Gay truckstop stories

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Wendy lived with her husband in a middle class neighborhood. It was a comfortable neighborhood with a convenience store within walking distance. There was a retail strip nearby with hair salon, a barber shop, parts store, and a book store with an arcade. Also there was a truck stop next to the neighborhood across a wooded area. On this sun shiny day Wendy w Scott and Terry became frequent visitors to my apartment.

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They often came together and on occasion alone. They sounded like they were a bit drunk. I sat up in bed as they walked into my bedroom and started unfast I was online and horny as usual.

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Tonight I had posted a message on a gay cruising. My profile indicates that I am a bottom and that I love to suck cock. My profile pictures there of me in action reinforce that fact along with a couple of testimonials from men who I This is more of an essay, or perhaps an autobiography, rather than a story. Although much of what I have to say is based on my life experiences, the first lesson I have to share is to "Be yourself" and don't try to live your life to anyone else's expectations.

I was born in and raised in a small, rural community in upstate New York. Now, in those days i During the summer of '82 I just turned 20 and lived right by the toll-way truck stop in a suburb of Chicago. I would Gay truckstop stories the truck stop restrooms and the drivers in their trucks on a fairly regular basis in the evenings when I was horny and in need of some cock. One warm summer evening I dressed in a pair of red flimsy running shorts, the kind that had I had been out on the road for about two weeks driving an wheeler cross country.

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I was at a truck stop outside of Tampa pretty much minding my own business. I got fuel for the truck, took a shower and something to eat. I screwed around in the arcade playing video games for awhile just to kill time until I had to call in. I called my dispatcher from a I was ready to get on the interstate on a haul of freight to Dallas from Richmond and I had plenty of time, it didn't have to be there for 3 days, so I could take my time. I knew some of the best truck stops for fun in Tennessee, so I was looking forward to a great trip.

As I pulled onto the ramp to the highway I saw a young white boy with his thumb out, I After saying our goodbyes in the predawn light, it was time Gay truckstop stories head off on our road trip. Josh had gotten a call at about 1 am from his workplace - they were called to help the US Forest service as they were mobilizing a large group of firefighters with some big fires that were burning in the Sequoia National forest and their logistical support guys needed h This story is a work of fiction.

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All characters are over Please enjoy. This story is one in which I use an event that occurred in that tale. My name's Rudy. Rudolpho actually. Rudolpho Anthony Teagan. What in the fuck were my parents taking? After all, our lineage stretches back to the Irish; and really?

I'm at a total loss on that one. But that's not the story you want to hear. Let's begin.

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I ended up living in Los Angeles due to my indulgence in a lustful undertaking. A good budd SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Gay Truck Stop Stories 15. Sort by: Best match Most recent. On Off.

Gay truckstop stories

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