Diaper laxative story

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After you've finished reading, you might want to return to Diaper laxative story DailyDiapers Story Index. Kelly settled her head back on the pillow, trying to go to sleep but worried about the events which the night would bring as the laxative worked inside her, robbing her of dignity and control. To her surprise, she realized that she must have gone to sleep because the ward was now dark and quiet with the candy-striper sitting by her bed, studying whilst also keeping watch over Kelly.

She knew immediately what had woken her as her bowels churned painfully. She knew that in a moment she would have to let go and release the softened mess of stool into her diapers and plastic pants. She was sitting on a disposable incontinence pad, guessing correctly that it was there as the nurses thought she might well leak, and propped up with her legs raised as well, again guessing that it was so that her diaper was the lowest part of her and that any leaks would be kept off the plaster cast on her leg. She wasn't covered by a sheet and had a ridiculously short gown on which covered her forming breasts, but left the whole of her plastic pants and diapers exposed to view so that the candy-striper could see when her diaper needed changing.

She also could see that a clear plastic cuff had been tucked into the thigh end of her plaster cast. This covered her cast up to her knee and was tucked well in around the top of the plaster, nearest to her diaper, probably to keep the plaster clean. The bag of water connected to the naso-gastric tube was half empty. The bag must have held over a gallon when it was full so half of that must be awash inside her.

Kelly grimaced, thinking that with the way her bowels were feeling, that diaper change would need to be soon. The candy-striper noticed that Kelly was Diaper laxative story.

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Don't try to fight it. It won't be pleasant, but you really do need all of that out of you. Kelly was horrified as she let go the huge amount of stool which filled her diapers causing them and the plastic pants to balloon out between her legs.

The white fabric of the diapers was visibly turning brown as the laxative had done its work. You'll be passing stool for several hours yet.

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Because the diaper was pinned tightly around her thighs, the stool was being forced up between her buttocks and up her back as well as up her front. She was disgusted and yet fascinated at the same time. The feeling was so familiar and she wondered whether she was sort of remembering soiling her diaper as. It felt warm around her and made her bottom slippery inside the diaper. Susan looked at the way her diaper was bulging and told Kelly, "I'm going to get a couple of the nurses to help to change you. You really did have lo inside you and I expect there's quite a lot more still to come.

Susan came back with two of the night staff and a trolley piled with diapers, plastic pants, a disposal bucket for the soiled diaper and pants and a bowl of warm water to wash her. The nurses adjusted the bed to be flatter and propped a pillow under Kelly's back to try to raise her off the bed.

As they unpopped the plastic pants and diaper, Kelly could appreciate from the smell why they had done this at night when the other children were asleep. She looked down to discover that she was absolutely plastered with stool! The nurses gently and without comment, for which she was grateful, washed her clean and dried her. She was then thoroughly creamed to prevent diaper rash, then really thick diapers were applied and a Diaper laxative story of clean popper pants, making sure that all of the diaper was tucked into the plastic pants. When she was clean, and her diapers sorted, the bed was readjusted to sit her up with her legs also raised so her bottom and diaper was at the bottom of a 'V' shape made by the bed.

Susan and one of the nurses left. The other nurse came back with a bottle filled with warm orange liquid, another filled with water and a hypodermic syringe in a kidney dish. She handed the bottle to the nurse sitting by Kelly and left. Kelly was offered the teat of the bottle and asked to drink. Kelly immediately recognised the orange taste with the salty aftertaste as another bottle full of laxative.

Kelly spat the tea from her mouth. The doctors want you thoroughly cleaned out in the hope we won't have to do this again. The nurse injected Kelly's good leg with another dose of sedative Diaper laxative story she could get back to sleep again. Kelly woke again in the early hours of the morning with the same stomach cramps which soon turned into an explosion of her bowels. This time she could tell that it was mainly liquid. Susan smiled at her, "Hello, Kelly, awake again?

But I should tell you that we've changed you three time so far this night. You woke for the first one and were asleep for the second and third. That stuff you gave me to help me sleep must really work well. You were well sedated, let me assure you. By the time the rest of the ward was Diaper laxative story, Kelly had been through the worst of the purging.

