Embarrasing pee stories

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College is hard…and we all have embarrassing stories to prove it. I was alone bad, I know so I had no one to watch my back while I popped a squat. I decided to run. I ran all the way to the public bathroom of my dorm, pulled my pants down and sat down to pee. I missed.

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I missed the toilet. I fell flat on my bare ass and peed on impact.

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My mom asked what porn hub was…I told her. She then asked how I knew about it and I panicked and told her my boyfriend showed it to me. My mom just got up and walked out of the room. I tried to get into the bathroom that my room shared with the room next door but someone was in the shower. I banged on the door to be let in but the girl did not respond. And I ended up pooping myself. Worst part? This has happened to me more than once. This was during the day. Like broad daylight. When we got back and sat down, I immediately knew this evening had taken a bad turn.

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I ended up throwing up in the bathroom of my sorority house and even on his shirt. Bonus points: it was actually the weekend of our anniversary. When we got back, everyone was hanging out in the parking lot to sober up. We ended up squatting—behind a big truck to save our pride, obvs—and peed in the parking lot, next to each other. Needless to say, never saw those boys again. But I think we are oddly closer now. Maddie Tomasek. Pee you later!

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Gives Daddy a whole new meaning. Sorry, Mom. Nice to meet you, roomies! Knocked me off my feet…literally. An afternoon nightmare.

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Happy anniversary, babe! You up?

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Bonding moment. Images via giphy. Maddie is a recently graduated English major and is excited to enter the publishing industry.

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Embarrasing pee stories

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