Girl scout sex story

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Tue 8th of January Report. Introduction: 's - Italian city school girl goes out to deliver her scout cookies but finds trouble in a changing neighborhood. After school Lisa walked quickly down the old city sidewalks. Everything was so familiar even the cracks and missing pieces of sidewalk where she had ridden her bicycle so many times in many summers past.

The old Oaks had pushed the sidewalk sections up at odd angles forming a little obstacle course. Lisa Girl scout sex story thinking how they would weave their way on their bikes. Crossing 42nd she remembered the summer days playing wiffle ball on the corner, then running to the corner store for a Pepsi and a pretzl stick. Back to the present, Lisa looked to see Mrs. Viconti waving from her porch.

Lisa raced up old brick bungalow steps. Inside she was greeted by Buster. Still spry but starting to show his age Lisa ran with him to the back door to let him out. She went out in the yard with him to make sure the gate was secure and headed back in, she knew he was disappointed but she had to get ready, no time to play ball. Upstairs she bounded to her bedroom. Looking in the mirror she was embarrassed.

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Still trim she was filling in. She cupped her breasts, they seemed to be getting so big. She hoped they would not become too large. It seemed like only yesterday……. Her scout uniform was laid out neatly. The white blouse, plaid dress and green vest. She changed her bra and white panties.

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Many of the girls wore some stretch undergarment but she liked only her panties. Carefully she dressed finally putting on the sash with all her patches. She brushed out and tied her medium length hair into a flowing pony tail. The deep rich color of her brown hair and her olive skin highlighted her Italian heritage. Finally Lisa looked in the mirror one last time. She felt embarrassed but she could see she was becoming a very attractive young lady. No longer the short pudgy tom girl, yet she shied away from the attention of the boys. She liked them but Girl scout sex story was so busy with scouting, sports and volunteering.

Going downstairs she brought Buster in and got her bags of cookies ready to take out. Her mom had told her to wait for her to come home and not go to far from her home. The neighborhood was changing she warned her. She would be careful but this was her neighborhood. Lisa wanted to get a head start on her deliveries. If she got out early she might scrounge up more orders. First up was Mrs. V, always a good customer. Lisa, you look more beautiful then ever.

Thank You. I have your order here. Thanks my dear. Lisa waved as she hustled down the steps What a sweetie thought Mrs. Five Girl scout sex story stops. She had one more stop, out of the way so she decided to take a little short cut so she could get home and get on her homework. She walked down the alley. In grade school she had a friend who lived on that block but she had moved away. Daydreaming she remember they used to play soldiers, hiding up and down the alley. Startled Lisa looked up to see three older black men in the alley in front of a garage.

Lisa tried to move forward but they blocked her way. Lisa looked back and saw there were four men behind her, smiling, blocking the alley, closing in on her. Where u going sweetie? Excuse me, I have to go now. Not so fast. Dropping her bags Lisa made a run for it. She thought she could get by these old guys.

Almost by the men she screamed as she was grabbed and jerked back by her pony tail. Her screams were cut off by a rough hand and two men pulled her into the garage. As the door closed behind her she was let go. Looking around, the garage was dirty and dark and she was surrounded by the seven men.

She tried to run but was pushed back. Why do yu want to leav sweetie. Lets have some fun. Lisa began to cry. Please Every direction she tried to run she was blocked, The men closed in. Lisa could feel their bodies up against her. She could smell them.

Cigarette smoke, booze. Hands were over her body. Stroking grabbing, touching, feeling, prodding. Coarse dirty hands squeezed her breast, her butt was stroked and squeezed. Lisa felt her blazer ripped open then the buttons on her blouse. Dats nice. Rough hands foddled her breasts, pinched her nipples, squeezed and prodded.

Fred, dis be some sweet young shit, dats fo sho. Cute little Dago Bitch.

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Y, dem talians supposd to be really Hot. Fred the older grizzled man with a beard kissed her. Lisa could only cry. I iz gonna be da first here. Lets swap sum spit. He kissed her hard and then drooled into her mouth. Give me sum tongue Bitch. Lisa struggled but the strong hands held her. Fred kissed her hard letting his saliva drip into her mouth.

He held her mouth open and drooled and then kissed her pushing his tongue inside her mouth. Lisa could hear the laughter and jokes. She tried to pull away but was held by the rough coarse hands of the men. Come on and get it, little White Sweetie. Lisa was crying and trembling. How did this happen. What can she do? Come on honey, open my pants and suck some of this black cock. Lisa started to lose it. Please no. Not that. Yu herd da man, get to it. Tears were streaming down her face.

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Pull that cock out girl. She pulled his shorts down to see his already hard dick. The men were laughing and taunting her. Oh I have never please. It smelled so she felt faint.

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His whole crotch reeked. I have to I have to thought Lisa. She held his dick and put it clumsily in her mouth.

Girl scout sex story

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