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for Free! Score 4. Published 9 years ago. Stacy and I used to work together. She always seemed like she could be a bitch, short tempered and snappy but she was hot with a slim, tight body, small, pert breasts, full lips and a tight ass. I would always check her out while she walked around the house we worked in and she had been the subject of several masturbation sessions for me. We had worked together a few times just the two of us and I'd come to realize she wasn't quite as bitchy as I'd thought and we'd got on well although she could be hard work.

There had been some sexual tension between us but I wasn't sure what or if I wanted anything to happen so nothing did. We had both gone to work in different places and Stacy had told me she had met someone and they were living together. I figured that now it was because she didn't want to completely cheat on her boyfriend, Brendan. It was Friday evening and I had decided to stay home and watch some TV with a few beers. I was just opening my third bottle when my cell phone rang. It was Stacy. I could hear some noise in the background and I figured she was out at a bar.

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I'm just out with a couple of friends. Kind of a girl's Dont cum in me stories out. What are you doing? Just watching some TV. The phone went quiet. What were you thinking? She went quiet again. I took a draw on my beer bottle and as I put it back onto the table I heard a knock at the door. As I opened my front door I saw Stacy standing on the door step, her cab driving away down my street. She looked unusually nervous. Come in," I said stepping aside. She walked through the door into my hallway, the sight of her sexy body in tight jeans and a casual t shirt combined with her perfume caused another stirring in my jeans.

I closed the front door and turned around, Stacy was in front of me. Before I could say anything she stepped forward and kissed me, her mouth open, her tongue sliding into my mouth. I could taste alcohol on her lips as I kissed her back.

Stacy pulled away but only a few inches so I leaned forward and kissed her, my hands in her hair, hers on my back holding us close together. When our kiss broke again I lead her into my living room. Turning to kiss her again our hands moved over the other's bodies. I began to lift her t-shirt exposing her flat stomach.

She didn't protest so I continued, lifting it over her head and dropping it to the floor. Before I could reach to her bra clasp she had started to lift my t-shirt, dropping it next to hers. We kissed again, her pert breasts pressed against my chest. I reached for the button on her jeans, popping it and sliding them down to reveal a black lacy thong which matched her bra.

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She stepped out of them and looked up at me. I unzipped my jeans, stepping out of them. My hard cock pressing against my boxers. Stacy looked at me. She immediately reach behind her back, undoing the clasp of her bra, dropping it to the floor never taking her eyes off mine, revealing the perky tits and small, hard pink nipples that had been a source of fascination for me for several years.

Now that I saw them I wasn't disappointed. Stacy looked at me again. I lifted the waists band of my boxers over my hard cock and dropped them to the floor. My hard on flexed as I stepped out of them. He's at home. But I don't want to stop this. She looked at me for a second, still seemingly unsure but quickly slid her thong over her thighs, maintaining intense eye contact with me all the time. I looked at her tight, shaved pussy. My cock ached. I took Stacy's hand and, stepping back, I sat on my couch, pulling her toward me.

She knelt on the couch, her legs either side of mine, her pretty little pussy only inches from my hard cock. I took her breasts in my mouth, sucking her hard, pink nipples. She moaned and gripped Dont cum in me stories back of my head. I pulled away and we kissed, deep and passionate, my hands moving to the firm cheeks of her ass, lifting her and pulling her towards my stiff cock.

I don't think we should fuck. She began to make small up and down movements, her clit moving against me. Our mouths still pressed together, our tongues touching my hands caressing her breasts. I could still feel the turmoil in her but her movements increased, her hips moving more, her clit sliding down to the base of my cock and back up to the tip.

I opened my eyes to look at her. Stacy's face looked tense as if the guilt she was feeling and her desire to cum were in conflict. Her movements seemed as if she was trying to cum fast, before the guilt made her stop. But she wouldn't stop, I could also see the pleasure she was experiencing from grinding her clit against my hard on.

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I bowed my head and took her nipples in my mouth one at a time. Stacy's arms wrapped around my head, pulling me into her breasts as she continued to grind her clitoris against me. Stacy's breathing was becoming stronger, making our kisses shorter but no less powerful. I felt her nipples stiffen more and her grinding became more intense as her body tensed. As she came, Stacy dug her fingers into my shoulders, a low moan coming from her mouth as her body shuddered. She tried to kiss me but she was finding it hard to catch her breath.

I felt her body begin to relax but I continued to gently stroke her breasts as she lowered herself, the wetness of her pussy coating my balls. Stacy caught her breath. Your cock is so hard. I want it inside me. I reached between her legs and guided my cock so that it brushed her lips. She moaned again, softly biting and sucking my bottom lip. I moved my hard on so that the tip was right at the opening of her pussy. I shouldn't.

The feeling of her hot, wet lips parting around the sensitive tip of my cock was intense. She held it there.

Dont cum in me stories

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