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Welcome to Forum Saradas! Thanks for the complement, as you probably know, my stories have been very few and far between Futa muscle stories the last couple of years, my outside life has been very busy, which has given me precious little time to write, so I can't promise anything will get done soon, but yeah, I have one or two ideas that I would like to develop.

If you'd like to know, Jessica part 4 isn't one of them, because I am pretty far removed from that fetish, so it's unlikely that I will get back into it to the point that it inspires me to write another chapter of it. But thanks anyway. Great stories about strong and muscular women and girls, hope you enjoy! Quote from: maxi-musterjunge on March 21,pm. Jeremy - You know I always wondered if there ever is going to be a part 4? I also hoped for a part 4 D: It's very sad that you don't want to continue this great story v.

Well - I'm feeling lucky that you even want to write anything again Thanks again, I would never say never, there have been times where I've left a story sit, only to catch inspiration from somewhere and bam, the story that sat there for months and months gets done.

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So while it's unlikely that you'll see Part 4, it's not impossible. Aaah I hope for it someday! I think if you just start writing Futa muscle stories, the flow will come back to you :3 I know this myself! Hahah, as long as your stories involve characters bigger than Mack trucks, I think we'll all be just fine, actually much better than that. I only know Jessica in a Gym and Jewell which contain the same main character Are there any more?

Thanks guys for all the encouragement and comments, it really makes me glad that you liked my story so much. I will have to reconsider giving part IV another shot. Just read through the story Jeremey; it's great! I do hope you find the time to write again! Fans of these particular niches of female muscle don't seem to come by very often, and there's even less content out there.

I'm trying to do my part by writing stories as well PM me sometime or hit me up on Yahoo if you ever want to chat about writing and the like. Its probably not to many people's tastes but here goes. These were used to derogatory effect on people like me many, many generations ago. This was before humankind had the patience to understand that we were not freaks of nature but just the next step in evolutionary mutation that nature had in store for us.

We are people too and now are accepted as just another type of gender which used to be as clear as black and white, namely male or female. The lines have now been blurry for so long it is trivial in its distinction. But my life will show you that I am unlike others, I am unique, Without Equal. Rory is my name. I was born just as others are and I was raised just like others were till I was about 14 years old. I was Futa muscle stories average in intelligence but above average in sports and physical activities.

I was your typical popular teenager. It was no secret that I was gender queer. Futa muscle stories I have had my share of boyfriends and girlfriends. Just like anyone else I like to have my breasts sucked and my genitals fondled during sex. I have also loved pegging my mates, straight on and from behind. But what made me different was, the way I am able to do it. For the past 5 years, I have developed my body to be the ultimate fuck. Once you bed me, you bed no other. For 5 years I have been training to be more muscular and to be the best in bed.

I have taken sexual ability to its highest. A Stuttery Beginning When I turned 14 which was the new legal age, I no longer needed to pretend that I was socially awkward for my parents. I brought my dates home and made no effort to be discrete. This brazen disregard for my parents was not unwarranted but just that what love attention they gave me for my first 14 years wasn't much for me to return as respect and gratitude. I can say that I was wealthy, in contrast to saying WE were wealthy because I had a trust in my name worth billions endowed to me by my grandparents who died before I was born.

My parents couldn't touch me. It was a time like this that I bought home a guy from a bar. He was cute, older and smooth with his sweet talk. The female side of me wanted to just sex him up. As we stumbled into my home drunk, his hands were all over me. My penis pushed against the front of my jeans crying for release as he bit on my left nipple. His right hand was under my top pressing my fleshy breast while his left had made his way into my knickers and was fondling my ass. As we entered the living room we fell hard on the carpet. We paused and looked at each other. Then I removed my chemise to expose my body.

I was in decent shape from sports and I had good sized breasts. I unzipped Futa muscle stories jeans and my erect penis pushed against the lacy underwear. The boy from the bar watched while undressing himself. As we both stood completely naked we embraced and kissed furiously. My cock felt good pressing against flesh. He held it and squeezed as I yelped in pleasure.

Then he whispered into my ear, saying how beautiful I was and how he wanted me so badly. As i got turned on more I needed to feel him inside me. I slowly guided us to the lush carpet and turned over. As I laid on my breasts I was ready. He laid on top of me with his pulsing dick between my butt cheeks.

His warmth finally setting me on edge. I lightly raised my butt and invite him in. He guided his cock into my ass. As he entered I came. I spurted out on the carpet below, but was ready for more. He slowly began to form a rhythm and I moaned loud and hard. I was in heaven. He grunted as he felt the tightness, his penis engulfed with flesh giving him exquisite pleasure. He pumped for what seemed like a half hour before I felt his dick enlarge and almost ready to burst.

I perked up to a standing kneel position and tried to tighten my ass around his dick. He grunted loudly and let fly. His penis spewed forth a decent volume and I loved it. He laid back on the carpet and exhaled heavily trying to catch his breath as I turned around to face him.

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My dick not as big as his but still wanting some love, quivered even after the many orgasms that had just happened. But the guy suddenly looked at her surprised as if he was unaware. I was stunned. I pounced on him with eagerness lost in my lust for pleasure but he resisted. He pushed me away and started mouthing off.

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My night wasn't done yet but apparently his was. I tried to wrestle him down again and then I felt a sharp pain on my face. He had fist slapped me hard. As I recovered from the blow I saw him taking his clothes off the floor and heading for the door. I guess this is how guys feel when they get shot down. I turned around and walked towards the nearest bedroom and turned on the lights.

I pondered for a moment the predicament I was in and walked slowly towards the bathroom. I saw my face in the mirror and remembered the details of the night. He seemed nice and his body was hot, muscular and defined. He was a nice fuck but I couldn't have my way with him. Most of my nights ended with me screwing my date.

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But not tonight. This was my first time with someone who resisted. The girls usually just had me fucking them into the night. Most guys before this one usually let me have my way because as I now understand it was their preference. But something about him kept nagging me as I turned on the shower to wash my face and soothe the pain.

He was able to have his way because he was stronger and bigger.

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Futa muscle stories life as I remembered it was quietly and surely centered around my sex life. Since I didn't need to work at all, I just waded from one date to another and from one sexual encounter to another. I didn't need to think about anything else. This was my life and I was happy. As I let the water flow I closed my eyes and imagined myself stronger and bigger. I imagined myself with big arms and a huge chest furiously making a man submit to me.

Then I felt my dick harden. Just a little while ago the slap had quickly turned me off but this new imagined reality was helping me get my mojo back. I held it in my hands and masturbated hard. I felt rock hard even harder than usual. I tugged at my balls and pumped it hard as my mind ran wild. With closed eyes and a suddenly awakened mind I had the most furious orgasm ever in my life.

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Chapter 2 - Decisions After a fitful night's sleep, I awoke feeling oddly refreshed and with a new purpose. I was going to be better. A better fuck. I decided to put effort into that goal. For the first time I was going to work hard for something. With unwavering resolve I examined my house and decided to make room for a gym. I searched online for ideas and suppliers when I came across countless pictures of muscular people.

Futa muscle stories

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Futa Muscle Stories