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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the Gay sleepover sex stories icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Mark was on the phone when he answered the door and motioned me up to his room. I walked up the spiral staircase up to his smaller bedroom on the left side. I walked in the open room and saw Sam and Bobby sitting, one watching T. I was over and Mark's to have a sleep over, and probably drink or something in his basement when his parents were sleeping.

Mark walked upstairs now off the phone and told us that we were drinking later. This was the end of our senior year, we were all eighteen and have been having these sleepovers since we were like thirteen. We weren't going to meet them at the park until about one or two in the morning. It was only like nine now. We sat up in his room for about an hour doing nothing really. We played video games, watched T. The porn got pretty good once we found a DVD to put in.

We sat on his bed and with a couple chairs from his kitchen and watched in a trance at the hardcore porn star themed movie. We were all teenage guys so we were comfortable, putting our hand down our pants anywhere, anytime. As you could have guessed we all did. Looking around the room, anyone could notice a larger bulge poking through their jeans where their hands were not touching. Bobby, was a hilarious kid with somewhat curly hair, he got a decent amount of girls. Then Sam had short black hair, also funny, but sometimes a douche bag.

Mark was a true player. He got almost any girl he wanted. Everywhere he went he could have had someone. He had shaggy brown hair and was a gymnast. We were all in good shape and above average in looks. Shortly after that died downMark said, " Yea right, that's like We looked at each other with weird, confused looks, until about a minute later when he cummed. It fell a little short, but got all the way up to his chin level the fell down on to his pants. Yea you were right," I said. And with that we all knew that we would do it. We all took off our pants and pulled our penises through the hole in our boxers.

None of us were holding back any more. We all had hard-ons. My dick was about 6 inches and so was Sam's. Bobby's was like Gay sleepover sex stories inches and Mark's was a massive eight inches. We moved the chairs out of the way and all sat on the ground in circle. Mark was to my right, Bobby to his, then Sam, and back to me. We looked at each other knowing that no one was going to, nor wanted to back out now.

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Mark's dick felt so different, being two inches longer and wider as well. Sam's hand was smaller compared to mine so it made my dick feel bigger. This wasn't that awkward after about twenty seconds. Everyone exchanged moans every now and then. I started to rub Mark's balls which was sending him over the edge, in fact, we were all getting sent over. I closed my eyes to take in the sensation and when I opened them Mark was sucking off Bobby. We all said before how this wasn't really gay either. But, what can I say, we were eighteen and just curious.

I was very curious. I decided to go down on Mark too, and soon enough we were all blowing each other. Mark was the first to come. I felt the first shot go in my mouth, so I pulled away and the others hit me in the face. I took my head off it, and told Sam that I was going to cum, thinking that he would pull away, and let it hit the floor.

My first shot went into his mouth, and the next ones did too.

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I couldn't believe it, he got all the jizz in his mouth and swallowed it all. Bobby and Mark both took their mouths off and used a couple more jerks each and they got it on their shirts and faces and necks. We all loved it. I didn't know that at first, because no one said anything for a few seconds, then everyone with cum on their wiped it off and licked their palms clean.

Mark came back in and threw a new DVD in. It was a gay porno.

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My boxers were off seconds later. Everyone else did the same, it wasn't a shy locker room aura any more. We watched opening credits and clothed scenes, holding our own half-limp cocks in our hands. I never found a guy hot before, but Mark was so good looking, with a perfect body and face, and large dick too! The movie started to go good and some hardcore ass-fucking was going on.

I put my hand on Mark's thigh and moved it up and down a few times, then I moved it to his back and grabbed the top of his ass. Sam and Bobby started to rub each other's crotch reason, then they found and open floor spot and jumped into a 69 position and were sucking each other's dicks again.

That left just me and him. He brought me up to the bed and sat me against the wall, with me sitting on a couple of pillows. He kneeled at the edge of the bed, and bobbed his head up and Gay sleepover sex stories, rhythmically sucking me away.

He took my balls in his mouth and rolled them around with his tongue. He worked his way down more and licked my asshole. He started circling his tongue around rimming me. He brought his tongue back up and sucked me some more while fingering the fuck out of my ass. He was up to two fingers, when I told them that any more would hurt. I came so hard, harder than I did last time. He kept all of it in his mouth, and got up to where Bobby and Sam just came in each other's mouth. He opened up Bobby's mouth and dropped all my cum inside of it.

Bobby mixed it around and locked mouths with Sam who swallowed all of it. Mark was the only one who hadn't cummed twice. He was going crazy and we all opened our mouths up and he just started to shoot some at everyone's face. We all laid down and fell asleep for a few minutes, until we heard his mom come home, and go upstairs straight to bed.

In about an hour we were going to meet the girls and get hammered, so we freshened up. We all got in the shower downstairs together, and started to soap up. Our bodies rubbing against each other was so hot! I grabbed Sam's ass and he turned and whispered into my ear, " Do it. I pulled his ass cheeks apart and eased my way in. Bobby and Mark were grabbing each other and didn't know that we were ass fucking. I started to pump in and out for a minute until he told me to pull out and not cum in his ass. I pulled out when I was about to jizz and covered his chest in it when he knelt down.

That was the most that happened in that shower. We got out and finished cleaning, putting on cologne, and dressing. We grabbed the handles and snuck out his back door and began our walk down the street to the park. To Be Continued Stayed overnight at a friend's who I thought was straight.

He noticed my bulging morning erection and asked me if I was embarrassed to walk around home in front of my sisters with my morning hard-on. I told him they're used to seeing it. He asked if he could touch it.

Next thing I knew, he took the head into his mouth and sucked me off so well. Log In Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now! Gay sleepover sex stories all models online at LitWebcams. Swipe to see who's online now! A Different Kind of Sleepover. Story Info. Share this Story. Font Size Default Font Size. Default Font Spacing.

Gay sleepover sex stories

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