Cum in sis stories

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Please or up free. In Up. We currently have stories with more being added every day. When my younger sister entered our local high school as a freshmen, I was a junior. We'd been closer earlier in our lives, but once I went to high school, I'd made new friends and we kind of drifted apart. She was cute, but in that kind of awkward and gangly way that some girls are at that age.

But by by the time she got to be a freshmen, her body was developing all the right curves in all the right places. I tried catching peeks at her from time to time, and though I did't get to see much, I liked what I did see. Her breasts were full and growing by the day, and her butt was slightly full, nicely rounded and bubbly enough to make me want to see it all. My life would change one day that late fall when I came home from early basketball practice and got a big glass of water and sat down in the living room to relax.

I enjoyed these few hours I had by myself. Mom and Dad were off at work, and my sister was at play practice and would get home on the late bus in almost two hours. I locked the front door put in a porno tape and stripped down to nothing. I was in amazing shape back then, thanks to twice a day practice and a metabolism that wouldn't quit. I ran into Cum in sis stories room, grabbed a bottle of lube and headed back to the living room to enjoy a long, leisurely solo session.

As I walked down the hall toward the living room, the tv playing the intro to the porno I'd put in the VCR, I didn't notice that my sister's door was closed. It meant nothing to me at the time. I just kept on strolling, cock already hard, out to the couch. Then, as now, I loved to stretch out my sessions. I could literally jack for hours, building and then backing down, as I enjoyed the feel of my hand squeezing my cock and milking every ounce of pleasure out of the act.

I didn't have the sound turned up very high, just loud enough to hear the sounds of the women vocalizing their pleasure, and I didn't hear my sister's door open in the hall just behind me. Nor did I hear her approach and stand by the entry to the living room. Had I heard, I would have quickly covered up with the throw on the couch and tried to switch off the tv as fast as I could. But as it was, I just kept jacking. Even then I liked to keep my pubes closely cropped, so to Cum in sis stories show off my cock. I admit, the show was mostly for myself.

I'd had a few passing trysts with girls I knew, but I hadn't gone very much further than groping and the like. But I loved the look of my own cock. It was big, almost eight inches in length and quite thick, too. I loved the look of my hand shimmying up the shiny, slippery shaft as I jacked myself.

Half the time, I would watch my own cock as much as the porn show. That's what I was doing for who knows how long when I heard a slight moan and turned.

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There was my sister, fixated on my cock, obviously lost in her appreciation of it. It took a second for her to realize that I'd seen her. Her eyes went immediately to mine but didn't react in shock, as I'd expected. I did grab the blanket and put it over myself but inexplicably left the porno running. I've seen you a little before, you know. I peeked. After a good long while, I broke the silence, 'So, you don't mind me doing this? No sound came from her, but she nodded affirmatively and mouthed the simple word, 'yes.

She grabbed the blue throw blanket with two hands, one on either side of my legs, and proceeded to slowly pull it down. My cock was still rock hard, and as she pulled down, the blanket started to bunch on my cock. One last hard pull and it sprung free, bobbing twice as it settled, pointing straight up and throbbing, nearly visibly.

It was no more than a foot away from her face, and when I did, her mouth opened and a guttural groan emerged from deep within her. I began to stroke. She was transfixed. And as I moved my hand, deliberately, up and down my shaft, I purposely moved the tip of it down so it was just inches from her face.

She didn't Cum in sis stories. Just kept staring down as I jacked. I half expected her to lean forward, take the head of my cock into her mouth and finish me off, my year-old sister, who before this day I assumed wasn't the least bit interested or aware of any sexual matters at all. I expected her to swallow me whole and then. But she didn't. She just watched. Then, as my belly started to flex, and I stared to groan out loud, it became clear that I was coming. My sister just looked at me, intently and told me, 'Just keep doing that, just like that. That was all it took. I unloaded, the first few big streams hitting her around the lips and flowing right into her mouth, which she only opened wider.

I continued jacking, the last few drips and drabs splattering here and there on her face and her Cum in sis stories stayed completely clothed the entire time. Then without any pretense or show, she swallowed, not for my benefit but for hers. She loved my cum, and it dawned on me at that moment that she'd been thinking about it for some time. When it was all done, she stood up, cast her eye about a little nervously then caught my eye and paused.

With that, she went off to her room and closed the door behind her. I sat there, dazed, naked, cock still not fully deflated, wondering where this all came from and where it might lead.

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It wouldn't be long, just a few days, in fact, before I'd find out just what a freak my wonderful little sister was. Copyright SMI-Help.

Cum in sis stories

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