Forced to be a girl story

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Some thirty-year-old man wearing panties?

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When are you going to end this? What do you want from me? It has been five months since I first woke up in this damn room. It is when I sleep that all the changes happened. First, they took away my clothes, then they replaced my clothes with girly skirts and blouses. They shaved all my body hair, and now I have started seeing physical changes to my body.

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Whoever kidnapped me, they want to break me. I am a man, after all. I am humiliated beyond measure.

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What is that you want from me? Do you want money from my father? For the first time since being sealed into this room ,I heard a voice buzzing from the radio. Typically the radio will only blast pop songs from the likes of Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. But this was clearly not a pre-recorded message, someone was talking to me live.

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Did you even notice that you have been clutching your stuffed animal all this time? And she was right, I have been holding Mr. Snuggie all this time. I have been very, very lonely here.

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I needed some company, and Mr. Snuggie was there for me. But… is that so bad? Snuggie how good girls behave? Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Forced to be a girl story

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year-old boy shares his story about being forced to be trans by mother