Exotic massage stories

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My FWB and I came home after getting wet in the rain. Read how we were touching, feeling, and teasing each other while watching a movie later that day.

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. Ayesha narrates the story of her honeymoon. It is as kinky as it goes. Instead of fucking only each other, the couple lands in weird sexual situations. Sujata was grateful to me as I got her a good job. Once we went out for a movie, the date got extended to an erotic massage in the spa and sex at her place.

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My onsite trip with my colleague turned into a dream trip. Imagine yourself in my place and enjoy this story to get an instant hard-on or a wet pussy! Story of how a small incident made the maid horny. And what steps she took and how she made a young boy seduce her. Also how they had a hot session.

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A backache massage session turned into an erotic rough pussy banging scenario. I have shared my real-life experiences with my hot neighbor lead to an unexpected fulfillment of intimate love making. Read and enjoy this hot encounter. He gets the best erotic spa service with happy ending. This erotic story is about how I helped Kumari when she had a headache.

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I seduced her with a massage and got her pussy deflowered with my 6-inch thick cock. Aditya, Pulkit, and I booked a villa with a swimming pool and beach access in Goa. Read how we enjoyed giving massage and other pleasures to each other. Older posts.

Exotic massage stories

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Wife receives a discreet massage at a private Jamaican resort