Despite being washed and creamed each time, her buttocks, back and front burned a bit where the stool had come in contact with her skin. Susan left after handing over Kelly's care to the morning shift of nurses, coming back to say good-bye to Kelly, "I was seconded to this ward just for last night, so I probably won't nurse you again. I hope you soon get back on your legs and get your arms back! Over the next few days, Kelly managed to pass stool with the help of the lactulose.

Because she really did hate taking that sweet sickly syrup, she had it squirted down her naso-gastric tube through a syringe. She found that much better.

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After those few days, she found she didn't mind soiling herself and surprised herself by realizing that she really didn't mind. In fact, she didn't always try to pass stool before her morning diaper change, preferring to Diaper laxative story messy during the morning leading up to her noon change.

She found that she was loving the being 'babied' - she mentally used that expression because what else could you call being fed with a spoon and bib, drinking from a baby bottle, even though it was a special large one, and wetting and soiling her diapers. She most of all loved the gentle care as she was washed and her diapers changed.

A couple of weeks later, she was constipated again, despite the lactulose. She wondered whether she would get the overnight treatment, but was disappointed when a nurse came with a syringe containing an oily yellow liquid.

It's good old fashioned castor oil. We hardly ever use it anymore as it is so horrible to take and can be quite uncomfortable as it causes griping. But you had that anyway with the large dose of Picolax we gave you and, as I'm going to put it down your tube, you won't taste it.

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After injecting the castor oil down her naso-gastric tube, she flushed the tube first with mil to get rid of the oily residue, then water. Let us know how you're getting on. Later, Kelly discovered what the nurse had meant about griping pains. If she could have used her arms, she'd have curled up, with her arms cuddled to her abdomen. This time she'd decided that she would let it out rather than try to fight it and her decision was soon justified as her bowels were emptied by the castor oil. She was sitting up as the warm mess squeezed its way between her legs and up both her front and back.

She Diaper laxative story actually envy the nurses' job to clean her up afterwards and guessed that they must be very dedicated people! A passing nurse asked if she was all right. Kelly told her that the castor oil was doing its stuff, but she didn't think she needed a diaper change yet.

She needed two diaper changes before she felt emptied with nothing more to come. It made life 'interesting' having these strong purgatives using the same meaning of 'interesting' as in the ancient Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. She thought of the experience she was having of being fed, washed and changed just like a baby because she couldn't use her arms, encased as they were from shoulder to wrist in plaster each.

One day, after having had the plasters off her arms and X-rayed, Diaper laxative story doctor pronounced her arm fractures healed, but warned Kelly that her leg would take a couple of weeks more at least to make sure the bone had knitted as it was a nasty fracture. Kelly found she was bitterly disappointed as she was given cut up food so she could feed herself.

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There was a water jug and glass beside her bed for her to pour her own drinks. She must have looked miserable as one of the nurses saw her and, after she'd finished her meal, came and pulled the curtains around her bed. Kelly had a bib around her neck anyway as she was a little weak from having her arms plastered for so long. The nurse told Kelly to sit up, then the nurse sat on the bed and told Kelly to lie back across her lap cradling her head with one arm. To Kelly's surprise, the nurse produced a bottle and proceeded to give it to her.

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Don't expect this again, but we all do feel sorry for you. You've been in here longer than any of the other children as your accident was really nasty with your leg bone particularly being very broken. It is healing now. We didn't tell you before as you'd only have worried.

When she'd finished, she blushed and thanked the nurse for her kindness. The nurse looked serious. Your leg plaster will come off soon and, once the physiotherapists have got you walking again, you'll be going home. She shocked herself by realizing how much she'd come to enjoy being in hospital and surrendering herself to the ministrations of the nurses. The nurses smiled at her kindly, "You'll miss us Diaper laxative story, won't you?

The nurse cuddled her close, "Try not to cry, Kelly. It's usual to end up liking being cared for here. We're worried that you'll still be needing diapers when you go home. It's all right if you do, but you might feel better at least being dry during the day. You do need to start holding back to retrain yourself. We're not surprised that you have got used to just wetting when your bladder starts to get full without realizing it.

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That's because you've been here so long and got used to being in diapers. I guess you liked the feeling that you didn't have to worry about that while you've been here, but you really do need to start to try so you don't need to wear them when you go back to school, for example.

Diaper laxative story

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