Girls squirting stories

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My wife has been very kinky recently I like it very nasty and im trying to fist her one day My biggest fantasy is having a 3some with her I want to share her secretky. I would like her to have a lesbian experience too. I fantasy her getting eaten by another girl especially her little sister and then squirt in her face. I want her to taste a pussy. Roommates new girlfriend decided to mess with me. But never mess with the smartest person. I timed it. Fed their dogs a bunch of chili.

They had loose stools last night in the young pieces bed. She took them in the bath. Poop on the new bath mat. Plus it smelled horrible. The other day she was upset a dog ate one of her shoes. Oh it was funny when they ate my shoes. How did her shoe get out.

Just put a few dog treats on the shoe. Tie a chew toy to the laces. Let it go. Now she has one new LaBron. One who looks Girls squirting stories like old LaBron.

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What a shame. Oh yeah. New hoe likes to throw objects against my door to make her dogs thrash around out there. She knows it must annoy me. I wear earmuffs when I sleep. Barely notice. But I do wait till it all calms down. The place is quite. I blow a dog whistle. I hear young hoes room explode in noise. Cats stirred up. Light comes on.

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Door opens. Dogs run out. Chase cats. Broke glass. Leftovers in the floor. I fall back asleep. Sometimes I do it later at night or earlier in the morning. Another fun game. They used to leave leftovers out at night. Then get up to snack. I now sneak out. Loosen the lid of covering. Smear on some cat treat they love. Carefully set a cat by the food. Knock a whole pan in the floor. Mostly they now put the fresh leftovers in the fridge now. Too funny. My fuck buddy squirted in my truck. I am married and found a friend to meet and enjoy naked time together with.

We never went to a motel, we always found places outside to have our fun in. One time, we were in the back of my SUV going at it when she started squirting like crazy as she is moaning in Girls squirting stories. This went on for quite a while. This was the one and only time I have been with a girl that squirted. I was so turned on, I kept banging away long after I had cum.

I'm a girl in high school, and I have this weird thing about masturbating in random and unusual places. I get a thrill out of coming to an orgasm in places no one would expect. The first instance of this I can remember is when I was on a spring break trip with some band mates.

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This trip was school sponsored, so we were on yellow school buses. There weren't very many kids on my bus, I sat toward the back where no one else was. I find myself getting horny and I just sort of reach under my skirt and pull down my panties just enough for me to get off.

I don't think anyone saw me. I eventually orgasmed and squirted a little on the floor. I didn't bother cleaning up. I've masturbated in a few other places: -at a state park, where no one could see me -on a park bench in the middle of the night -on a playground in the middle of the night -at a public pool. I sat in the corner of the pool and did my thing. I literally climbed a tree at the park down the street. I squirted a little and it feel to the ground. This is the most daring of my attempts: during a school assembly, my entire class sat in the auditorium, and I was in the very back where no one could see me.

I used a fat sharpee marker as a dildo and squirted on the my seat. I don't think anyone Girls squirting stories.

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I'm pretty sure I'll get in trouble for doing this eventually, but I don't wanna stop. I'm planning on going up to my high school on a Saturday to masturbate outside, right by the tennis courts, one of the most high traffic areas on campus during school days. I'm 18 now, this is a story from when I was I was a freshman in high school and had made the cheer team. A couple older cheerleaders, a junior and a senior at the time, had told me and two other freshman that there was a certain initiation for new cheerleaders.

I should have questioned it, but I was a dumb blonde freshman and the senior was captain, so I took their word for it. They never said what the initiation was, just that we had to meet them in the cheer locker room after practice one day. All three of us showed we were the only freshman cheerleadersand the junior and Girls squirting stories were there as well. They told us that we didn't have to do the initiation to be part of the squad, but we would never be invited to team lunches and other outside activities if we didn't do it.

We three agreed. They began to explain to us what we had to do. We were to strip naked, run to the pool which was down the hall from our locker room and make ourselves squirt in the pool, then run back and get dressed. They said it was a test of bravery, a valuable skill for cheerleaders, but none of us fresman bought into it at first. But our captain and junior captain reminded us how we'd be ostisiced if we didn't. I went into crisis mode, because I really wanted to be in the inner ring with the cool older cheerleaders, but oh so many things could go wrong.

The public nudity, the intentional contaminating of the school's pool which was grounds for a fine and suspensionand the big thing was I was not comfortable with was masturbating in front of others. Up to this time, I had only masturbated a few times, and I only ever did when I was home alone, which wasn't often. I didn't even know what a "squirt" was at the time, and I was too embarrassed to ask the older girls, Girls squirting stories I asked my fellow freshmen, who explained the concept.

I had no idea what to do, but I didn't have time to make a thoroughly thought out because the older girls told us we had thirty minutes to strip, run, squirt, and come back. I decided I'd do it, because while I was terrified, I also kinda wanted to do it. I had stripped naked in the locker room before, so that part wasn't a big deal.

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Once all three of us were stark naked, the senior went to the pool while the junior stayed. She had her phone out to use as a timer. She asked us if we were ready. None of us said yes, or no. We just sort of stood there. It was freezing in that locker room to the point where my nipples were hard and pointy I remember that so because I was really embarrassed about it for some reasonbut I felt a sweat breaking on my forehead.

The junior shrugged and tapped her phone and said "go". We slowly went to the door and Girls squirting stories out, making sure none of our skin touched someone else's. The hallway was empty; it was almost six pm. There would be no one in the pool room besides our captain and junior captain, though there were windows looking out at a seldom used parking lot.

Once I decided to go for it, I stepped out into the hall. I checked, and there were no security cameras around, probably because they weren't allowed by locker rooms. I ran down Girls squirting stories hallway. It felt really awkward to run while naked. My feet slapped on the stone floor, my semi-mature breasts bouncing with my strides.

I reached the pool and entered. The other two freshman had yet to follow. In the pool room, the junior captain said it would be best to straddle a corner of the pool to insure my squirt would not miss the pool. I was not even close to having the courage to even put my hand near my girlhood at the moment, though.

Soon the other two girls arrived. Our junior captain told us that we needed to hurry. She even ave us advice on how to squirt, which was really weird, though kind of her, I guess. She didn't take off any clothes, she just kneeled down with her back to the pool.

She told us to try leaning back and putting our butts over the water.

Girls squirting stories

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