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s: [ 1 ] Go Down. Author Topic: Suzanna's rape strong pantyhose theme Read times. I got a reaction from a young British woman who had mild forced fantasies that she wanted to play online with someone. She also told me that she dressed rather feminine but that she didn't had a real crush on pantyhose.

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She knew it made her more feminine but that was that. I gave her one of my stories I wrote about the rape of a pantyhosed woman and she was interested in writing a story with me. I would write the story from my point of view and she from her point of view. The story started really well and it was a real thrill Forced pantyhose stories write it, but sadly, after she gave me compliments on my part 3, she never replied again.

Well, as an example of what I like and the type of co-writer I am looking for, here's the story so far. That'll be 8. For some reason I had chosen this weekend to find a girl to lessen the emptiness in my soul Okay, okay I just wanted a hot date for the fun and the sex. Once again I looked at the s and I picked a fairly crowded bar "The Three Amigo's" to start my search.

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I went in, walked straight to the bar and ordered myself a Scotch. I found a place at the corner of the bar and overlooked the whole scene. I saw several potential candidates, but a group of three young women draw most of my attention They were in their mid-twenties, had beautiful long blond hair and as far as I could see great bodies. Two of them were dressed in tight shirts and jeans but the girl that I liked the most was dressed in a very short dress that was made of some kind of stretchy stuff and that could barely cover her nice I guessed 36 C breasts.

She had hot looking pumps on her feet, but what struck me the most were her legs This girl had endless legs that were encased in Forced pantyhose stories most beautiful pair of pantyhose I'd ever seen. Well, I guessed it were pantyhose because the lights in the bar weren't that bright, but I've never seen a girl with such perfect legs. So, it had to be pantyhose.

I like pantyhose They make a leg to feel smoother, to look better and when you want to have sex with a girl that is wearing pantyhose, you simply can rip out the crotch of the hose if necessary you just pay her the few pounds for a new one. And if you hit the jackpot with finding a subgirl, pantyhose can also be good for tying her up and gagging her. I like pantyhose so much that I even wear them myself. Unfortunately, not every girl likes a straight guy that likes to wear pantyhose, but if she does I didn't wanted to make my move right away and my decision proved to be right. After a few minutes a guy approached the group of girls and said something to the one wearing the dress.

She said something Forced pantyhose stories and the guy backed off.

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Only ten minutes later, another guy approached the girl with the dress. The same thing happened She was hard to get or she acted that she was hard to get. But because I liked a challenge, I waited for another 20 minutes before I made my move. I walked to the three girls and asked to one in the dress: "Hi, I've never seen you here before? Are you new here?

You're the third guy in just half an hour that tries to talk me into his bed and you come up with this ridiculous opening? Get lost! How do you like your eggs in the morning? Nice to meet you Mike. I'm Suzana. Can I get you anything? I would like a Liquid Cocaine. Do your friends want anything as well? Come on Mike, get me that drink. I found out that a Liquid Cocaine isn't a fairly priced cocktail.

Okay, my Scotch wasn't cheap either, but the cocktail was almost 8. I quickly calculated Forced pantyhose stories if this evening should be worth the money, Suzana owned me some fondling in the back of a taxi for getting her just one cocktail, a blowjob for two and some real sex for four of them. And Suzana looked hot enough to give her as much cocktails as she wanted. As long as she would give me something in return. I got Suzana her 7th cocktail and the staff of the bar told me that this was the last drink I could order, because they closed at three.

I took the drinks to Suzanna and I said: "They close at three. Do you want me to order a taxi for the two of us? Suzana sat on my right side and even before the taxidriver shifted the car in gear, my hands were already on Suzana's smooth legs. Very soft, very sheer, tan coloured and hopefully sheer-to-the-waist without panties underneath.

My other hand was at her breasts and I was kissing her neck and nibbling at her ear. All this fondling and kissing made me really hot, and I guess Suzana as well, because she didn't pushed me away. Things were looking good and I expected at least a blowjob from this hot pantyhosed girl and maybe even more The taxidriver disturbed the scene: "75 Nelsonstreet.

