Family trip sex stories

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Hi folks, this is my first story on ISS. I want to be very straight forward in my approach and honest that whatever is penned down is true. I got the courage to do so after reading numerous stories on ISS and mainly the incest section. Only then I came to know that incest exists in India as well.

I have only tired to hide the identity of the only person my cousin sis in the story to protect her indentity. I am basically from a typical middle class Indian catholic family. My mom and aunty were the only two daughters to their parents and after marriage also they were able to maintain their love for each other as luck would have to favour, my uncle and daddy no doubt were best of buddies.

I was the only son and my cousin sis Samantha was only daughter of my uncle and aunty. Right from childhood we were very close to each other as we had no siblings. From our young days we used to go to eacher others house during vacations and used to have good time.

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We used to go for swimming classes, badminton, dance classes together. We were very close to each other and loved each other lot and we still do even now. A few details about me; I accept the fact that i am not a macho type or a very handsome person just an average normal guy. My cousin sister Samantha on the other hand is a beautiful cute girl which any boy would like to be with.

She has long thick straight silky waist lenght hair. She has colored the hair burgendy to give it anattractive look and texture. She has a lovely figure with adorable boobs, pink lips which anybody would like to kiss. When she smiles she gets two beautiful dimples on her cheeks. Now coming to the incident, it happened 2 years back after we completed our final year graduation exam in April. I am only six months elder to Samantha and hence we have been in the same class our parents decided that we go on a vacation as in that whole year we didnt get to go out anywhere as we were occupied with our final year studies.

After a long discussion we decided to go to a resort on the hilltop in Lonavala. It was supposed to be a 5 days package our parents decided to book a bunglow in the resort that had a private swimming pool in it after reaching the destination we came to know that our bunglow had only three rooms our parents were pretty much cool about me and Samantha sharing the same room.

We both decided to take the pool side room on the ground floor and our parents occupied two rooms upstairs. In the evening our parents sat down for drinks and requested us to them. We both were a bit shocked about the whole idea of us drinking.

We both had a half glass of vodka each. Later we sat and chatted for few hours our parents decided to retreat to their respective rooms at about 11 PM in the night. We decided to wait for a while and take a dip in the swimming pool. I and Samantha changed to our swimming costumes. We entered the water which was pretty plesant and cool. We both took one round in the pool and were standing in the pool and talking about our exams and our future plans.

While talking to each other, Samantha left open her long silky hair. Not sure what happened to me, was it the vodka shot or my instinct i didnt look at Samantha as a sister. I got a boner instantly; she untied her hair and left it open. I could easily see her bra outline from the T-shirt and see that her nipples Family trip sex stories gone tight. I guess she noticed the way i was oggling at her body, but didnt say a word.

Guess she enjoyed the attention. We spoke for a while, and Samantha was caressing her hair which made her look like a mermaid in water. Later after a while i started splasing water on her face, she siad bro please dont do it. The water is tickling on my face as I splashed water on her face I moved closer to Inorder to protect herself from gush of water she held my hair tight in her hand.

We both started laughing and our faces Family trip sex stories close to each other. We looked at each other for a while, our eyes closed and dont know what happened our lips touched each other. It went on for a minute without either of us taking a step back. I could feel her lips, what a soft sensation it was. An experience like I was in heaven. Later our lips parted and tounges met. I got the taste of her saliva. Our tongues were battling to enter each others mouth. We were very soft with each other.

Later my hands moved towards her flat tummy, and then my hand slid inside her T- shirt and toward her boobs. It was then as if we were out of our dream, she pushed me away from her, looked in my eyes and walked out of the pool.

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I didnt say a word, and saw her go. Later I followed her to our room. She entered the bathroom to take a quick shower. She walked out of the bathroom in a bathrobe and was drape in a towel. I went inside the bathroom to take a shower after she came out. All the while i was thinking about the incident. My heart was pounding and I could hear it. When i came out Samantha was blow drying her long hair and applying moisturiser to her hands and legs.

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She was still in her bathrobe. I just walked out of our room and went and sat on the Family trip sex stories chair kept near the pool. Later on Samantha also came out and sat besides me. We were quite for a while. I guess it was because of the vodka. I felt like a woman. I can still feel your lips on my lips. Your hand was inside my shirt trying to get hold of my boobs. I just followed her like a hypnotised person. She locked the room from inside. She held me against the wall and again looked in my eyes.

This time i saw lust in her eyes. She started kissing me hard on lips, eyes, neck and chin. I just lost control and started responding to her advances. She bit my lips a few times. While we were lost in the kissing session, Samantha slid her hand inside my short and caught hold of my shaft. It was really hot and hard. I had never had this experience earlier in my life. I looked at her. No sooner i said this; she took off her bathrobe and stood completely naked in front of me. This means her was not wearing anything under it. I saw a girl naked first time in my life. I looked at her from head to toe, she gave me a naughty smile.

I went close to her and pushed her on the bed and. I lay on top of her and started sucking her nipples. Meanwhile she was caressing my hair and scratching my back hard. My hand was inside her soft hair and massaging her scalp. Later she climbed on me and started kissing me on my lips.

Her beautiful long hair covered my face. We were sucking each others tongue and tasting the saliva. After a moment we decided we should go for it. We were really not comfortable with the idea of oral sex as were new to the whole thing. I held my penis onto her vagina; it was really hot and wet. I pushed my hot shaft a little inside.

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She moaned in pain and held my back very hard. Her finger nails clutching my back. Her vagina was really tight, I could see tears in her eyes. I pushed a like hard and she yelled in pain and started crying. I placed my lips on her lips in order to supress the noise. I started slowly pushing my penis inside. I could feel the warm wet walls of her vagina grip my penis.

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It was an exprience like never before. I pushed a little hard and she yelled for the last time, I understood that I have split open her hymen. I started slowly stroking my penis back and forth. We were lost in each other embrace and kissing each other on lips.

I kissed on her neck. I slightly bit her ear lobe. I kissed her hair after sometime I knew I was about to climax. Saying this i started stroking hard and finally exploaded lo of cum inside her vagina. It started flowning out. I could see blood as we both lost our virginity.

We just lay in that position for a while and later she came and slept on my shoulder.

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She slightly kissed my lips and said thanks bro for all that you just gave me. We got out of the bed and took shower together.

Family trip sex stories

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