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Our Indian culture disrespect prostitute by using them vulgar and dirty words. Such small things really affect our human character. A lady never jumps into prostitution unless she is forced. The prostitute needs respect apart from money. Even if she abuses us, we should talk decently. She will definitely apologize to us and talk politely. When any lady becomes a widow, we males look at her with different intentions. We never show guts to ask how she is living her life.

Back inI was returning from the office around pm. It was a bus strike that day. I heard the noise of a lady crying with a baby in her hand.

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I asked her what happened. In agony, she said her baby is not breathing. I stopped an auto-rickshaw. I took the prostitute with her baby in the auto. We went to the hospital and the baby was safe after treatment. The lady was happy. I paid the fees for her treatment. She tried to touch my feet, but I stopped her.

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I asked her name. She introduced herself as Madhulika name changed for privacy age I got stunned when she said she is a prostitute. But at least, Erotic stories prostitute is a female and deserves respect. In depression, she said the brothel head kicked her out as a customer was complaining that she is not giving enough satisfaction. I consoled her saying the baby is more important for you than a customer.

I suggested Madhulika she can stay at my home. But she has to cook food for me. As my home was small, she used to sleep in the kitchen with the baby close to her. Even her cooking skills were good. I advised her to sleep in the common room by spreading a mat on the floor. I also made a partition in my room so that she should get privacy. I brought cradles and toys for her baby so that she could get rest.

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The baby keeps crying in the middle of the night. She told me her life story with tears flowing from eyes. Madhulika asked me why are you unmarried.

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Otherwise, people start abusing prostitutes as soon as they see us. Women are the pillars of society. If I help women in need, God might bless me. Madhulika was saying how she can payback. I advised her to get done an HIV test so that her baby will not suffer.

Even I gave her money for gyno checking. She showed me all the reports saying she is safe. I breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at her. Even Madhulika was happy. I told her not to step out of the home. I felt glad that she started having normal makeup. Madhulika had broad shoulders, a chubby waist, and a curvaceous ass. But I used to control myself. She was wearing the same sari every day. I thought of purchasing her saris.

I gave her cash and told her to purchase saris from a nearby shop and return quickly I was busy playing with her son who was just 6 months at that stage. After 4 months, suddenly a cop banged the door. Madhulika opened and she was arrested. I went to the police station and requested them telling that she is my sister. I took her home. She made the baby sleep early. Madhulika thanked me again. She said she wanted to talk about some personal stuff. I agreed and made her sit beside me. She asked me why you lied to cops that I am your sister.

All Indians are my brothers and sisters. Madhulika became emotional and cried on my shoulders. The next day I brought her fruits, vegetables and other home stuff. She was busy cooking food and her son playing with me.

Suddenly at midnight, I was shivering with cold and fever with 2 blankets on my body. Madhulika woke up seeing my condition. She rubbed my hands and legs. Then she dropped her sari pallu aside. She snuggled me tightly. I had no consciousness that my lips brushed with her. My hands holding her bareback waist. Early morning, I woke up and saw her sleeping beside me I felt sorry for myself. I started crying touching her feet thinking I committed an intimate mistake due to my fever. I said Erotic stories prostitute to her many times.

She said today her baby is alive because of my kindness. She was feeling uncomfortable seeing me shivering Only our lips brushed a little bit. In the newspaper, it was mentioned that there will be only 45 minutes of water supply for the next 4 days. I discussed with Madhulika regarding early wake-up. I filled all the buckets for cleaning, drinking, and other purposes as her baby used to cry early morning.

Erotic stories prostitute felt it awkward but internally I felt this is beginning to get close to her. Even she wanted me badly. I stripped with only underwear remaining. She was in a velvet blouse and a thin cloth tied below her waist. I got an erection after seeing her creamy navel, 38D breasts. I avoided seeing her as she caught me. Even she might have taken a glimpse of my physique. Till 4 days, we adjusted like that. Then we said sorry to each other. She got a cute dark mole on her navel and bareback. I decided to play a naughty prank on her.

I brought itching powder from medical. After returning home, I applied that powder on her bra strap only thinking it would suffocate baby if baby smells it. I applied more powder on her lingerie. The next day, I went to the office early.

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Madhulika were those pair of bra and lingerie. After some time, she called me on the phone saying she is having a high fever. I immediately left for home. After seeing her, I made a false angry mood. She told me she got red itching marks on her shoulders, waist, bareback. I asked her do you have any allergy before I bring you ointment. She said no allergy. I brought her ointment and told her to get applied by going in the bathroom. She went to the bathroom and applied it to the front red rashes.

Madhulika came out and said she needs my help. I went near her and said tell me what to do. She said her hands are not reaching her back.

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She wants me to apply it to those locations She removed the front buttons of her blouse. I shifted her bra strap little aside and applied it over her red rashes. While I was applying, she was making moaning noises.

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I blew air to her butt rashes. She squirmed and hen I came out. She tied her blouse buttons. I apologized her for touching her. Madhulika got frustrated by itching. Her baby was also crying. I made her baby sleep my side. Madhulika slept peacefully. Even she damaged by pant zip. My manhood used to get stuck in those zip. She used to touch manhood and remove me from that pain. I used to get an electric current when she used to touch manhood. One day Erotic stories prostitute both confessed to each other to have romance. I brought condoms from medical.

She made baby sleep early. I was removing her sari pin and blouse buttons. She was removing my shirt buttons. We both became nude and enjoyed protected sex in all sex positions. We completely satisfied reaching multiple climaxes.

Our breath became one and united. I made her a real woman.

Erotic stories prostitute

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