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Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. My name is Paul Collins. I am forty-nine and married to Anne.

We live in the north of England and have been married for twenty-eight years. We have two children. David, who is twenty-six, and married to Amy. They have a son, Harry, who is four. Our daughter Claire is twenty-four, and she is married to James, and they have a daughter, Ellie, who is two. We met when she was nineteen and I was seventeen. She was a virgin when we met, although I had been dating since I was thirteen, and lost my virginity when I was sixteen.

She, however, had been brought up in a very strict Catholic household so had a limited and traditional idea of sex. It would be fair to say that as we approached our fifties, like many Do my wife stories couples our sex-life had become predictable. It was still enjoyable, but not the most exciting, as we slipped into a routine. She knows that my all-time favourites involve threesomes, and especially with two men and one woman. This would usually end with a discussion about my fantasy, which was seeing her with another man.

When I first told her of my fantasy, she had been shocked. But to hear that I wanted to take that into reality surprised her. She thought that if I was going to invite anyone into the bedroom, it would be another woman. But my premier fantasy was, and always has been, to see her with another man. Our conversations would always end with a sigh. However, eventually, she began to admit that the idea of another man in our bed excited her.

Her fiftieth birthday was two weeks away, and I was determined to do something special for her, and what would be more special than to give her the experience of a lifetime.

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She sighed and turned my head to me. I smiled and decided that I would have to just go for it and sat up. I told her that I wanted to do something special for her fiftieth birthday and I again explained why I wanted it so badly, for her, and me. I find the idea of watching you with another guy so arousing. There, I had asked her for straight. I asked her to think about it and left it at that. A couple of days later, we were sat on the sofa watching TV, when out of the blue she asked me who I was thinking about?

It took me a few seconds to realise what she was talking about, so I asked her, did that mean she wanted to do it? So, I pressed her. I asked her what were her concerns, other than being nervous? That night in bed we had sex.

She was more aroused than normal. She was horny! As she lay across my chest afterwards, I stroked my fingers through her hair. She lifted her head and looked at me.

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I nodded. She was right. I apologised. She lay her head back down and I continued to caress her. I felt her slowly falling asleep before she did, she sighed and looked at me. I was struck dumb. Now I had to come up with a name. The following day it hit me. I knew who it should be. When I told her, she was shocked. Brian was my best friend. She was quiet for a few moments, then she asked me if I was sure.

She was diagnosed and died from breast cancer within 3 months. He was devastated, as were his two. We were all shocked, I had known Dianne longer than he had, and she and Anne were very close. The four of us were as close as friends could be. He also spent many nights at our house, he and Anne on the sofa, talking often crying together.

She helped him through the worst period of his life. And now, Do my wife stories was getting better, but still spent too long on his own. I thought he would be perfect, and someone that my wife would trust implicitly. My wife is gorgeous, but she does lack self-confidence.

Both in herself, and her body. She constantly moans about herself, her looks, her size, her weight, everything. She is only five-foot-two tall, and like most of us at our age, she carries a few extra pounds, which she wears well, and I love.

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But I knew what she was thinking. She never considered herself to be sexy, or beautiful. She always cringed when I told her that I thought she looked sexy, Do my wife stories was that word, it always made her uncomfortable. But I knew that Brian also loved her breasts, 36C and still firm. On Friday of that week, I went with Brian to see a local band play at our favourite pub.

I used to play in a band early in our marriage, so live music is important to me, and we both support the local music scene as much as we can. We had a regular Friday night session together, but this night was going to be special, I had something to ask him. We had a great night, the band were awesome, and as we walked home, I broached the subject of Anne with him.

She trusts you. He asked for time to think about it and we left it at that. When I told Anne, I could tell that she was apprehensive. But she was also curious, I got the feeling that she had decided that she wanted to do it. Do my wife stories if she was going to do it, then it had to be him. He called on Monday and asked to talk to Anne. I handed her my mobile and got up to leave but she grabbed my arm to stop me. I sat back down. My heart was pounding. My cock was hard, I kissed her and as I did, I slipped my hand under her skirt and into her knickers. She was wet. When I pointed out that she had got turned on as she talked to him, she blushed.

We never made it upstairs to bed. She tore at my shirt as I worked on her blouse. We were all fingers and thumbs, like two nervous teenagers. She reached under her skirt and pulled her knickers off as I undid my trousers and pushed them to the floor. I stepped out of them and she hitched her skirt up around her waist and lay back on the sofa. I pushed my boxers down and my hard cock sprang free. She smiled as she lay down and spread her legs. I gazed upon her bush. I could see droplets of moisture clinging to her pussy hairs as I knelt between her legs and stroked my cock. She was breathing heavier and I stared at her breasts rising and falling as I positioned myself between her legs, supporting myself on one arm as I guided my cock towards her hole.

This was not our normal sex routine, no foreplay, no gentle kissing and caressing. She wanted fucking, and I wanted to fuck her. I pressed the head of my cock between her lips and she moaned as I lowered myself onto her and pushed my cock home.

She wrapped her hands around me as I slid inside her and began to fuck her. She hooked her feet around me and pulled me closer to her as she began to move against my thrusts, and I ground my pussy hard against her clit. She was moaning and crying out as I grunted and thrust into her.

I began to pound into her. This was pure lust now. I fucked her as I had never fucked her before. I was like an animal, and she was my mate. We both fucked each other as we filled the lounge with the sounds of our exertions. I knew I was close when I felt her body begin to shake, she was going to come. Her legs gripped me tight as she tensed up and dug her fingers into my neck as she buried her face into my neck and screamed as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

She cried out as she shuddered. It was the last straw, and I grunted and thrust deep into her as I felt the first spurt of cum shoot out and into her as I collapsed onto her and I felt my cock jerk inside her and jet after jet of cum shot out into her. She held me in her arms as I continued to fill her with my seed as she held me in her thighs. We both moaned. I lifted my head and stared into her eyes. We lay together for a while, neither one of us wanted to move. We spent the rest of the week preparing for Saturday, her birthday.

I had a plan and hoped that it would all work out and that none of us embarrassed ourselves. She was like a different woman all week. She had her hair done, bought a new dress, new underwear. She even went to a spa and had her pubic hair tidied up. I was never a huge fan of the shaved pussy, nor was she, but she got it thinned and trimmed. He questioned me about her likes and dislikes.

I told him to relax, he would find out himself. I reassured him that she would be like putty in his hands. Anne is quite petite, yet despite having had two children, her pussy is still tight. And it would be even Do my wife stories so with a cock of his girth.

When Saturday arrived, she was nervous. I could sense that she was anxious. But eventually, she calmed down. Ultimately, she wanted to do it.

Do my wife stories

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