Funny boob stories

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It took me forever to find the perfect bubblegum pink princess dress to wear, and I spent hours getting ready for that once-in-a-lifetime night.

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As soon as the Principal called me up to the stage to crown me, I yanked down on my dress with both hands to get things in order. The plan was for Gary to wear a sock on his dick and for me to go completely nude. We were wasted, obviously. Not exactly a nip slip, but a definite slip involving two totally exposed boobs. I was so traumatized, and Gary just stood there laughing at me. Not the best look at a well-lit, family friendly establishment, but I had to laugh at the fact that I was caught in the dairy aisle.

Some of my colleagues and former professors received that card. The blouse I was wearing was transparent beneath the bright Church lights, and the bra I had on was sheer, so the entire congregation had seen my nipples.

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Not one of my finer moments, I must confess. Visualizing what it would be like to let the guy ravage me, I reached out my hand eagerly and introduced the sexiest, smartest, smoothest version of myself. Wanna buy me a drink to say thanks? Before I had time to consider buying that asshole a cocktail, I ran to the bathroom to readjust.

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Since some of the kids were afraid of the biggest slide, I made a show of offering to demonstrate how fun it was. I dove down that steep yellow slide and enjoyed the ride down. But by the time I threw my arms in the air for my grand tada!

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Just as I was getting back from a five-mile run one morning, my neighbor, a crusty old guy who could be hoarding black market kidneys for all I know, was outside checking his mail. You could only see half the right nipple and a whole bunch of squished flesh, but that was enough to send the man into a frenzy.

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If I could move, I would. I have pretty sizable nipples, so the kids nicknamed me Silver Dollar that night, and it stuck. From then on, it was impossible for me to walk across camp grounds without a bratty little kid pretending to lift their shirt up to make fun of me.

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Funny boob stories

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