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Android 18 was strapping her boots on as she Girl wedgie story fiction for the upcoming fight. The rules to win were simple: knock out or ring out. She personally had no interest in the tournament itself, but she did want the cash prize offered to the winner of the tournament. She found it humorous that people liked her character and wanted to fight. I still need two partners, she realized. Without any support or assists, she would have a lot of trouble on her own. Now, who do I pick? A knock could be heard from her door, startling her. In walked Bulma and Chi-Chi.

She was wearing her hair in a ponytail rather than her usual bun. Bulma, on the other hand, was wearing her usual clothing: a white t-shirt, a red bandana, pale blue jeans, and cowgirl boots. Why not? Chi-Chi snickered, but froze when she heard Bulma yell. She then looked back to Bulma grumbled as she stuffed her underwear back into her jeans, although the fabric still peeked out a bit.

She observed the color and pattern, making her laugh. What, did Krillin buy them for you? She had no idea how or why, but wedgies were the one thing that made her feel completely powerless. Her posterior had completely lost its breathing room, now having become almost inseparable from the ever tightening fabric. Bulma froze, realizing the pettiness of her Girl wedgie story fiction actions. Her fingers immediately released themselves from 18's waistband.

I need that money. Once more, her cold fingers found themselves a new victim and this one was no more willing than the last. With great delight, 18 watched jovially as the fabric crawled past her scalp. Her neck strained back, forcing her to stare at the ceiling. She and Bulma exited the room, unintentionally leaving Chi-Chi behind. She dragged Chi-Chi out of the room and brought her onto the tournament stage. The crowd burst into cheers upon seeing the atomic-wedgied Chi-Chi. She sensed Goku in his base form staring at her, blushing the entire time. Why does life hate me? Golden energy formed around her hands before she unleashed the stream below her.

Goku took it head-on and was unable to block it. Bulma nodded and pointed her ray gun at Goku, shooting a red energy beam that struck the Saiyan directly on the forehead. While he flew into the air, she gripped his leg with both arms and slammed him face first into the concrete. Gohan appeared behind Videl and charged at The two clashed fists until 18 jumped out of the way. Chi-Chi dusted herself off before facing Chi-Chi turned to face Gohan, who was staring nervously.

Chi-Chi threw a kick that landed in his stomach. Gohan grunted, backing away. She then launched a punch to his cheek that sent him off the stage.

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Gohan picked himself up and dusted himself off. I guess you win. Videl sighed and assumed her fighting position. She charged at Chi-Chi, who blocked her strike. Chi-Chi then tripped Videl, sending her flying on her face. Her eyes widened in surprise upon seeing what she did. Chi-Chi contemplated her options. While she enjoyed the prospect of more Girl wedgie story fiction to keep herself stable, she could not stand the idea of humiliating Videl like that. She Girl wedgie story fiction out a sigh as she made her decision. Videl cleaned the dirt off her face as she picked herself up off the ground.

She quickly raced out of the area, hoping 18 would not follow her. If not for her power being sealed for this game and her own laziness, she would have done the job herself. Instead, she angrily tapped Chi-Chi on the shoulder. She dragged Chi-Chi, kicked and screamed in protest, back to the room as Bulma carefully followed them. Once they were back in the room, 18 released Chi-Chi, prompting the latter to once again attempt to stuff the fabric back into her pants.

In the meantime, 18 went out for a little bit and returned munching on a hot, buttery pretzel she had purchased. Her eyes became focused on Bulma. She zoomed past Chi-Chi and gripped the back of her waistband. She gave a quick yank, but received a lack of a response due to Chi-Chi biting her lip. Unlike before, 18 found very little satisfaction from this prank.

What, you enjoy this stuff? There, Chi-Chi dangled with a depressed look on her face. The android dodged the attack, letting the and sidestepped Bulma as the latter charged at her. She felt her underwear being yanked up her back and yet 18 was not even touching her. Bulma felt her spine and shuddered when she realized what 18 was talking about. The legholes of her underwear had been stretched to a ridiculous degree. Bulma walked over, struggling to undo her wedgie. She eventually succeeded, leaving her stretched-out undergarments to droop against her jeans.

Bulma and Chi-Chi nodded quickly as they followed her out into the ring. There, they noticed their trio of opponents: Android 17, Android 21, and Goku Black. She knew that Black had murdered her and Bulma in another timeline, and the thought of him doing it again terrified the both of them. Android 17 tucked on his gloves and assumed his fighting position.

Their fists clashed before 18 gained the advantage. She grabbed 17 by the arm and slammed him into the ground.

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Her boot crashed into his back before she kicked him off the stage. Android 21 swapped out for him and clashed fists with The blonde android crossed her arms together, blocking the attack. Black shrugged. Black ignored him and yanked his underwear. He smiled as his underwear was wrenched even higher. The android froze in terror as she felt her waistband being pulled up her back. In the corner of her eye she noticed Zamasu yanking her duck panties up to her neck.

Zamasu wrenched her underwear once more, making her jump to her feet. Zamasu smirked as he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. The fabric crawled past her scalp before blanketing her vision with smiling ducks. The smell was absolutely abborhant as the waistband was hooked onto her nose, making the android roar. She could Bulma and Chi-Chi burst into laughter, making her yell even more. Zamasu froze, unable to react to the pain other than to collapse.

Black smiled, lifting her into the air via his scythe. For Bulma, she found it particularly hilarious because the only company that sold undergarments that resilient was her own.

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She could only figure that 18 bought the pair on her own or Krillin had done so for her. She could not blame either for doing so. Her company had bought out the competition, making her brand the only viable option. It is truly something to be proud of.

The laser shot Black in the forehead, making him drop 18 and causing his scythe to dissipate. The doppelganger crashed into the nearby patch of grass, eliminating him. He grumbled as he dusted himself off walking away from Zamasu. Even then, her waistband was still exposed to the cheering and gushing audience. By this point, pictures and videos of her getting an atomic wedgie and a melvin wedgie were already trending on the internet. Now I know how Chi-Chi feels, 18 realized in embarrassment as she waddled off the stage, the pain making her have trouble walking.

Along the way, she pulled the fabric off her head and tucked the material back into her skirt. It just happens. She scooped up her Girl wedgie story fiction Pole from the ground. The trio followed each other into the ring, but froze when they saw their final opponent. Their manacial opponent cackled as he assumed a fighting position. The Legendary Super Saiyan laughed at her. His left eye began twitching as his body twisted and contorted. Chi-Chi held onto her brave face, hoping Broly would not pound her into the ground. She sent him back a few steps via a roundhouse kick to the gut.

Broly chuckled as he gathered his footing. He rushed behind her and smashed his fists against her back, making her crumple to the ground. His eyes caught onto her exposed waistband, making him cackle. Oh no, 18 realized in terror as she felt Broly grip her waistband and hoist her effortlessly into the air. Broly snickered and lifted 18 into the air even higher, bouncing her up and down like a paddle ball.

Girl wedgie story fiction

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