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And with time to spare. He would start out by quoting the latest neighborhood crime stats and end with how creepy the neighbor directly next door is.

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He does have a few good points, though. The of missing persons in our neighborhood was on the rise. None last year, five so far in the past mont0ph. Three guys and two gals. And that neighbor, well, he is kind of strange. That is if loving to look at boobs, butts and legs makes you strange. If you have it, flaunt it is my standing rule.

And since I excel in all three areas, and I love that extra attention why not show it off. A small smile creeps across my face. With my Mark gone I thought I would wear a pair of my shortest and tightest running shorts along with my tiniest sports bra. This should give the neighbor something to look at.

Make him happy.

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And make myself just a bit Hucow butchering erotic stories too… And who knows. I might catch something better than Hucow butchering erotic stories Approaching my house, I see Mr. Passing I turn towards him and bend down just a bit to show a little more cleavage. Then I give him a wave and a sexy smile. My grin grows even bigger. Bouncing up the front porch stairs I give my neighbor one last flirtatious look, unlock the front door and slip inside.

A couple of minutes later my cell phone rings. Must be Mark. Damn those video calls. A short robe. Showing just enough to make him wish that he was here. Giving me a tight squeeze. After dinner, I decide to take a long soaking bath. After pouring myself a large glass of wine I wander towards the master bedroom.

These damn glasses never hold enough. Stopping at the bathroom door, I remember my toys. After rummaging through the top drawer of the nightstand I finally find my favorite. The tub finally fills. I let the robe fall to the floor and test the water with my big toe. I little warmer than I usually like, but it will do. I slowly slide into the tub. A sip of wine. Play with a nipple. Give it a twist and pull. And gently feel my clit. Another swig of wine. A little more foreplay. First the clit. Then the nipples. And then I down the rest of the wine. Good thing I brought the bottle I think to myself.

A devilish smile spre across my face. I pick up my favorite, a large dildo. I turn its vibrator on high stuffing it into my cunt with the one hand wjile the other is busy with both nipples. Pulling, squeezing, twisting…. After a few swigs from the wine bottle, tough nipple play, and adjusting the dildo I finally feel myself cumming.

A fantastic tingling sensation followed by an explosion. My legs begin to twitch uncontrollably as I slide further down into the tub. And then I cum again. Finishing the last swig of wine, I cum one final time. I just lie in the tub starring at the ceiling as my body continues to tinkle. An hour later I walk towards the bedroom window to pull the drapes closed. Adding a little action, I start playing with both nips.

I wonder if Mr. Jenkins is watching. Just in case he is why not give him a longer show. I play with my nips a few more seconds, grab my cunt and then pull the drapes shut. I wonder what Mark would think?

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Hell yes! I love being naughty. He pulls the sheet down and gently touches my clit. My body begins to shiver in anticipation. He then pulls my arms above my head while gently licking my nipples. I smile. Mark then ties both wrists to the headboard and then asks me to open wide. My mouth that is.

A moment passes and then both nipples suddenly receive a hard twist.

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Startled, I wake up from what was becoming a very wet dream. My first instinct is to scream! I try but the ball gag muffles my attempt to a mere whimper. The bedroom is still dark but I can make out four figures. Three male and one female? Make that five as someone else strolls into the bedroom. They begin whispering, something about a gang bang? One of my dark fantasies, but not tonight guys. I suddenly find myself temporarily blinded as someone turns on the ceiling light.

When things become a little clearer I recognize the cast. The neighbor, his wife and three strangers. I sort of remember seeing them next door earlier this week. I guess I was right. My wrists being tied was more than just part of my dream. Along with the ball gag.

One of the strangers cuffs the other. And then they slowly start pulling my legs apart. Me merchandise?

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Wonder what they mean by that? Jenkins says. Hopefully a lot more than we got for the others.

Hucow butchering erotic stories

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