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It all started one 4th of July when my wife and I attended one of their barbeques. Anyway, that was one hell of a barbeque. And yes it was in their master bathroom. To that point. I sneak over and through the poolside door that le right into their master bathroom. So there I was sitting on the toilet seat, slowing massaging my dick in anticipation of what was to come, when the door handle begins to turn. Sue looked down at my throbbing dick and smiled. Without saying a word she knelt down in front of me on the bathroom rug and took my prick in her small hands and began to lick it, and then she took it in her mouth and began bobbing her head faster and faster.

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God, it felt wonderful to release my pent up cum into that hot, wet, tight throat with those little fingers massaging my balls, milking every last drop of my cum. It felt so good to sink into her hot wet cunt. My wife is good in bed, but this forbidden sex was the absolute best. I began the hump her ass, sinking my dick to the hilt into her dripping pussy from behind and Sue began a soft moan of pleasure.

I fucked her harder and shoved deeper, trying to shove myself into her as deep and as hard as possible. Faster and faster, like a fucking machine. The sexual friction was making the hair on my arms and legs stand out.

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Sue was moaning louder and louder, quickly loosing control of her surroundings. What would they think when they opened the door to see what all the noise was about? What would they think when they saw me fucking their family member right under their noses. One last time I shoved my cock into her as hard and as deep as I could and held myself their grinding against her. Just knowing that Sue was cumming on my cock pushed me over the edge. I know it would be a disaster for both of us, but I wanted in the worst way to show someone else what we were Horney wife stories, how I was filling Sue with my hot sticky cum.

Then she was pulling herself off my slippery prick and turning within my embrace to kiss me deeply. I could taste my cum on her breath and knew that in a minute or two she would be climbing back to her marriage bed and lying down beside her husband. I imaged her having sex with Bob too and kissing him with her cum coated lips, with my cum coating her lips.

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Then I was out the door pulling my shorts back on and walking across the yard to my house. It was Saturday morning and I had nothing special to do. The thought popped into my mind then that my wife was still asleep in bed. My heart raced as I opened the door to our bedroom and I saw my wife lying tangled in the sheets. Free Erotic Stories updated sex stories and erotic stories. July 25,

Horney wife stories

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