Foreskin sex story

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Ronnie was short and chunky, about 5'8" compared to my slender 6'2", blond, and his cock matched his muscular body, a wrinkled, tapering worm with a thick pucker at the end. He was 67, four years older than I, but in better shape than I. Like me, he wore trifocals, but unlike me, he wore a mustache.

I'd met him in the Internet chat room, and we'd enjoyed cyber-sex together several times. He lived about 50 miles away from me, but at freeway speeds, this was less than an hour's drive. We'd decided to get together for some in-person sex, and that hot Saturday morning when he rang my doorbell I rushed to let him in. He was exactly as he'd described himself, and I saw the look of relief on his face when he saw that my self-description had been as accurate as his.

I'd been wearing only shorts, and I dropped these after leading Ronnie to the bedroom. I turned to watch him disrobe, and this show took only about ten seconds as he discarded shirt, shorts, and sandals. His cock looked like a wrinkled, smoothly tapered worm, with a thick pucker at the end. Mine had a distinct widening where the head pushed out the foreskin, which narrowed at the end to form a nipple beyond the glans. I lost my virginity in oh so many ways. I had a girlfriend, and I was totally into her.

She graced me one summers Foreskin sex story by making me a man, but that is a story for another time.

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This story is about defining manhood. I also lost my innocence that summer. A teacher, of sorts, taught me more than I bargained for. Strangely, I had no objection to him doing as he pleased. He was a half-Chinese kid, four years younger than me, who lived nearby. The last time I'd seen him he was a cute 13 year-old desperately trying to be big. He would brandish knives or start playing with packets of cigarettes.

I'd always been attracted to him. I'd see Foreskin sex story outside on his bike. To Scotland. I am in the construction business, so I have contact with mostly men in my daily job activities. I know I'm bisexual but I am happily married with two. I exercise every day, so I have a well toned fairly muscular body.

Not much body hair but being six feet tall makes it look better. I was very happy that our cocks had not felt the bite of the blade. Our foreskins had been the reason we'd taken to each other on the chat and in person, because guys with foreskins know how to handle natural dicks.

Some cut guys don't know what to do with a partner's foreskin because theirs had been removed at birth.

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Ronnie grasped the end of my foreskin between two fingers and began rolling it, twisting the thick hood over my glans, and I felt my cock begin to respond. I ran one hand along the inside of his thighs, then began tickling the hairs on his low hangers. I watched his scrotum contract, bringing his balls up against his body.

Mine were already there, as I have a tight scrotum. Now I began gently squeezing the thick worm protruding from his sparse blond pubic bush. My fingers felt for the glans through the thick skin, and I gave the ridge a few squeezes.

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His prick throbbed slightly in my hand as his bulbo-cavernal reflex kicked in with each squeeze of the glans. The outline of his glans became visible through the thick skin as it expanded, and within about 30 seconds we were both fully hard. I spread a towel between us, as I was sure we'd soon be dribbling. My penis measures an Foreskin sex story six inches, from pubic bone to the end of my glans. If I stretch out the hood, it's a bit more. Ronnie's seemed to be slightly longer than mine, but his hood extended another half inch beyond the end even with a hard-on.

I tweaked the end of his foreskin. His Foreskin sex story tightened on my foreskin and slipped it back enough to bare the front dome of my big purple helmet. The fresh, musky aroma of my foreskin and glans filled the air. More of my purple dome protruded, and Ronnie observed: "Your tip is purple. When you get mine back, you'll see it's red. When I was in my teens I couldn't get it back at all, even when soft. The school doctor wanted to circumcise my prick, but my father wouldn't let him. I began slipping his tight foreskin back slowly, as he had mine. The nose of his red glans appeared, and I saw the slit at the end.

A drop of clear fluid parted its lips. I pushed the skin tube forward to cover the head, then pulled it back farther. Ronnie's prick aroma wafted up and I said:. It's heavy and musky, very sexy. His cock-head was smaller than mine, tapering sharply to a small nose, and I wanted to skin him completely to see his rim. Ronnie was ready to unskin my glans, and I saw the edge of my long thick hood poised on the flaring rim.

I think that's really sexy looking. Look at your slit, shaped like a teardrop. That's sexy. With the skin pulled all the way back? As Ronnie spoke, my fingers pulled his shroud all the way back, revealing his flat corona. I touched his wet tip lightly with one fingertip. Ronnie shuddered, gasping as a drop of clear lube poured from his slit. Now slide the skin up and down. I'd get off just jiggling the skin over it. Now it's not as sensitive as before, but still pretty tender.

You and I are lucky our pricks still work. I think having foreskin keeps the head sensitive. I'd been fondling and squeezing his tip through the thick hood. I like to watch my foreskin swell when the juice fills it, though. When another guy's hand is on my prick, I often shoot the first couple of jets.

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At least, that's what they tell me. My eyes usually close when I'm about to come. I can't wait to watch that big helmet of yours turn dark purple and shoot its load.

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I tightened my grip on the end of his foreskin to make sure there were no leaks as I kept twisting the skin over his engorged tip. It'll go by itself. Just keep the end of the skin closed. He stared intently at his prick, watching me stimulate it.

We couldn't see it, but I was sure the head had turned darker color under the hood. I felt the first pulse in his glans, and his foreskin jerked between my fingers as Ronnie shot his first load. His cry of joyful agony filled the air as the sensations of orgasm overwhelmed him.

His prick throbbed again and as I'd removed my hand I saw the foreskin begin to distend with his juice. I felt every pulse through the end of his foreskin as his prick jerked with the jets of orgasm, and the foreskin bulged to twice normal diameter around the head. Ronnie groaned in ecstasy, his stomach muscles quivering, as the heavy sensations ran their course through his body. When his penis had stopped throbbing I reached for a wad of tissues because I knew he'd have a lot of juice seeping from the end of his foreskin.

I held the tissues under the end of his prick as I slowly released the end of his hood. Foreskin sex story gush of white cream emerged, and I estimated that he'd shot at least two tablespoons of cream. The characteristic chlorine odor filled the air. His prick began to soften, and I carefully wiped the puckered end, leaving the head covered because I knew his tip would be too sensitive to wipe right after orgasm. He'd let go of my penis while I was building him up to orgasm, but mine was still hard from the excitement of watching him come.

Ronnie spread the towel over my stomach and d stroking my hood back and forth over the head. I relaxed every muscle in my body, as the sensations absorbed my attention. I felt a tickle begin in the rim of my Foreskin sex story as Ronnie snapped my foreskin back and forth over it. The tickle gradually filled the entire head and became hypnotic because my mind focused on the sensation, ignoring everything else. My breathing deepened and my awareness of the world outside me receded as the delicious tickle in my cock-head captured all my attention.

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The tickle changed to a hot tingle, and I began to cry out with the intensity of the sensations. I heard myself going:. My fully engorged glans ached for release. He pulled my foreskin back again, stretching the nerve endings and making me moan louder. I felt my crotch muscles tighten as orgasm rushed to me, and I cried out helplessly. I felt a drop of liquid crawling up my tube, lubricating the way for the geyser to come. I saw bright lights before my eyes as the world exploded and the heavy pounding of orgasm began in my cock-root. My entire mind was in my throbbing prick as the first hot jet burned its way up my tube.

I heard my anguished cries of joy distantly as another spasm gripped my cock-root, sending another gush up my penis.

Foreskin sex story

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