately obvious as it spread out over my pajamas.

I just sat there for a while enjoying the orgasm, then quickly pulled my t-shirt over my shorts to try and hide the mess. The nurse had turned away to go back to sleep after enjoying herself, and the college girls were now back on their phones, and the show was over. I want to sleep! I guess she really did mean to make me spend the next few hours with my pajamas full of sticky, damp drying cum. I did get some sleep in my state, but yeah, it was damp and uncomfortable down there.

Time for the walk of shame! So I got up, grabbed my bag of toiletries, and the nurse gave me a knowing smile as she walked off. The UCLA girls were behind us, trying to disguise their giggles at my discomfort. I was just walking down the aisle, feeling embarrassment but yet oddly enjoying it. However, once off the flight my girlfriend was back to supportive partner mode, and helped me out by walking in front of me to cover up the mess on the front of my shorts when there were more people around.

I followed suit, not really caring about my cum stained boxers or taking them off. Source: reddit. post. Next post.

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