Fart torture stories

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Rob—fat, filthy, smelly Rob—happens to have a thing for Les. Him and Justin make a deal. I open my eyes, slowly, and am met with an unfamiliar room.

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Grey cement walls and floor, a window across from me—high and narrow. A basement, maybe? His skin is taut against his bones, bruised, and sickeningly pale. Looking at him fills me with cold dread. The bullying at school was at its worst when I met him. That all changed when I met him. Transferring to his high school was the best decision I ever made. He took care of me, introduced me as his little brother to all his friends, and helped me with my homework.

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Devin and his friends spend lunchtimes sitting on crates in the concreted alley between the school building and the fence. The sauce is smeared across his lips and I can see the vegetables caught in his teeth when he belches.

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I hand out the final order in the front-counter rush. That beeping haunts my nightmares. I assume this means he think all the girls in kitchen are ugly. Julian has been… subdued. I put my head down and lean into my locker. He laughs at something Kegan said, and I sigh.

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This means my day is about to get very bad. He wants to play with me. When Danny gets home from school, he finds his parents conversing with a stranger at the kitchen table. Less than a week ago, my mother and I moved in with her boyfriend and his son, Jack.

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This story is NOT for those with a weak stomach. Questionable consent.

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Fart torture stories

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