Cute protective boyfriend stories

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Your boyfriend loves you. We want to keep them from harm and hurt as much as possible. Independent women accustomed to making their own life choices often find out, their overprotective boyfriends are way less progressive than they had initially thought. The key to avoiding such toxicity later in the relationship is to notice the red flags early on.

And, if your new Tinder date is showing the s of an overprotective boyfriend, run. Overprotective partners are really, really not worth the trouble. Why are guys overprotective?

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And does it really stem from love or something else entirely? Or maybe you just had another screamfest over your last social media post that was liked by a random male coworker. While every person behaves differently and the overprotective boyfriend meaning is constantly shifting, there are some telltale s that you have an overly possessive boyfriend.

He might be eavesdropping on your conversations or always trying to keep track of where you are going or just cross-questioning you incessantly. He might ask you to share your GPS location with him even after you tell him exactly where you are going. People, take a step back before it gets any worse and try to communicate with him clearly that his utter lack of trust in you is making you uncomfortable. Building a relationship with a man who has no respect for your boundaries is a struggle and Cute protective boyfriend stories worth the effort. This is a clear that he is constantly feeling insecure about the men you interact with.

Insecurities like that often tend to snowball into abusive relationships. If this keeps happening, you have to set some clear boundaries instead of giving up all your hobbies and friendships just to appease him. Ever had a boyfriend who treats you like his personal property? If you have had the misfortune of having such a person as your partner, then you know that such relationships rarely last.

It may feel romantic initially, watch out for when things get out of hand and he starts getting possessive in the relationship. There is a difference between being cheesy and being toxic. If your boyfriend expects you to always be at his beck and call, you might want to rethink your relationship. Overprotective boyfriend stories tell us that men like these will feel entitled to every moment and aspect of your life. And if you try to safeguard your personal space, accusations will rain down on you like a hailstorm. Men used to their sense of entitlement can get very abusive if you try to correct their behavior.

While some might vent their anger by yelling at you, others may try to guilt-trip you. If you go out with your friends and have a good time, your overprotective boyfriend may turn passive-aggressive.

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He may guilt-trip you for not spending that time with him. In the end, you may end up with an overwhelming amount of guilt for just wanting to spend your day the way you want to. Proceed with caution if this sounds familiar to you. While harder to spot, this is one of the classic s of an overprotective partner. Some men are naturally dominant. They are great at making split-second decisions and generally being the ones in control in relationships.

But the trouble starts when they take it too far and start making your choices for you. This trait may manifest in seemingly inconsequential ways like always deciding the dinner menu for you. It might seem cute at first but things will get a lot less fun when he starts dictating your career choices and who you hang out with. That cafe you love going to will suddenly be off-limits because you smiled at the waiter. Try to nip such tendencies in the bud because, if you let him, an overprotective boyfriend will keep at it till he has you cornered with no space to breathe.

Nothing kills a loving relationship faster than the feeling of dating a control freak. Some men like to obsess over the clothes you wear. These tendencies come from a feeling of insecurity and a misplaced sense of possession and can be very harmful in the long term. If your overprotective boyfriend starts exhibiting such s, explain to him that you have sole agency over your body and your attire.

It also lets you appreciate their memes and pictures. But some tend to take it a bit further. They dislike every selfie you post, look at every status with a suspicious eye. They might even tell you to stop posting entirely and that your social media presence is ruining the relationship. Sounds absurd, right? Overprotective boyfriends stalk Cute protective boyfriend stories social media and bring up every little thing you do as an issue to fight over.

Sound familiar? Then Cute protective boyfriend stories may be time to go back to being happily single. One common trait in all overprotective boyfriends is how volatile they become if you go against their wishes. They become aggressive at the drop of the hat. And their abusive behavior can quickly escalate to violence. These tendencies usually start slow and gain momentum over time as more and more of their aggression go unchecked. And this qualifies as one of the biggest relationship red flag. It might get to a point where he obsessively tries to hog all your time.

If you take a day away from him, your phone is going to get bombarded with angsty texts and angry phone calls. Definitely another classic of toxic levels of overprotectiveness in your partner. An easy way to spot an overprotective boyfriend is to see how he reacts to you praising other men. They might even go as far as to call you disloyal. Such men always want to be at the receiving end of your smiles and praise and cannot accept you paying attention to anyone else even for a moment.

It might get to a point where even a friendly smile to a stranger can trigger his insecurities and send him into a fury. This is by far the most toxic trait of an overprotective boyfriend. Manipulative men will whittle away at your self-confidence over days and weeks and years, till you become a shadow of your former self. It is much easier for them to control you if they can constantly undermine your choices and make you doubt yourself.

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They will deliberately mess with your mental health, emotionally abuse you, and use gaslighting phrases on you at every turn to make you more pliable. Such egomaniacs will keep on going till you lose all semblance of independence. Such behavior is not even a red flag.

We all want to protect the people we love. If it was up to us, we would probably wrap our beloveds in bubble wraps and put them on a shelf, away from harm, hurt, and heartbreak.

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But that is no way to live. Do tread lightly, though. There is a thin line between wanting to look out for someone and the overwhelming need to possess them. If not, run. Any relationship that puts your safety and mental wellbeing into question is not worth it. Dating experience. Ananyaa Bhowmik August 20, Responding To Gaslighting — 9 Realistic Tips.

Cute protective boyfriend stories

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