Diapers at school story

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By Padded. Hello everyone, this story may be very similar to one you have seen before because it is. I am in the process of rewriting the story with some changes to better fit the current era. I apologize, for any grammatical errors as well as for the slow start. Hope you all enjoy! My name is Natalie Ross, I am currently 14 years old, and just moved to Oregon, Wisconsin from a small town in North Carolina called Lincolnton where I am about to start my freshman year of high school.

I am fairly short for my age, I am 4 foot 11, everyone mistakes my age and thinks that I am still in elementary school. I am walking down the hallway and I see this cute guy and he ends up asking me to the dance. I ended up saying yes. I am excited yet nervous, it is my first day as a high schooler in my new school. I jump in the shower all excited and I am right out in 5 minutes.

Once I am dressed, I rush downstairs to see what my mom made me for breakfast.

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Once I am done eating, I realize that I am almost late for my bus. I hurry up and grab my backpack, which contains all my items that I need for school, and head out to the bus stop to wait for the bus. Within 5 minutes of arriving at the bus stop, the bus comes. As I get on the bus, I plug my headphones into my iPhone 8 and slowly make my way to the back of the bus to avoid anyone due to being nervous about my first day at school. The bus is ride is a nice minute ride, which Diapers at school story me plenty of time to listen to music and calm my mind. After the minute ride, I arrived at Oregon High School, which is medium size, but it is so much bigger than my old school in North Carolina.

As I walk into the school, I am overwhelmed at the size difference of the school compared to my old school. I glance down at my schedule to see where my locker is. I manage to find my locker where I am greeted by a girl, which is known by many people at the school by the name of Jennifer Robinson. Are you even old enough to be in high school? Leave her alone! Once Jennifer heard that, she got all mad and walked away. After I drop my backpack off in my locker, Abby shows me around the school and takes me to my first class: Physical Science. I'm glad to see that someone is doing a rewrite of this story.

Hopefully Jilly Poo comes back sometime. I eagerly anticipate your next chapter, and I appreciate the time and effort you are taking to post this story! I am trying to get as much of this story done as I can today. As I am typing this story up, it is going to be a little more different than I thought.

Chapter 3 will definitely incorporate some forced age regression.

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If you read the original "New Girl in School, you'll somewhat know what happens next, anyways, here's chapter 2. This class was pretty uneventful. All we did in this class was read over the syllabus that the teacher handed out and introduced ourselves. As I finish introducing myself in the class, I hear the bell aling the end of class, I head to my next class which is gym. As I am walking to gym, I run into Abby. What class do you have next? Me too! We end up walking Diapers at school story gym together and we head into the locker room where I spot in the corner of my eye a familiar person that I have seen earlier today: Jennifer Robinson.

I am usually a slow changer so I ended up being the last on in the locker room…. As so I thought. Does she need help with changing? I try my best to ignore her, in which I succeeded, and I walk out the locker room just in time for the teacher to introduce himself and start roll call.

Rush and I will be your gym teacher here for the year. After Mr. Rush introduced himself, he started calling off names for roll call. Once Mr. Rush finished calling off names for roll call, he announced that we were going to play freeze tag. It has been about 15 minutes in freeze tag and I have had plenty of fun and I have not been tagged yet. I will get you back for this! About 20 minutes later, the teacher ends the game of freeze tag, he huddled us all up to tell us about what to expect in the future.

As Mr. Rush is talking to us, I spot a guy in the huddle that is really cute. I start to day dream about Caleb and him taking me to the homecoming dance. As I am day dreaming, Jennifer is noticing me eyeing Caleb and smiles mischievously because she came up with a plan. Before I know it, I hear Mr. Rush tell us to go back to the locker rooms and change for class. After the shower, I start to get dressed and head to my next classes which is algebra followed by Language Arts.

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Algebra and Language Arts went just like physical science. We introduced ourselves, looked over the syllabus, and then talked about the future of the class for the rest of the year. Finally, it was lunch, an hour break away from classes.

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I walk into the cafeteria and take a seat at a table alone where Abby then s me. We talked about our classes and how our days were going so far. All of a sudden Jennifer comes up behind me and gives me a note. Abby and I continue to eat lunch together and talk about our days when the bell rings aling that we need to go back to classes. The rest of the day was pretty much like the rest of the classes. Introduce yourself, go over the syllabus, and then go over the expectations for the class for the rest of the year.

I was more excited to see how Jennifer was going to get Caleb to ask me to the dance than I was about school. Finally, the final bell rings aling the end of school.

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After handing me the note, Diapers at school story walked away with an evil grin and starts laughing. Here are chapters 3 to 5. My goal is to finish this story within the next couple months. Feel free to provide your feedback below. Hope you all are enjoying this story. As I go outside of the school, I realize that I missed the bus. After about 5 minutes of walking towards home, I hear a car honk beside me.

Inside the car was Abby. Abby pulled over her car allowing me to jump in. After I jumped into her car, she took me home. On the way to my house, we talked about how Jennifer is helping me with trying to get Caleb to ask me to the homecoming dance. As we are talking about the situation with Jennifer and I, she informs me that she thinks it is a bad idea. I decide that I am still good with Jennifer helping me. Shortly after resolving that little argument with Abby, I arrive home.

After I get out of the car, I thank Abby for the ride and walk into the house. As I walk through the door of the little duplex that my parents and I live in, I am greeted at the door by my mother asking how school was.

Diapers at school story

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