High school shower stories

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Apr 27, Ted knows about abject misery. Those are just words to some of us. You get it. Why yes. I do think that Teddy would agree with that description. See if you do…. It was a school day. One of those endless school days that in junior high now middle schoolyou keep enduring, waiting for summer to come. In the meantime, we were in gym class. Toda editedwho was the anti-Cabrera and a truly sadistic gym teacher. Cabrera was kindly as Toda was evil. A decent man and the gym teacher of choice. It was sixth period, and we were out on the field.

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We ran the at the beginning of class and played some ball that day. We stripped off and headed for the communal showers, talking about the various and sundry things boys do in junior high. Who likes who. Who caught hell in class yesterday from Mr.

Various lies about various things.

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The usual, if you will. We soaped up, and rinsed off, as ly instructed, and got in line for our towels. The boys shower room was like the girls as far as I know anyway in that it had a door from the outside leading into the inner sanctum. And like the girls shower room, it had a door, leading into the communal gym. We had come in early, in order to get a bit of instruction from Mr. Cabrera, about some opportunities in intermural sports, or some such. Two of the boys, after having donned white bleached towels, were at the door leading into the gymnasium. That, is an interesting word.

Athletes competed in the nude, a practice said to encourage aesthetic appreciation of the male body and a tribute to the Gods. These two fine young fellows, Jim and Randy, were having a good look at the girls in the gym. Clad only in towels, they described at length the attributes of the girls they liked, peeking through the cracked doors. Not wanting to be selfish about this, they invited Teddy to them. Gesturing through the crack, they encouraged Teddy to view the objects of their desire.

Imagined girlfriends, they informed Teddy as to their choices. Check out Cindy. She High school shower stories really hot. I bet you would like her for your girlfriend! Cindy, dressed in shorts and t-shirt did appear hot. How about Melanie over there? I can introduce you to her! I rather imagine that Ted felt more like a peeping Tom, than a shy Teddy, wearing only a towel and shielded by the door.

Are you kidding me? Like right now! What a kindly and good friend Randy was! Teddy peered at Cindy through the bit of an opening, anticipating the introduction to come later. He had no idea how quickly Randy would make good on his offer of introduction. Randy opened the door. Kicked it open actually, so Teddy could get a good clean look at Cindy. Randy and Jim, wanting to ensure that Teddy got a proper look at Cindy, shoved him out into the gymnasium, so that he did not have to look at her through the door crack.

Ted got his look. So did Cindy, as well as every single girl in the 7th grade girls gym class. Doubtless, Randy and Jim wanted the girls to have an aesthetic appreciation of the male body. Again, perhaps as a tribute to the Gods. There were screams of approval, but not from Teddy as he experienced being gymnos in the gym. Teddy was paralyzed for a few moments, stunned at his impromptu coming out party. For their part, Randy and Jim High school shower stories having the laugh of their lives on the other side of the now locked door.

Cindy got a good unsolicited look at Teddy, along with all the other girls. Not that either of them could even reply. Seized with spasms of laughter and virtual paralysis, they became mutes. Their laughter would come at a huge price, because Mr. Both of them knew, as did Teddy, that once a missile is launched, you cannot just call it back. They were committed now, because coach was coming around the corner.

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Laughter owned Randy and Jim now, and would not permit them to answer. For the rest of us, we were only just getting the big joke. It was the joke of the year. Cabrera might have saved Teddy from more embarrassment. But Ted knew his tormenters would never open the door.

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It would not happen. Doubtless, Ted would have found running easier, if his hands were not clasped tightly over the family jewels, as he sought to keep them out of sight.

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In the seventies, they would call it streaking. Teddy ran out of the gym, naked, to the outside door and bolted to the other door. It might have been 50 yards or so, but probably seemed like the meters he ran earlier. He did not appreciate that the sixth grade gym classes, both girls and boys, were on the court outside the gym. Teddy, as an ambassador for the 7th grade gym class, was happy to show them what it was about.

More screams from Teddy that faded in the distance. The sound of them became louder, as he neared the locker room door outside. They knew they would not escape Mr. Although they knew they were heroes to the rest of us, their looks of glee departed them. Cabrera convened his brief kangaroo court. Both were found guilty, and sentenced to punishment.

Both judge and hangman, Mr. Cabrera administered justice, cold and swift at the end of an unyielding oak board. No budding lawyer among us pled their case, as we looked on silently. We died laughing inside, but we knew the worse fatality was to laugh out loud, and be judged part of the conspiracy. Cabrera was fit and his arms fearful, when they were attached to the great equalizer.

A boy did not want to be on the wrong end of the thing, clad only in High school shower stories jock strap and thin gym shorts.

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I think that Teddy agreed with him, as Mr. Cabrera delivered some powerful swats. But now, Ted might agree, some 40 years later, that it was the joke of the year.

High school shower stories

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