Embarrassing cystoscopy stories

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My most embarrassing was a deep anal check, the doctor remained in there for at least two minutes. It felt great.

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Fortunately, I had pain relief so wasn't too aware of what was happening, but was rather embarrassed when I was told later what had happened. Other time was when I was new to MedFet and a home-made strng of balls broke in my rectum. Mine was definitely a cystoscopy. I was left on a table for the procedure, naked from the waist down with my legs spread wide so everything was visible and the door to the room was left open so everyone who passed by the room saw me. Several people passed by and looked in the room.

One girl smiled at me and waved her view from the door was directly between my legs. I was like 15 or 16 years old, and nothing like that ever happened to me before or since. I was probably only left like that for 10 or 15 minutes, but it felt like hours Back in the late 70's I had a problem of rectal bleeding, which I found out later was an anal fissure. One day I was at work and went to the mens room for a BM. When I wiped my butt, all that was on the toilet paper was blood. I Embarrassing cystoscopy stories I had to use something to collect the blood, as i didn't want it on my slacks.

The only thing I knew that would work at that time was a feminine napkin. I couldn't go into the ladies restroom to get one, so had to go and ask a femle co-worker if she would get one for me. I felt my face flush and get hot when I went to ask her to go get me a napkin, and she turned red-faced as well. She did go and get me one and I went in to the mens room, into a stall, closed the door and put it on.

What a humiliating expierence. I got a lot of funny looks and comments from all the females around where I worked that day. My most embarrassing procedure was a cystoscope as well. And it was not the lest bit enjoyable. The doctor himself telling me to to remove my clothes, get on the table and keep moving to the end in order to get in the stirrups.

The detail of explanation of what he would do and what I needed to do to relax with not knowing what was going to happen. Adding to the embarrassment was the cold room coupled with fear of the unknown causing my penis and testicles to shrink into my body and appear to be smaller than a new born baby. The doctor had to pull Embarrassing cystoscopy stories my penis a bit to inject the anesthetic and lube into the urethra for the procedure. He put a clamp on the meatus to keep the lube in and give the anesthetic a bit of time to work.

The clamp added a bit of weight to my penis to stretch it out a little and overcome the shrinkage. Due to the pain, the doctor had to tell me such things as to keep the small of my back on the table and not arch it as that would put pressure on the pelvis and make it that much harder for him to get the tube into my bladder. He also had to tell me to stop swinging my lower leg while in the stirrup as it had the same effect of tensioning the muscles in my pelvis and impeding the insertion of the cystoscope.

In all an embarrassing and painful scenario. Circumcised by a female doctor when I was Guess there's a bright side to just about everything. After we had been dating a while I found a huge cyst on my top inner butt crack. This was no pimple mind you, it was a cyst.

Now keep in mind, the man is my boyfriend, we had already slept together way too numerous times to count. However, when this cyst popped up, it came fairly quickly and grew rather large in a short amount of time. We both knew it had to be removed, not only because it hurt like hell, but because when cysts grow in places like that sometimes left untreated will cause them to, for lack of better terms, sprout and grow roots. And sometimes those roots will wind themselves about important blood vessels, spinal areas, nerves, etc. The thing went from the size of a pea to the size of a quarter in less than two weeks.

I tried to pop it which did nothing but make it sore and just that more angry. Remember we are miles apart, so I was showing him pictures of it either over the cam or was taking pictures of it over my cell phone. So the time came, we both agreed, it needed to be surgerized. It was at this time Doc set the hard fast rule that I was NOT allowed to shave back there, up front was fine, but not Embarrassing cystoscopy stories back because by not doing so I would allow him to help make the right diagnosis.

In my opinion, there is nothing more disgusting that a woman's hairy butt crack, I don't mind hair up front, but nothing past the bottom of the vagina. Maybe I am paranoid, or maybe because I am half German, but it just seams to be a nasty little trait of mine that I don't really find attractive, and actually I find it highly annoying, not to mention quite disgusting.

But hey, that's my opinion and standard I kept for me personally. Now the deal with a cyst is, they grow in a capsule, and in that capsule cluster of infection, not unlike a bunch of grapes form and grow. All of those pockets of infection have to either be popped and flushed out until the capsule is small enough to be completely removed without leaving a huge crater at the Embarrassing cystoscopy stories that needs major packing and debredmemt on a daily basis until it's small enough to be removed, or you can get lucky and remove everything all at once, which for the most part depends on the size underneath the surface, any and all roots it may have sprouted out, or its total mass.

