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It had started out as it usually does; Harry kissing up your neck and sucking dark spots on your soft skin. He loved waking up next to you, the sunlight from the large bedroom windows illuminating the purple bruises that had his name written all over them. You jerk him up by the hair, Harry letting out the most guttural groan from deep in his throat. You drag your nails down his chest, over the waistband of his boxers, pulling them away from his skin and letting them slap back against his hips.

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Harry hisses, rolling off of you only to haphazardly tug the material off his legs, before climbing right back on top of you. You bring his neck down with your hands, pressing your lips to his and tangling tongues together. His hand creeps down to your pussy, swiping it through your wetness. Gripping his cock and pumping it slowly, he runs the tip over your folds, starting at your sensitive button and ending all the way at the little hole he loves so much. You pant, throwing your head back at the feeling and fisting the sheets.

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He slows his pace down ever so slightly, hitting you so deep in your tummy that he can see the outline of his cock under your skin. Your hand flies to his, pressing it down harder against your navel. Like the feeling of me fucking my cock in your tummy? He lets go from his hold, letting you fist his shoulders, forcing little crescent-shaped nail marks into the skin. Harry drops his head onto your shoulder, languidly sucking at the skin; a that he was almost at his high as well. Your breath labored, forcing your eyes shut and arching your hips into his, feeling the hair on his pubic bone scratch against your skin.

He pressed his nose into your neck, his curls sweaty and stuck to his forehead as he rides you out of your high before reaching Harry styles sex stories own. He pulls out of you, briefly admiring your drippy hole, before shooting his load onto your tummy in hot, white spurts. You feel your stomach flutter at the sight of his head rolled back and his eyes shut, mouth open, hand pumping his cock.

He falls to his side, rolling onto his back and closing his eyes for a brief moment, the exhaustion taking over his body. You lie on your back, loving the way his cum drips over your tummy. He rolls to the edge of the bed, picking up a towel from the ground and gently wiping his release off your belly before tenderly wiping the drip from your hole, knowing how sensitive you can get, especially after something like that.

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He falls back beside you, pulling you into him so that your back is flush with his chest. He peppers kisses to your shoulder, eyes closed and mellowing out your breaths. He slides into your hole, holding your hips firmly against his, loving the way your warmth takes over his body. He wraps his arm around you, resting his hand gently against your lower belly, rubbing soft circles over the bulging skin.

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