Gay furry yiff stories

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Front. H entai V erse. Gay Furry picturies with stories Various artists and writers.

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Posted on 15 Mayby: zidanes. Posted on 25 Mayby: PlayPanther. Posted on 01 Juneby: DahSpanker. Some of these have really weird writing, and a couple of mistakes here and there. Though, I could get past that if some of them weren't in such a horrible resolution! Posted on 02 Juneby: belac1. Posted on 03 Juneby: WallowinMuscle. Posted on 03 Juneby: zidanes. WallowinMuscle aside from the dickgirl story, all are gay here.

Posted on 04 Juneby: WallowinMuscle.

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But I didnt mean "straight porn" lol, I meant straight guys, married guys, or d fucking or being fucked ;P. Posted on 05 Juneby: zidanes. WallowinMuscle: oh, that.

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Posted on 15 Augustby: tiamat Posted on 16 Augustby: Aguion Nice gallery, but why do you have the picture on here? The next one is literally the same pic and scene, but the scene is better written, if the better version is here there's no reason for the "beta" to be as well, at least in this case. Posted on 18 Septemberby: Rikika Hey, how come my reposts are on here while of my two rewrites and single original aren't.

Posted on 18 Septemberby: HornySockPuppet. Posted on 25 Octoberby: StrangeWolfe. The artworks are great, but the writing and the tons of mistakes are horrendous in some stories. I mean we all make mistakes, but do these authors even know about things like spell checking and autocorrect? Plus, you can always google a word if you don't know how it's spelled correctly.

I'm not a grammar nazi, I'm really not. I'd just like to read my porn stories without having to guess what some words mean.

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Posted on 14 Decemberby: stealthg. Posted on 31 Januaryby: WeretigerJuice. Posted on 22 Aprilby: Rikika I can find part 1 and 3 of my Sly series but I cant find part two. Posted on 06 Mayby: JackMeoff Some of them are to small to read, or become blurred when I zoom in.

Posted on 17 Juneby: SSSdriver. All these are great, but it's so hard to read some of these because of the tiny fonts Posted on 17 Juneby: Rikika For those who have problem reading, use the download original button, it helps most of the time. Posted on 18 Juneby: smokingpenguin.

Sixty Minute Man Posted on 19 Juneby: Gay furry yiff stories. Coming to this site may have been a mistake. Posted on 20 Juneby: glantern Posted on 21 Julyby: elyswer. I'm glad you're all enjoying some of my writing that is showcased here. Posted on 23 Julyby: eqalidan. Posted on 21 Octoberby: Genoshia. I like how positive so many of these are. Even the ones featuring rape, degredation, etc. They all end up feeling like everyone involved is really into it, and gets off on all of it. Unlike the works of some artists-who shall not be named-who have characters suffering mental breaks from all the bullshit the characters' own fetishes supposedly are putting them through.

Posted on 17 Februaryby: ThePlug. Posted on 19 Aprilby: Arcjiu.

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I would have loved if that latest Lion Dad caption actually did end in vore. If only to see something new from these. Posted on 09 Septemberby: KageTokoyami. Posted on 20 Juneby: elyswer. You have to register before you can add comments. Front Terms of Service Advertise.

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Gay furry yiff stories

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