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Once there was a poor Brahmin who lived in a southern state of India. Though he possessed much knowledge of the scriptures, he had to struggle to make a decent living. Because of his pathetic condition, nobody was willing to marry their daughter to him. Then one day, he heard that learned men could earn good money in the holy city of Kashi. Immediately, he made up his mind to go there, thinking that he would gain another benefit, that of going on a pilgrimage. He packed a frugal meal and set off. After he had walked a long distance, he came upon a pleasant spot with a shady tree and a pond close by.

Being hungry and tired by now, he decided to stop and eat his lunch. The Brahmin looked around, but there was no one to be seen. Puzzled, he sat down under the tree and opened his lunch of cold rice. The Brahmin finished his meal hurriedly and was about to leave, when the voice called out again. The Brahmin was quite mystified. The person sounded as if he were in great pain. The Brahmin looked up and discovered that there was a brahmarakshasa, a Brahmin demon, sitting on the tree.

You see, I was a great musician in my life. Unfortunately, I kept my knowledge to myself and never shared it with anyone. For this reason, I was condemned to become a demon in this birth. And now I have to suffer Demonic sex stories agonies every time I hear that fellow playing so abominably. Please be kind enough to do me a favour. I cannot move myself from this tree since I was placed here after I died.

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The Brahmin felt sorry for the demon. At the same time, he knew such demons had special powers. It struck him that he could earn a reward for this good turn. Can you help me improve my condition? The Brahmin hoisted the fiend on his back, carried him to a faraway place and set him down on a tree there. Then you must come and try to get rid of me. If I decide to possess anyone else, you are not to try and exorcise me.

The Brahmin left the demon on the tree and went on to Kashi. There he bathed in the holy river Ganges and, after a long, difficult journey, reached the city of Mysore.

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He found an inn to stay in and found that the people were all agog with the news of a terrible demon that had taken possession of the princess. The Brahmin smiled. The demon had kept his word. He spruced himself up as best he could, then went and presented himself at the palace. Looking at the shabby, travel-worn Brahmin, the courtiers laughed. Do you think you can do better?

Hearing the sound, the king and queen and their attendants rushed in. When they found that the princess was back to normal again, they were overjoyed. The grateful king rewarded the Brahmin with a large sum of money along with grants of land. Now that he was rich, the Brahmin received many proposals and got married very easily. He settled down to a comfortable life in Mysore and had several children. The Brahmin was enjoying a happy existence, when he found himself in demand again. This brahmarakshasa liked to possess beautiful young Demonic sex stories. He landed up in the neighbouring state of Kerala and took hold of the princess of Travancore.

Her father, the king, tried his utmost to get rid of the fiend. However, nothing worked. Then a courtier told him about a great exorcist, the Brahmin who had cast out the demon that had afflicted the princess of Mysore.

Immediately, the king of Kerala dispatched a messenger to his friend, the king of Mysore, who in turn sent for the Brahmin. The Brahmin was in a pretty pickle. He did not dare to go and face the demon again, remembering his warning. But he could hardly disobey the king.

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He racked his brains for a way out but could find none. After receiving repeated messages from the king, he realized that he had no choice. With a heavy heart, he took leave of his wife and children and set off for Travancore. When the Brahmin got there, he feigned illness to buy time. But he could not put off the matter forever. Finally, he had to go to the palace and face the fiend.

He prayed long and hard before leaving and arrived at the palace full of fear and foreboding. Picking up an iron pestle, he lunged at the Brahmin. The poor Brahmin thought he was done for. But just as the pestle was about to descend on his head, an idea flashed through his mind. Also Read: Let your child turn storyteller. Now, will you leave the princess, or shall I send for him?

The demon screamed in agony. The Brahmin was rewarded with more wealth than he could spend in his lifetime, and he returned joyfully to his wife and Demonic sex stories at Mysore. Excerpted with permission from the book Sacked! New Delhi Updated: October 12, pm. Short stories are fun for adults and kids Once there was a poor Brahmin who lived in a southern state of India. The Indian Express website has been rated GREEN for its credibility and trustworthiness by Newsguard, a global service that rates news sources for their journalistic standards. Tags: short story for.

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