I was due for my yearly physical anyway, so we decided that I would fly out there and kill two birds with one stone.

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Anytime I was in his office for any sort of medical stuff I was always nervous, he wasn't but I was. I can chalk a lot of that up to white coat syndrome though, but only Embarrassing cystoscopy stories 30 percent could be attributed to that. So I found myself up on his exam a table when he sat down on his black stool and started asking me a thousand and one questions, questions I assumed he already knew and told him so Embarrassing cystoscopy stories. Questions like when my last period ended, if I was in first, middle of latter stages of my cycle.

He asked about the birth control pills he had earlier prescribed, if they were working, and how I felt while I was taking them? In my quick whit I responded, well I don't feel like a total bitch as much as I used to, and apparently I have not gotten pregnant yet, then I snickered. He grinned some, then more of the same sort of questions. I answered them the best I could remember.

When the question and answer portion of the physical were over he reached in the cabinet and took out a gown and told me "everything off, but you can keep your socks on if you want. Opening to the front please for me if you could. I nodded in understanding and out the door he walked. I quickly undressed and sat back down on the chair beside the exam table, and no sooner than I did, I heard him knock at the door.

In he walked. I think he was a little shocked to see me in the chair as apposed to up on the exam table. Then he asked me to hop on the table on my belly and to pull my gown up to the arch of my back. I wasn't quite ready for that yet, I thought I was going to get my physical first, and asked him accordingly.

He said, "not to worry, your exam is coming, but first you, according to your records have three injections coming first, then we will head on over to the procedure room. So, up on the table I went, but I didn't pull my gown up, I forgot, and I was too nervous. So after removing several alcohol prep p from his top drawer, he opened them up. The next packet I heard him open was the lubricating jelly.

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And sure enough, without a blink of an eye, he pulled my gown up to the small of my back exposing my entire fanny for his inspection, and then with his gloved hand he inserted the thermometer into my backside. I had mixed feelings about that actually, embarrassment, felt childish, and not to mention just a bit silly if that makes any sense? But again, what choice did I really have at that point?

Besides that, it definitely wasn't something that I really hated, I found it to be overall quite relaxing. He told me he was going to let that register for a few minutes while he went and made sure the gyn room was all set up and prepared for his next patient Since that room was only across the hall, he again returned rather quickly, too quickly for the thermometer to be pulled Embarrassing cystoscopy stories read.

My next question to him was, 'so, what's in the syringes Doctor? And from my position I Embarrassing cystoscopy stories see many places that a sub q injection could be administered back here. I knew I wasn't in any sort of position to argue with him on that valid point, and besides that, what choice did I have, it wasn't like I could just get up and walk out, lol.

So with gown pulled up to the small of my back, fanny totally exposed, tops of my thighs and all of my legs just hanging out there for the entire world to see, I laid there like a good little patient waiting for my three injections. The first one was wiped clean down and out of the way of where an IM would safely be administered, thus bringing me to the conclusion that he went for the sub q first.

And I was right, it stung just slightly and just for a quick second and then was gone. Next I felt the prep pad over my left cheek. Not being able to see which one he picked up I sort of got, for lack of better terms, clinchy back there in the tushy department. My nervousness was really starting to kick into full gear at this point. He kept telling me to relax, it was for my oen good and it would be over a lot faster if I would cooperate, and again, I knew he was very much right, and it's a good thing I was his last patient, lol.

Next thing I knew, I Embarrassing cystoscopy stories the jab, in went the needle to the hub and he started pushing in the medication. I have to admit, it did't really hurt much at all. On a later note though, lets just say my left butt cheek was "feeling" very well loved though its soreness over the next few days.

I came to the realization that this was the tetanus booster. And folks, you yourselves a favor, if you ever have to get a tetanus booster, demand it in the tush. First and foremost, it doesn't really even sting much or if all during the application, and for a day or so you are a little tender, where as in your arm, you entire arm hurts a lot of the time, and for some actually rendering it almost useless for a few days.

So please, trust me on this. The last one was the flu shot, one that I have had many times. However, in my book flu shots are also those shots that I like to call the creepers. They don't hardly hurt at all when receiving them, but the next day they can, do, and often produce a very sore injection site. This one would prove to be no different actually.

Embarrassing cystoscopy stories

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Just had a cystoscopy performed an hour and a half ago.