Horse cum inflation stories

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Pregnant with Ponies by Day Dreamer Carla had finally done it. She was now the owner of a farm. Something of a dream she had since she Horse cum inflation stories a little girl. Carla always loved farms. She could recall the summer vacations of her youth at her aunt and uncle's farm.

She loved feeding the chickens, pigs, and the other farm animals. The trips stopped in Carla's high school years when her aunt passed away a few months after her uncle. Carla's parents had no intention of keeping the farm. Didn't have the time or the desire. But now with Carla in her mid 30's, she could change that. She found a farm that was going bust. A farm owned by a corporation was up for sale. Due to a recent merger, the company's new philosophy had no room for such interests. The neglected farms they owned started to loose money. A prime reason to bleed them dry and sell them off.

The assets were mostly liquidated and the properties sold to whoever wanted them at next to nothing. Carla seized the opportunity. She was able to get enough money together to buy a acre farm with a house, barn with stables, and some small assorted buildings and sheds for various uses. As the farm she purchased was abandoned for some months, it was void of any animals.

They were sold off to recoup the losses of a company that knew little to nothing about farms. Why did a company buy farms if they knew nothing about farming?

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Maybe the corporation bought a company that had many interests and one of them was farming which they didn't want anything to do with? Maybe the shakedown in management left them with no skills to properly run the farms? What ever the reason, Carla didn't care.

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Their loss was her gain. There was some equipment left behind, mostly for maintenance, but little else. The one thing Carla always wanted to do was raise animals, horses in Horse cum inflation stories. She couldn't care less about growing corn or wheat or whatever, she wanted to concentrate on livestock. Carla loved riding the horses on her aunt and uncle's farm. Riding gave her a feeling of power and independence.

She wanted to feel that again. In her 20's, Carla worked for a horse breeder for a few years. She became quite good at her job and moved up to management. That career ended when her boss tried to make a pass at her one night when working late. This just happened to coincide with her coming across the ad in the paper for these farms going up for sale. She decided to take a chance and go for it. Carla got a business loan, received grant money, and started her farm. Now all she needed was horses. Carla with her connections in the breeding sector was able to get three fine young stallions and five mares.

She even had enough money left over to stock up on supplies for herself and the business for a few month. And with a year deferment on the bank loan, this left her with nothing to worry about except run the farm. Two of the mares Carla had come into heat soon after arriving on the property. The other three soon after. This was better luck than she could have hoped for! Now Carla was a big woman. In high school, she Horse cum inflation stories go toe to toe with any girl, and half the guys, and win.

What was also amazing about her was that she was one of the most pretty girls in the school. She stood six feet four with a voluptuous figure. Strong as an ox with the beauty of a Miss America. Coming from a mixed marriage, she has the beautiful golden brown tone of a Latino.

She ran the farm alone, needing little help. The only time she saw anyone is when supplies was dropped off. And now that she was stocked up for a while, no one would be coming by anytime soon. Thats how she liked it, by herself with no one to bother her. Carla wasn't alone all her life. She was married at age 18, right out of high school. Her husband wanted her to stay home, but Carla wanted to get her college degree.

He told her it was him or school. She was thinking about giving it up until she came home from work early one day and caught him in the sack with someone else. Having only invested three years in the marriage, she decided to get out then and there. She sometime thinks back to those times and feels that she is better off, having made the right decision. All she needed was her horses. When the mares were in heat, the young stallions were going crazy. They were fidgeting around to the point were they were even difficult for Carla to handle.

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One day she forgot to lock the door that separated them. To Carla's surprise, when the stallions started to mingle with the mares, they had no resistance. The mares allowed the stallions to mount them over and over again. This is something that Carla always like to watch. It would get her horny, watching those beasts have sex. At times she wishes it was her that the stallions were mounting. When Carla would get real horny, she would pull out this huge dildo that was near the size of a 2 liter pop bottle and ride it into estacy.

She worked her way up to that size over time. Carla started off with a regular sized one, but quickly got use to it and needed something bigger, and bigger, and Horse cum inflation stories. Now she needed a new size. One day when she was watching the horses have sex, she caught a glimpse of one of the stallions penis. It was huge. Thick and long. Not as long as most horses, but much thicker, a little thicker than that dildo Carla has. This horse was having trouble mating due to its reduced length, but would hit the mark after a few minute of trying.

Carla thought that even a cock that thick would be uncomfortable for the mares, but he eased it in and out with no problems. The mare even seemed to enjoy it by pushing backwards in attempt to meet his thrusts. Carla had never saw that before. A couple of weeks had passed and the mares went out of heat. One of the stallions calmed down, but the other was still horny, the one with the thick cock. With the mares separated, he must have been going crazy.

He didn't jump around too much, but his cock was always semi erect. Carla was concerned about his penis getting infected, sticking out of its sheath nearly all the time. So she thought the best thing to do was check it out everyday to make sure it was okay, after all he is a vital part of her new enterprise. It was middle of summer now, the mares are pregnant, and it is hotter that a half fucked fox in a forest fire. With the farm being secluded, Carla usually wore nothing more than a bathing suit. A times she would turn on a sprinkler for the horses to cool themselves.

Sometime she would in. Keeping the horses separated, she would spray the mares down first, then the stallions. When Carla when to water down the stallions, one of them was happy enough to lay down in the shade under the stable awning, something she noticed he liked to do. The other always came over. The other horses she liked and got along with, but this one was special, this one she had a bond with. Carla named this one Whispers, because he was quiet and hardly ever made a noise of any kind other than grunt or neigh once in a blue moon.

On one hot day, Carla was brushing Whispers. When she moved around to the underside of him, she noticed his sheath. It looked like it was going to burst. Wondering if something was wrong, Carla Horse cum inflation stories it. Slowly the penis slid out of its rubbery covering.

Horse cum inflation stories

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