Erotic mother inlaw stories

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With me gone I know you won't go over and see her ever day and you know how lonely she gets. I really didn't care for my mother-in-law. But, being my wife was gonna be gone over seas for the next 6 months she wanted to make sure there was one there to take care of me. She won't be here till this evening. The first week was good enough. Trisha really was a better guess then I figured. The house was clean and dinner was on the table when I arrived home. I even took her to lunch that Saturday. Now I do have to admit Trisha for being 49 years old is a very sexy woman.

With a killer 34DD figure with the most perfect little bubble butt, sexy blue eyes and Erotic mother inlaw stories raven black hair. She dont look any where near her age and she as hell don't act it. I never figured out why she never remarried after her husband died. As far as that goes. I've never even known her to go on a date.

By the end of the second week Trisha was texting me to see what I'd like for dinner and see how my day was. Which was very nice. It was Thursday night of the third week when I was sitting on the couch watching a movie when Trisha came in and set down next to me. I could tell she had just showered. Not so much by looking. But, more by smell. She was also wearing a pair of shorts like what my wife wears in the evenings and a tank top. Trisha immediately was glued to the t.

What at least 3 or 4 times a week.

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Doing all sorts of nasty things. I'm doing fine in that department. Like I said" I smiled. I want you to know I'm a very happily married to your daughter. But, that is not the point right at this moment. I'm a nasty slut who wants fucked. Thats what gives. She's gone for the next six months. It just you and I. Besides, like I said. I'll do things my daughter won't. So you figure to slide in here. Climb in my bed and screw me when ever you feel like while my wife is gone. The couch is right here. For a moment I watched her finger herself deciding what to do.

I guess Tabitha could see the struggle in my face. Because she spred her legs wider and pulled them up and slid the finger that had just been in her pussy into her asshole. But, would feel better if it was something bigger. Need and desire over took me. Drill my fucking pussy with big cock. Dropping her legs I pulled my cock from her wet hole and pulled her up and stuck my cock in her mouth.

Tabitha was right.

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She could and would do things my wife couldn't and wouldn't. That first night was a fuckfest. Tabatha was insatiable. She wanted fucked by every means I had. We ended the night, just before the sun came up. I had Tabitha pinned down in the middle of my bedroom floor with a hand full of her black hair and me emptying my nuts in her stretched out asshole. I was a awoken the next morning with Tabitha sucking my dick.

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To my surprise she had the power to suck another load from me. After that there was no asking either way. Every morning I was woke with a blow job and sent to work with an empty nut sack. Usually Tabitha would me in the shower where I'd fuck her. If I had a rain day we never got out of bed and would fuck in every postion we could think of and use every toy we had.

I also learned my mother-in-law was bisexual. I think it was in the second month of her stay, that I came home early from work one day to find Tabitha spred eagle in the middle of the livingroom floor with this sexy little chubby blonde with her face buried between Tabithas legs. Tabitha smiled at me and gave me a come here wiggle with her finger.

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I took the hint. Walking across the room I stripped. When I reached Tabitha I stepped across her face straddling her and started fucking her mouth. Tabitha and I fucked almost every day for the six months my wife was gone. I will also say Tabitha was the most daring fuck of my life. I'll never forget one evening she road me anally to orgasm while I face timed with her daughter.

Tabitha and I still get together every once in awhile to fuck when Jen is out of town or I have free day while my wife is at work.

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I still haven't talked my wife into anal. But, I don't try that hard anymore. I know if I really feel like fucking a sexy woman in the ass, I know where I dont have to ask. Reader comments on the erotic story. By using this website you consent the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy.

Erotic mother inlaw stories

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