Doctors office sex stories

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After much discussion, my husband opted to get a vasectomy.

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We found a doctor and made the arrangements for the procedure. He had the procedure, and over the weekend while he was resting with an ice pack on his testicles, I began to feel sick and nauseous. I took a pregnancy test, and yep, I was pregnant already. The doctor said it was divine intervention, and it definitely was!

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What joy that last child has brought to our family. Back to the story. Hubby had to go back to the doctor in a couple of weeks to give a semen sample. This horny wife decided the least I could do was to help him out. After all, he suffered through surgery and recovery. I had on a short skirt and a sexy blouse with heels and no panties.

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I met him in the parking lot, kissed him, and we held hands walking in. I sat in the waiting room while he went in to get the container. He came out, and we walked down the hall of the office building to a bathroom with one toilet and a door that locked.

We looked to make sure no one saw us go in. He locked the door and I kissed him long and hard. I grabbed his hand and placed it under my skirt to reveal my pantiless state. We kept Doctors office sex stories as he rubbed my very wet pussy. Thanks to all the excess hormones of pregnancy, I was so excited. I came as he stroked my clit. Then I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and let them fall to his ankles. Bending down, I started licking his hard cock.

I was enjoying every second. As he got closer to release, I started giving him a hand job and talking dirty to him. Let me see you cum! Oh, baby, I love to watch you cum! He took over the pumping as I grabbed the container. He stroked harder and exploded into the jar. I licked him clean, and we walked out of the restroom together.

Then I waited in the hall while he turned in his sample in the paper bag they had given him. I did my best to make an unpleasant situation fun! Click on a heart to thank the author of this story! Vote count:. No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post. We are sorry that this post was not one of your favorites! SH, You are an amazing wife! I wonder if any trace of saliva could be seen when the "sample" was tested? Thank you, SH. You must be logged in to post a comment. Jump to your favorite category. Not an Ignitor yet? Help us understand why. Submit Feedback.

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Doctors office sex stories

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