Just keep the rest. The taxi drove off and I put my right arm around Suzana's waist and together we walked to the frontdoor. She put the key in the lock and as she turned it round she said: "Hey Mike, thanks for the pleasant evening. You're not inviting me in after tonight? No coffee, no last passionate kiss?

What the hell do you think! That I'm some kind of cheap slut that you can fuck by paying her a few drinks? No way! By groping me all over in that taxi you already crossed the line. No, even better Behind the door I still could hear her curse about horny guys and innocent girls in tight dresses in a bar. Then I heard the bang of another door and everything went quiet. There I was, in the middle of the night in London. This wasn't the first time that a girl rejected me, but the way I Forced pantyhose stories rejected just minutes before made my blood boil.

She had to pay for what she had done to me. Oh yes Suzana, hot-looking-Suzana, pantyhosed-Suzana had to pay Friday night when I leave the office I shed some inhibitions and I shed some clothes to go from being a 'good girl' to a 'good time girl'.

This week had been hard, my boss had wanted figures, projections, estimates and all at a rush so I needed relaxation and fun. I got home from work, I showered I enjoyed washing; it's sensual to feel my own hands glide over my skin feeling my erogenous zones flow together as I caress myself. Forced pantyhose stories dried myself slowly, enjoying the soft feel of the towel over my skin, Using the drier to give my hair extra volume and bounce.

Powdering, perfuming making my face up, generally preparing for the I loved going through my lingerie and hosiery drawers to find just the items I needed. I wanted tonight to be special fun. I found the bra and panty set I wanted, a little lacy thong with some pretty embroidery it felt good as I slid them up my legs, making sure my pussy was all safely snuggled away in them.

The bra gave me a little lift and made my breasts my main weapon of temptation tonight I knew either my legs or my breasts would deliver me the man who would pay for my fun tonight The hose I chose were light tan and there was something sensual about getting them cool and fresh out of the packet, slipping my toes into them and smoothing the shear glossy second skin over my own silky legs, smoothing them so they fitted me perfectly from toe to waist.

The shear fabric had just the hint of glossy sparkle and there were shear up to the lacy band at the waist. I like shear I had pretty panties on I wanted my pretty panties to be seen. My dress was easy to chose; slinky, tight and clingy, just the right level of stretch in it to mould to my body to enhance my breasts and cut a cool nine inches above my knees to show of my long legs.

A deep copper coloured dress The Three Amigo's was a great club, some girlfriends and I danced a while I think I must have burned three, maybe four, different guys before I saw 'The One' each chat up line the guys had used were so lame I just laughed. Even "The One's" first attempt was pathetic Money was the key I guess, any 'Mr Tonight ' needed money enough to give me a good time, but also I needed to see that he was well enough connected not to risk trying to force himself on me when he found he was buying something I'm a strong girl I do aerobics and have had self defence classes but I didn't want to spend time pushing off some guy who couldn't take a 'No' seriously.

Anyway this 'Mr Tonights' name was Mike he was pretty good He was easy on the eye: tall. He was fun and he knew how to spend, how to have a conversation We did some slow s I encouraged him He must have bought me six or seven of the things he must have really thought he was going to get in my panties but there was no way he was going to get past first base The Liquid Cocaine's were making me feel soft and kittenish, even though Joe the Barkeep always watered down drinks for me, it worked for us both he made more profit and I got less drunk than the 'Mr Tonight' realised.

Forced pantyhose stories ordered us a cab it was late and I liked that he ordered it. He seemed nice so id give him some fun in the taxi He was good I liked how he caressed from my knees I kissed him, I liked it, he was a good kisser and he knew how to caress and tease my breast which made me wriggle even Forced pantyhose stories. He was so unlike the guys who just seem to want to use my nipples as an on switch The Driver had made good time just a few more minutes and Mike might have made me hot enough to Mike walked me to the door, chivalry?

I twisted away from him

Forced pantyhose stories

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