Giantess unaware vagina crush stories

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Mark Johnston studied the photograph on his desk wondering how the woman in the photo would react to his strange request. Although he had dated many women, Jennifer was different. He felt a connection to her that his analytical mind could simply not comprehend and he had given up trying. Jennifer Demott was an attractive young woman. Thick, shoulder length dark brown, almost black, hair framed her heart shaped face perfectly.

She had high cheekbones, a thin nose and full red lips which stood out against her soft complexion. Mark had fallen for the tall, shapely, brunette the first time he saw her. Luckily, she had feelings for him as well Giantess unaware vagina crush stories their relationship had grown steadily over the past 8 months. Mark was a research chemist for Western Pharmaceuticals.

Even though his nature was to be introspective and shy, Mark had shared more of himself with Jennifer than he had ever done before. Jennifer had a way of making him feel at ease, even with his most intimate secrets. Still, he had never spoken to her about his giantess fantasy and wondered how she would accept it.

Partly it was his own uneasiness. He had never really felt comfortable with it himself, thinking it was too strange or kinky. Nervousness aside, this was his chance to act out his fantasy with the woman he loved and he had to take the chance. When Jennifer arrived at her apartment, Mark was already there waiting. They had exchanged keys about 2 months earlier, so it wasn't unusual for him to be at her apartment but rarely was he there before her. She could see by the look on his face that something was up.

She dropped her purse and sat down beside him. Jennifer was starting to worry, she told herself that things had been going too good between her and Mark.

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And I trust you which is why I am sharing this with you now. Mark began sharing his fantasy with Jennifer leaving out no detail.

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The part about being caught in the giantess' panties, even the part about being swallowed alive. When Mark had finished, he looked Jennifer in the eye. Jennifer sat silently for a moment, taking it all in. It seems odd to me that being swallowed whole would somehow be a sexual turn on but what the hell. Have you ever fantasized about me? About me swallowing you? Mark blushed and looked at her rather sheepishly.

The other reason is that You remember me telling you that the lab was working on a cream to reduce wrinkles? Well, quite by accident I created a chemical compound that can cause a person to shrink and I was hoping that you would help me fulfill the fantasy that I have had my entire life.

Jennifer looked shocked. I've thought it all through. I estimate the potion will shrink me to somewhere between one and a half to three inches tall. That's big enough to avoid being hurt. Believe me, I don't wanna die.

I thought you could keep me as your prisoner for a couple of days and on the second day you swallow me. You can leave me inside you for two or three minutes, long enough for me to get a feel for being trapped inside your stomach, then you can vomit me back up. What if I accidentally crush you or you get hurt on the way down; or up. I don't know if I could live with myself knowing I had been an active participant.

Mark took Jennifer's hand. As long as we are careful Giantess unaware vagina crush stories thing will be fine. If it starts getting out of hand or becomes too uncomfortable, I'll tell you and you can administer the antidote. Jennifer looked at Mark with those haunting deep green eyes, that seemed to penetrate to his very soul.

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I think you're totally crazy but I will do it, this ONE time because I can see it is so important to you. Mark smiled "Thanks darling for doing this for me. Of course you might find that you will enjoy it too. Jennifer frowned, "I'll enjoy it most when we're through and you are back to your normal size. So when do you want to do this fantasy of yours?

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Today is Thursday. I already arranged to have tomorrow off from work. I thought I could take the formula tonight. That will give me time to get adjusted to being small. Then you can take me with you tomorrow to work and on Saturday we can finish up. That way we'll have Sunday to recuperate. And I am supposed to be this giantess that keeps you trapped in her underwear and kind of uses you as a plaything then eats you when she's finished.

Jennifer thought a moment. I guess what I'm saying is that we need some kind of word or message so that I will know whether you are playing or you want me to quit. Mark hadn't thought of that. But Jenn had a good point. Jennifer smiled. My dream is that you will actually get into this and do it again sometime.

Just try to have fun with this. You know, let out that playful mischievous part of you that I love so much. Well my darling I guess I'm ready to start if you are. Jennifer reluctantly nodded her head. After going over the procedure with Jennifer he took an eye dropper full of the shrink potion and squirted several drops into his mouth. At first Giantess unaware vagina crush stories felt nothing.

Then a wave of nausea hit him. It felt like the room was spinning; his vision blurred. Then darkness. He felt cold. Whatever he was laying on was cold and hard. Then he heard her voice from high above. Your clothes weren't shrinking so I pulled you from them and sat you on the bathroom vanity. Huge red lips smiled, "I'm just glad you are all right. You were unconscious for several minutes and I was starting to worry. You had better behave or I might just have you as an appetizer. Jennifer slipped Mark into the lacy upper cup of her bra and buttoned her blouse.

Her warm scent surrounded Mark and he breathed it in feeling himself becoming aroused at the thought of her. Jennifer's breasts were large, but not overly so and they swayed and wiggled as she moved. Mark remembered noticing that about her when they first met. She had a very slinky, sensual walk that somehow engaged her entire body. It wasn't deliberate or practiced, it was simply the way she moved.

He had begun sliding further down her breast until he was against her nipple.

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She must have felt him there because it began to become firm and erect. The sensation of Mark rubbing against her nipple was delicious and Jennifer felt herself becoming aroused. She was beginning to think maybe this fantasy would be more pleasant for her than she had originally thought. She sat her dinner of salad and grilled chicken on the table, lit the lone candle in the table's center and poured herself a glass of Chablis.

Giantess unaware vagina crush stories

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