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By jizzjunkyJanuary 8, in Bareback Short Stories. I am back guys with another of my exploits. First and foremost I am a cum pig no surprise as many of us live to take a load but I have to say I am a bigger pig than a lot of the so called 'cum dumps' out there.

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I have to laugh at those guys on craigslist who say they are up for anonymous pump and dumps but they want to see pictures first. Wanna bees!!! Where's the fun or thrill in that?! When I post a cum dump scene I publish my address for any guy with heartbeat and hard cock.

If you got a load I want it. I will be blindfolded so what does it matter what you look like. Here is one of my favorite exploits. This took place in Florida. I rented a room in a plain motel in town then posted this ad on craigslist:. Anonymous cum dump taking raw lo at the Quality Inn room Age, race, looks does not matter just have a hard cock and a need to breed a tight eager ass. Gay cum dump stories give a decent blow job if my ass is busy.

Door will be unlocked, lights dim and I will be blindfolded. No camping, shoot your load and lube me up for the next guy. I am going for quantity not quality. I am a 32 yr old good looking white guy, 6'2", lbs, so tall, slender guy with dark hair, goatee, moderately hairy with big balls and a 7in cock you can touch but don't make me cum its your load that interests me. Come on over boys and get some relief. This ad is for real, leave the rubber on the ro, taking bb lo starting at 8pm and going all night until check out at 11am. So I douched thoroughly, squirted some lube up my ass, put out the poppers, taped the lock, dimmed the lights, put on my blindfold and waited ass up for my first customer.

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Let me tell you that was thrilling. The wait was torture and my heart was beating hard. As much as I have been fucked, all the orgies and bath houses I have been to still didn't lessen my excitement for this scene. I am getting tremors just writing about it. Time is distorted in situations like this so I am not sure how long I waited but then I heard the door open, a pause, it closed.

I couldn't tell if the guy came in or not. He was completely silent until I heard the belt buckle. Oh fuck here is comes and like that I was getting boned by a complete stranger. Holy shit was that exciting. I like to make sure I let my men know I appreciate the fuck they are throwing into me.

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I squirm and moan and grab their asses to pull them deeper into me. This guys had a big meaty ass and strong hairy thighs that felt like granite pillars. I hope to hell he had a good time because I sure was.

True to my ad he was quick. Shot his load, wiped his dick on the sheet and was gone. I lay there enjoying the warmth and tingle of my freshly fucked ass when customer two showed up. Somehow my blinfold got askew and I caught a glimpse of dark skin. He wasn't quite hard but a few licks took care of that and a moment later he was frothing the load already in me. There is something hot about Gay cum dump stories fucked by a black guy so I was into it.

He was even faster than the guy. Later that night he came back and fucked me again. I thought he felt familiar so I peeked and sure enough is was him. Awesome, I like repeats. The third guy had really hairy legs and the perfect cock for fucking. He was boning me when another guy showed up and this one had a monster cock.

I was a little nervous about taking it on. The guy up my ass pulled off my blindfold after he shot his load then laid back to watch me take on big dick. He fucked me standing up and I nursed the half-hard cock of hairy legs. It was a trial taking on that ten inch cock but I wanted it. He wore a condom which pissed me off but I am there to please not be pleased. While he fucked me he told us I was the first guy he'd ever fucked. Gay cum dump stories was an older guy, probably in his fifties with a decent body and of course that tremendout piece of meat between his legs.

The two conversed over me talking about sex. Hairy legs had a couple college kids he fucked on a regular basis. Apparently both like to have their cocks serviced by queers but did not suck dick or take it up the ass. What do I care. Big dick talked about a man who liked to watch him fuck his young wife. She was addicted to his big dick and the husband told him she'd have him over every night if she could. Eventually they wanted to double fuck me and I was all for that. That was exciting as hell and I can hardly believe I managed it.

I sat on big dick while hairy legs wedged his smaller but still decent sized cock up my already stretched hole. That was an amazing feeling that verged on pain but was rather overwhelming. I couldn't do it for long. I was hoping for another load from hairy legs but he couldn't manage it. Big dick pulled off his condom and shot his load on my face. I managed to get some of it in my mouth. Okay guys that was about half the night. Let me know if you want to hear more.

I have to get off this computer and rub out a load in memory of that fine night. Love the theater I used to live near where I could go behind the screen, and not see a single face. I would get fucked by numerous guys, and such others as well. Never cared what they looked like, just that they had a cock with a load. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. All Activity Home Bareback.

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Gay cum dump stories

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