Harpy transformation story

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Rating PG. Minimum Score No minimum 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Direction Ascending Descending. Clear Filters Set Filters. Cracking her Shell Re-launched with extended TF sequence by roryrouses.

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Rated X. Published: Sep 24th, Last Updated: Sep 29th, Tags: tailsex 0 succubus 0 egg laying 0 humiliation 0 bird transformation 0 magic 0 romance 0 lesbian 0 magical transformation 0 harpy 0 pheromones 0 demoness 0 anthro transformation 0 semi-consensual 0. After transforming into a harpy for the sake of her clan, Haku gets some egg-laying help from her beloved succubus mentor.

This is a re-launch! I decided to add an extended transformation scene at the beginning. Published: Jul 11th, Tags: horse penis 0 oviposition 0 role reversal 0 harpy 0 avian 0 blowjob 0 oral sex 0 ai dungeon 0 intercourse 0 body swap 0 dildo 0 mental changes 0. You are a man with a harpy girlfriend, who is always craving your thick horsecock in her mouth. But one day, your roles are reversed! This weird smut was made in AI Dungeon.

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Inconsistencies are common, since the AI doesn't have the best memory. Ai Dungeon Harpy TF by liloz. Published: Jun 22nd, Last Updated: Jun 22nd, Tags: oviposition 0 2nd person 0 mental changes 0 avian 0 gender change 0 blowjob 0 intercourse 0 pheromones 0 harpy 0 ai dungeon 0.

My weird smut made with AI Dungeon. There might be some grammar mistakes, AI dungeon isn't perfect. Pisces by lycandope. Published: Jun 1st, Tags: macaw 0 transformation 0 harpy 0 talons 0 magic 0. A shy young woman stumbles into a magical store where she buys an anklet that increases her self-confidence but it comes Harpy transformation story hidden side effects that soon become very physical The Abduction of Shirley Mitchell by crunchynachoes.

Rated R. Published: Sep 14th, Last Updated: Sep 15th, Tags: alien 2 harpy 2 oviposition 2. This is another fan request. Woman to Harpy with some oviposition.

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Feel free to leave likes, comments, and suggestions! Published: Apr 26th, Last Updated: Apr 27th, Tags: transgender 2 cow 2 mtf 2 unwilling 0 anthro 0 minotaur 0 slug 0 rape 0 intercourse 0 abduction 0 nonconsensual 0 male 0 harpy 0. Four friends camping in the desert have a close encounter of the strange kind. Their abductors have some very interesting modifications to make to the unsuspecting humans Man to anthro cowgirl, man to anthro slug-girl A transformation tale based upon the Mythic Worlds universe created by the very talented Naga of nagasden.

WIP Menace in the Mountains by shadowmystery. Last Updated: Feb 26th, Tags: mental shift 0 femdom 0 lust 0 nonconsensual 0 forced transformation 0 female 0 monster girl 0 bird 0 harpy 0. A demon terrorizes a valley and a warrior tries to stop her but fails despite her bravery.

Harpy transformation story

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Harpy Transformation